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C4440 "Paper Size Mismatch" error. ANNOYING!!

Hello. I recently purchased an HP C4440 Photosmart All In One printer, and I have to say I'm a little upset at this point. This is for someone else who doesn't want to navigate through multiple menus every time she adds an envelope or something.


EVERY time I try to print a 5 3/4 x 8 3/4 envelope, I receive a **bleep** Paper Size Mismatch error. Yes, I have tried ALL suggested solutions many times... (clear paper, move width adjustment to the left, back to the right and so on) The only way I can get envelopes like these to print is by navigating through a thousand menus, and manually selecting my custom created paper size etc. This is a huge problem because: 1) it doesn't always work and 2) the printer is not for me, so navigating all these menus is out of the question.


What I want to know is:


How the hell do I bypass the retarded paper sensor, so it'll just load and print whatever I throw in the tray? I have tried setting to "Plain Paper" without any luck. Seriously, WHY the hell did HP think it was a good idea to include such a sensor? Is there any work around for this?


Figured I'd try here, because HP thought it was a good idea to outsource their tech support to the middle east. People on the other end of the phone didn't even understand me, so I just hung up. Anyway, I appreciate any suggestions. Thanks. :) 

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Re: C4440 "Paper Size Mismatch" error. ANNOYING!!

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No, there is no way to disable/turn off the paper sensor. and with all due respect, it may not be helpful to you, but the paper sensor is very helpful for other people doing Photo printing at least.

You could take a look at THIS document, as it may be helpful.
I am an ex-HP Employee. Currently inactive on the forum.
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Re: C4440 "Paper Size Mismatch" error. ANNOYING!!

Thank you for your reply, but unfortunately that doesn't help me. :( I'll go ahead and maintain that the printer sensor is totally unnecessary, because you could manually tell the printer what type of paper you're using anyway. If you can do this: WHY would it be necessary to have the printer automatically detect it?. (obviously it wouldn't) I never had this problem before, and it's extremely annoying. Making a product unnecessarily complex is bad for the consumer. Sony 's always guilty of this, but I like HP...so I'm just irritated that they would do something so stupid.


Anyway, I would greatly appreciate any other suggestions. There has to be a way to disable it, and I don't want to have to void the printer's warranty by dismantling it. I guarantee I COULD disable the **bleep** thing somehow, but I want an easy method which doesn't require disassembly / modification so I can just move on... If someone knows a key sequence on the printer's control panel, or a setting in the software...that would be wonderful. Again though, I've already tried the "Plain Paper" setting. Thanks.


Are there any HP Engineers which frequent these forums? Maybe they'd have an answer for me. :( 

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Re: C4440 "Paper Size Mismatch" error. ANNOYING!!

Wow, so there's no out of the box solution for this? No HP reps want to step up and offer more suggestions? I've had this All In One for a total of one day. Absolutely pathetic. This is the worst god awful piece of crap I've ever purchased. HP used to be excellent, but they should be ashamed of this product. I just spent about a half hour trying all combinations of paper size / type settings, including custom sizes in HP drivers and Hallmark Card Studio without a single successful 5 3/4 x 8 3/4 envelope print. When I'm not getting a Paper Size Mismatch error, I'm occasionally getting a Paper Jam error.


There's no reason I should have to screw around like this with a printer I just purchased. I hate Canon, but you're forcing me to go that route. Someone relay this problem to an HP Engineer for me. Really don't want to return this printer for such a stupid reason. 



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Re: C4440 "Paper Size Mismatch" error. ANNOYING!!

Okay, I came up with a relatively easy solution to this problem. This will essentially fool the paper sensor into thinking everything you insert is 8.5 x 11. Afterward, you will be able to print odd sized paper (personally I did it to print 8 3/4 x 5 3/4 envelopes) without navigating through ANY extra menus. No "Paper Size Mismatch" errors! Very user friendly. :) This is quick, and doesn't require disassembly of the printer or any internal modifications.


Here is what you need to do:


1) Take a piece of regular 8.5 x 11 cardstock, and place it in front of you (just as you would insert it into your printer).

2) From the right side: Measure approximately 4.25" down from the top, and 2.5" over from the right. Cut this "L" section out with scissors, an exacto knife, a chainsaw, whatever.

3) Insert whatever type of envelope you would like to print, just as you normally would. (Right side, flap up and in the center)

4) Place the cardstock in your printer with your cut "L" section on the RIGHT side, and make sure it is pushed all the way in so the printer grabs it. (the cut "L" section should rest on top of your envelope)

5) Print ERROR FREE! :)


Optional but highly recommended: Give your cardstock a quick (and semi-thin) thermal lamination, with a slight "lip" at the narrowest tip of the cardstock. The purpose of this is to avoid paper jams / binding. Draw an arrow on the left side if you want, but naturally this works better *before* you laminate anything. :p



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Re: C4440 "Paper Size Mismatch" error. ANNOYING!!

I have had this problem too, with my C4580.

I contacted HP technical support. I ahd already done all the other checks to no avail.

However, there last suggestion worked! So try this...


In addition, perform the following steps:
 1. Click Start, Settings, and then Printers and Faxes.
 2. Right-click on the printer you are using to print envelopes and
 then click Printing Preferences....
 3. On the Printing Preferences screen, click on the Paper/Quality tab.
 4. Click Custom.
 5. Create a new custom paper size that is 88.9 x 165.1 mm (3.5 x 6.5
 6. Enter a name for the new custom paper size in the Name text box.
 7. Click Save and then click OK.
 8. On the Printing Preferences screen, click OK.
 NOTE: You do not have to select the new paper size you just created.
 9. Open MS Word.
 10. Click Tools, Letters and Mailings, and then Envelopes and Labels....
 11. On the Envelopes and Labels screen, click on the Envelopes tab.
 12. Click Options.... Select the new custom paper size you created.
 13. On the Envelope Options screen, click on the Envelope Options tab.
 14. In the Envelope size: drop-down menu, select the new custom paper
 size you created.
 15. Click OK.
 16. On the Envelopes and Labels screen, click Close.


Good luck!

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Re: C4440 "Paper Size Mismatch" error. ANNOYING!!

You are a genius. I bought the Hallmark Card Studio and was so excited to start making cards again  but when I went to print the envelope oh boy!  I have a C6280 and had the same problem trying to print the large, half fold envelopes. Did the same things you did but skipped over the direct contact with HP after my last experience. Big money for the printers..little service,,,and nasty when they have no idea what you are talking about. Miserable customer service.

I took your idea: skipped the paper cutting, laid a piece of plain printer paper on top of the envelope, I did use a little tape under the flap to the paper, envelope was flap side up, lower right corner as it would be if it worked on it's own, set printer to the custom setting that I programmed and thanks to you, envelope went through no problems.

I could never send a stack of envelopes through the printer, but using this method, place  the paper on top of the envelope secured with a little tape and set up as many sheet/envelope sandwiches as the printer will allow. THANK YOU.


We shouldn't have to do this but at least we can print a nice graphic envelope. We all need to write Hallmark & HP and let them know that they need to coordinate their software. They know this problem exists.

Again thanks for passing along the solution.

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Re: C4440 "Paper Size Mismatch" error. ANNOYING!!

You're very welcome. Good to know I wasn't the only one experiencing this issue. Happy to help. :)
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Re: C4440 "Paper Size Mismatch" error. ANNOYING!!

[ Edited ]

This is not only Hallmark Card Studio, which I have also, but Word 2003 and 2007 and ANY program that you want to print an envelope from.  I am THOROUGHLY disappointed with HP -- I bought this fantastic, expensive (to me, at the time) printer, and I can't print envelopes?  Now, it's Christmas, and I'm cutting it close with getting my cards out, and this is pushing me back even more.  Ugh!  Come ON, HP!  SRSLY?

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Re: C4440 "Paper Size Mismatch" error. ANNOYING!!

Sigh, I'm not even trying to print envelopes and the sensor is screwing me up.  Trying to print on holiday paper so it's bit heavier but is still 8x5 x 11, and just spits it out blank.  I have the Officejet 7000 but it's the same error so I'm guessing the sensor is the issue.

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