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    Need Windows 11 help?
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HP Recommended

I myself has an OfficeJet Pro 8100.


When I bught the printer it was included an duplex unit. The problem is the unit- because however every time I will print a document ( double side print/ 2 pages or more) the duplexer is turning the pages wrong.


Because however there is an option if I will print landscaper or portrait( left/ right hand side binding)- but acording to my own personal experience it doesn' t matter wich option I choose.

It will always be oposite( mirrorized)- so for an example if I print lanscape it should be left hand side binding( so the text will be flipped 180 degrees), but instead its an right hand side binding ( that the text will be mirrorized wrong).


So it's the same if you has an badly compass- insted of showing north is shows south.


I myself had spoken with Hp when I still had guarantee- but the didn't wanted to fix this issue.

So what I will do today is that I manualy print every side( ofcorse a more time consuming prosess,and also that I've mistaken myself a couple of times so I had to reprint it ether way).


So what I'm quite convinced is that when Hp released their drivers they made an huge misstake.

It doesn't matter wich OS I have  ( Win 7 or 10)- it's the same.

HP Recommended


Try following below specific version of the HP Print and Scan Doctor Utility by selecting your printer:



Be sure to restart your PC and allow the utility to complete the process, then check for any difference.


Try printing and check for any change, if the same remains try printing using the newly added print queue copy (Copy1) and check if you may see any difference.


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HP Recommended

Well, after I´ve run the Hp Scan doctor- it doesn´t seem to be any  issues.


But I besides that the duplexer is printing wrong, it´s also shoing wrong ink level.


So some issue there is with the printer,but it doen´t seem that the software is detecting it.


What I mean with wrong ink level is that the printer is showing low level (on the last/lowest level),but however I´ve puted the cartige on an scale and found that the cartige was nearly full.


Because however I´ve only printed <100 copies in color.


What is also good to know is even if the waranty has expired- I´ve only printed a little bit of 12000 pages (of wich is 3900  aprox in colour)


Besides this the printer is also showing in general wrong ink status-and will not print on all colours.

The main problem is that the Yellow cartige , but also with magenta.


Because however I´ve runned a couple of times on older cartiges (ofcourse genuine ink)-wich had expired by a couple of years. It was a mixture of Setup and XL cartiges.


Because however I sometimes replaces ink cartiges before they run empty (and reuse them latley),because I sometimes run printerhead adjustments (and test reports with total print count-just to make shure how many pages I´ve printed latley)


As it is today I can see that not all colours are used-in my case Yellow and Magenta.


What Is also good to know is that I´ve bought previosly a new printerhead- because of that my original one didn´t print evenly thinn lines on low quality-but when I´m turning to best quality it´s fine.


Since I´ve previously made an complete setup-but when I´m trying to repeat the process again- the printer won´t recognize the printerhead (can´t comunicate & get correct ink status)


So I don´t know how this came? Is it normal that when a new printerhead once was installed-it´s toasted (not reusable)?

Because however I didn´t print so much on the new printerhead-only the nessesarly adjustment pages.


But what I´ve also discovered is that the new printerhead had issuse (as if the springs were broken)-because the ink cartiges just popped out- but however I didn´t made any claim.


So since the waranty has expired-can I still return the printerheads that I have (or should I just throw them away)?

Because there is a retailer here in sweden that sell this printerheads

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