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officejet 3830 gives error code 0X00F81D42 TRKERNEL C after every power up--fix?

Microsoft Windows 10 (64-bit)

officejet 3830 gives error code 0X00F81D42 TRKERNEL C after every power up--fix?

New printer.  Used once to print about 15 pages.  Only used with USB connection b/c wifi would not connect.  Followed recommendations in HP software to update firmware (supposedly for better wifi connectivity/stability), again, over USB.  Hasn't worked since.  Just boots up, seems to be working for about 40 seconds, then error code 0X00F81D42 TRKERNEL C and the printer does not even appear as connected to the PC, though connected by USB.  Attempts to install firmware won't work, b/c the HP software shows it as "up to date," so the option to install/upgrade firmware is grayed out.  But who knows?  Maybe that's not even the problem?  Have yet to find any explanation of what the error code really means.  That is  major failing by HP--no index or glossary oif error codes?  Seriously?!

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officejet 3830 gives error code 0X00F81D42 TRKERNEL C after every power up--fix?

A really nice, patient and competent tech named Gagandeep did a chat with me and resolved the issue that seemed so impossible to fix.  Here's the main part of the chat transcript:


5:48 PM GAGANDEEP: Okay. Is the error stuck on the printer screen or there is an option to hide it with OK or Cancel option?
5:49 PM RJ: It is stuck on the printer screen. Only way to dismiss is to turn off or unplug from power.
5:50 PM GAGANDEEP: Okay. We will check some troubleshooting steps and see if we can resolve this. It takes around 30-35 minutes, and if that doesn’t fix the issue, we will proceed accordingly as per the warranty. Would that be fine?
5:50 PM RJ: I'll give it a try. Thanks!
5:51 PM GAGANDEEP: You are welcome. Shall we proceed please?
5:51 PM RJ: Yes
5:52 PM GAGANDEEP: Okay. Is the printer connected to any wireless network at the moment?
5:52 PM RJ: No
5:53 PM GAGANDEEP: Did you try to take out the ink cartridges from the printer, unplug the power cord and other cables from the printer, wait for 60 seconds; replug the power cord back to the printer and the wall outlet directly and power on the printer without the cartridges in it?
5:55 PM RJ: I tried, but could not get the print cartridges (they are the HP cartridges that came in the box with the printer) out with the power off. They are all the way to the left inside the printer behind parts that prevent taking them out.
5:56 PM GAGANDEEP: Okay. Please use some manual force and check if the printer's cartridges come out or not.
5:58 PM RJ: OK. Yes, I was able to reposition the carriage and take them out.
5:58 PM GAGANDEEP: Okay. Please power on the printer with out the ink cartridges in it.
6:00 PM RJ: OK. It gave a message about cartridges not being in and the access door being open, then once again, error code 0X00F81D42 TRKERNEL C.
6:01 PM GAGANDEEP: Okay. Please put the ink cartridges in the printer and then close the door. Please let me know once you do that....

6:04 PM RJ: OK the cartridges are back in and error code 0X00F81D42 TRKERNEL C is showing again.
6:05 PM GAGANDEEP: Okay. We will now do the semi full reset. It is like factory reset.
6:05 PM GAGANDEEP: 1.Press curved back arrow icon (present at bottom left of the printer screen on the black area) 4 times, in sequence even if it is not lit up.
2.Touch Support Menu.
3.Press Right arrow for Reset Menu and Touch OK.
4.Press Right arrow for Semi-Full Reset and Touch OK. (not partial or any other kind of reset, use the arrows to find "Semi-Full Reset" and select).
5.Wait for unit to Power Down/Turn Off.
6.Press Power button to turn the Printer On.
NOTE: The back arrow key may not light up. Please press the bottom left of the printer front panel screen 4 times in sequence to see the support menu.
6:08 PM RJ: I got support menu option to come up, but as soon as I touched it, error code 0X00F81D42 TRKERNEL C came back up.
6:09 PM GAGANDEEP: Okay. Please power off the printer and then power it on and try again.
6:12 PM RJ: OK, trying to do it quicker. Thanks....

6:18 PM RJ: Should USB be connected when power up from semi full reset?
6:19 PM GAGANDEEP: No. Please make sure apart from the power cable there is no other cable connected to the printer.
6:19 PM GAGANDEEP: Did it go through semi full reset this time?
6:20 PM RJ: OK powering back up. blue light is slow flashing. asking for language
6:21 PM GAGANDEEP: Please select language and do not connect the printer to wireless network.
6:21 PM RJ: OK to set country, date, time?
6:21 PM GAGANDEEP: Yes, please set that.
6:22 PM RJ: OK. Now asking to load paper and press done or touch a video camera icon--what next?
6:23 PM GAGANDEEP: Please make sure the paper is leaded properly in the printer and press done.

6:26 PM RJ: It printed the alignment page and is scanning it....

6:27 PM GAGANDEEP: You are welcome. We need to make some more checks on the printer to make sure the error does not come back.
6:27 PM GAGANDEEP: Please let me know once the printer reaches the home screen.
6:27 PM RJ: OK. It's home.
6:29 PM GAGANDEEP: On the printer screen please touch Setup icon (a gear like icon) then touch Network Setup and then Advance Settings then IPv6 and make it off.
6:30 PM RJ: OK IPv6 is off
6:31 PM GAGANDEEP: Perfect! Would you like to plug the USB cable again and print something and check if it works fine?
6:35 PM RJ: Printed very well! How can I give you an excellent review? Your patience is great!
6:35 PM GAGANDEEP: Thank you. You may receive a survey requesting you to share feedback on your interaction with us. We greatly value our customers and want to improve our services for the future. Your participation will be greatly appreciated.


I didn't see any info on the deeper menu accessed by pressing the back arrow on the panel 4x, so that's a pretty major discovery to deal with any problems in the future.  Thanks again to Gagandeep!  He  deserves a raise!





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