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HP TouchPad will not charge


I just purchased the HP TouchPad and I am not able to turn it on, nor charge it.

I tried holding down the power button at the top right and the button at the bottom center of the tablet at the same time for 15 seconds and the charging sign flickered a few times and the screen shut off again. (All while being plugged in.)

Do you know what I can do to solve this problem?! I'd love to actually get to use it!!!

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Re: HP TouchPad will not charge

I had a similar problem, my new Touchpad would not charge so I decided to bite the bullet and call HP support after trying to test the cable and charger myself.


Turns out the charger unit is a two-piece unit and all I need to do was turn it clockwise and "click" it back into correct contact for it to work again. As soon as the support person told me what to do and I heard the "click" noise I realized what an idiot I was not to check to see if it was a two piece unit! Since I had left the plastic cover on it, it never occurred to me to check!


Hopefully the solution is as simple for you as it was for me!

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Re: HP TouchPad will not charge

i tried to do that but still not. the machine doesn't show up anything. i try to connect with another hp touchpad. it work, it seem the cable still good working. just my touchpad. not the cable

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Re: HP TouchPad will not charge

Try the following forum - there are Palm/WebOS experts there that can help you out:

I worked for HP.
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Re: HP TouchPad will not charge

Thank you guys I had the same problem but manage to solve through HP support





1 Press and hold the power button.

2 While still holding down the power button, press and hold Center

until the HP logo appears (about 15 seconds).


Why this might help

A restart may be effective if the screen is off and you can’t turn it on, or if

the screen is on but doesn’t respond to taps or other gestures.


NOTE Because open applications are forced to close immediately during this

kind of restart, some unsaved data may be lost.


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Re: HP TouchPad will not charge

Thanks for this post. It worked for me after my Touchpad shut off from the battery draining, and wouldn't show any signs of charging after more than 3 hours plugged into the wall.


I also came across the post below which I am sharing here for whom it may help... Good luck



Sunday, July 03, 2011
HP TouchPad Charging Issues
Update: We've recently added a new post with 5 Tips To Get Your TouchPad Running Again.

So you just got your new HP TouchPad home and its not charging correctly, or perhaps you get an error box that says the connected charge isn't supplying enough power to charge the device. Well don't panic, you aren't alone, and the issue is actually pretty easy to remedy.

The TouchPad's North America Twist-to-lock plug adapter is a actually universal charging devices. The top screws off so a second attachment for none US power prongs can be added. If the top isn't securely fastened your device will either show the aforementioned error box or simply won't charge. Right out of the box if you are having issues I'll almost guarantee its the barrel connector.

How can you be certain its connected? Well that's the tricky part. Un-screw the top, and screw it back in, making sure it snaps into place. You might also notice some writing on the side of the connector. Make sure that is aligned correctly.

If its still not working crab another micro USB charger and connect it to your TouchPad. Note: I've been told you can not charge your TouchPad via USB. USB ports do not provide enough power for charging (this might not include USB 3.0) we are waiting on confirmation of this!

If you are still seeing problems you should probably call or contact HP and use their HP webOS Butler Service (866) 945-7256. Its free for the first 90days.
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Re: HP TouchPad will not charge

Yes, that did work thank you!!


wow my battery is totally dead.


any one know how long it takes to do a full charge?


anyways will let you know tommorow


thanks again!!


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Re: HP TouchPad will not charge

hey thanks for this, worked a dream Smiley Happy

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Re: HP TouchPad will not charge

I had written my touchpad off, I could not get it to charge. Today I decided to see if anyone else was having the same issue and stumbled across your post!!! 




Thanks so much for sharing!!

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Re: HP TouchPad will not charge

I just bought this touchpad 2 DAYS AGO.

It's NOT charging...

BUT It is recognized in USB on my computer.

Now it's completely DEAD...

I called HP and they told me that charger is bad.

They are going to send me a repalcement charger in 3-5 business days.

WOW...3-5 business days.

Brand new Touchpad had it ONLY for  2 days and now dead.

HP support really sucks...

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