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Driver Problems for M426FDW

Laserjet M426FDW
Microsoft Windows 10 (64-bit)

I recently purchased a LaserJet M426FDW printer and I'm trying to setup the printer using a Group Policy printer deployment.  I have run into nothing but issues trying to get this working. There are a few issues I'm having.


Before I continue, I did upgrade the firmware on the printer when I purchased it - below is an excerpt from the printer itself. 


Product Name: HP LaserJet MFP M426fdw Formatter Number: 1M92X2R Serial Number:   Cartridge Index:   Service ID: 28179 Firmware Datecode: 20180201 Control Panel Version: 0x18 Disable Fax: No Telecom Version: 04-015-001 Location: USA ADF Installed: Yes Max Print Quality: ProRes 1200 Controller Number: 12000 Duplexer Version: 0 Device Description: LaserJet M426fdw


I purchased and installed the optional 3rd Tray, and when I make copies it pulls from that tray. Ultimately, my goal is to have the printer installed twice, with one printer drawing from Tray 2 and the other printer drawing from Tray 3 (since I need to pretty consistenly print/copy on two different colors of paper). 


Up until I tried to get this type of configuration setup, the printer had been working and printing fine.


The first are issues with the drivers


When I purchased the printer, I downloaded the latest drivers from HPs website instead of using the included disk. I downloaded the full installer initially, but what I really needed were just the drivers so I could install them on my print server. My print server is a Server 2016 Core (non-gui) installation, so I can't really use that installer.


However, HP lists some basic print drivers on their website, but they list two different drivers Windows 10 x64 (No option to Select Server 2016, but I suspect Windows 10 drivers should work):


  • HP LaserJet Pro MFP M426f-M427f PCL-6 Modern Print Driver (no installer) (PCL-6 Package)
    • I will refer to this as the PCL-6 Driver 
    • 8.00.1326.3536
    • 10.5 MB
    • May 10, 2016
  • HP LaserJet Pro MFP M426f-M427f Printer Series v3 PCL 6 Print Driver (no installer) (PCL 6 Package)
    • I will refer to this as the PCL6 Driver
    • 8.00.1326.3536
    • 12.8 MB
    • May 9, 2016
  • Some General Observations about the two driver packages and the full installer
    • PCL 6 Package seems to contain both the PCL-6 and PCL 6 driver
    • PCL-6 package only contains the PCL-6
    • Full Installer only contains PCL 6

For the record, when I run the PowerShell cmdlet get-printerdriver  on the print server, these are the results:




name                                                    printerenvironment majorversion
----                                                    ------------------ ------------
HP LaserJet Pro MFP M426f-M427f PCL-6                   Windows x64                   4
HP LJ300-400 color M351-M451 PCL6 Class Driver          Windows x64                   4
Zebra ZP 500 (ZPL)                                      Windows x64                   3
Microsoft enhanced Point and Print compatibility driver Windows x64                   3
Kyocera CS 255 KX                                       Windows x64                   3
HP LJ300-400 color M351-M451 PCL 6                      Windows x64                   3
HP LaserJet 4250 PCL 6                                  Windows x64                   3
CutePDF Writer                                          Windows x64                   3
Microsoft enhanced Point and Print compatibility driver Windows NT x86                3
Kyocera CS 255 KX                                       Windows NT x86                3
HP LaserJet 4250 PCL 6                                  Windows NT x86                3


There are two different PCL6 drivers (PCL 6 and PCL-6) installed, although they both have the same version number.



I can't remember how I tried to install the driver the first time. IIRC, I installed the full software on another Server 2016 (With GUI) instance, and then when I used the Print Management tool, it tried to export the drivers installed on that instance to my print server. It said it couldn't locate one of the files, so I pointed it to some directory where it found the files it needed and tried to continue installing the printer.  I can't remember what error message I got, but I don't think this was a successful install attempt. I deleted all the drivers and printers and tried again.


I downloaded one of the two packages above, and tried installing the drivers. I'm assuming I tried to install the PCL 6 driver since those are the only times I get an error message about the handle being invalid.


When I install the PCL-6 driver, it installs but then I can't get a test page to print out. 


My work around (which was working fine until I installed the 3rd tray - I'll get to that in a moment) was either to use PowerShell to install the printer - or change the printer driver from the PCL-6 to the PCL 6 under the advanced tab. 


I definitely think something funky is up with the drivers. Even after I got the drivers and printer installed, it would tell me that the printer drivers don't support printer sharing - and to fix that I'd change the printer drivers to something else, then change it back and the sharing tab would appear - I wish there was a website where I could actually submit bug reports!




Everything with the printer has been working fine, but as I mentioned I wanted to get another tray installed so I could print to blue paper and white paper.  My idea was to deploy two printers via group polcy to the computers, and set the default printing preferences for one to Tray 2 and the other to Tray 3.


We received the tray this afternoon, so I don't think that we actually have printed to that printer since it was installed - but I know that we have made a few copies and it pulled it from Tray 3 like it should. 


But, now that I have a working driver installed and I tried to setup the two different printers for feeding from different trays, an odd thing is happening. When I try printing the test page, the fans kick on, the motors start turning as if it is going to feed the paper through - and then, it just stops - the fans and motor turn off like it's done printing, except pages don't print out. There are no error messages - nothing happens.  And I can't get the printer to print a second time unless I turn the printer off (or print a report from the printer itself, like the configuration page, or font list). 


I've done a factory reset with no success - so I'm leaning towards a driver issue, or maybe a firmware issue? Suggestions? Does a bug reporting portal exist? What is the likelihood of someone actually paying attention to this on a technical level, because if I can't make this work, I'll need to take the printer back, and send the tray back to HP




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Driver Problems for M426FDW

We had same issue with driver issues, we ended up resolved the problem by using HP LJ 400MFP M425 PCL 6 driver, this works for windows 7 and windows 10

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