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C6180 Scan problem
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Re: C6180 Scan problem

I'm having the exact same problem - hooked up to AIO via wireless network - no problems printing, but I get this communication error when I try to scan.  I don't want to go through the painful unistall/reinstall process - it was so difficult to get this work in the first place.  I am running OS 10.5.6.  My husband has the same problem trying to scan from his PC - running Win XP - but he also can print.  Lots of money for something that doesn't work!

BTW, I tried installing this HP product on my HP laptop and it caused all sorts of problems.  You'd think HP printers would be compatible with HP laptops, at least!

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Re: C6180 Scan problem & OJ L7555

Thanks for your posts


For those of you in a Windows Vista 64 Bit environment there were 2 critical patches for a wide variety of products that HP released in March and April 2009 which may address these issues.


OJ Pro L7555 download page which can be found here


Critical UPdates for L7555 in Vista 64 Bit


for those of your with the C6180 please go here


C6180 Driver download and critical updates Windows Vista 64bit 


Please let us know if this helps your situation


Thanks & regards,

I worked for HP.
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Re: C6180 Scan problem & OJ L7555

I am at my wit's end with my C6180 Vista 64-bitit prints on my wireless network but does not scan back to computer like everyone else on the web is having.  I have spent 25+ hours on the web downloading various stuff trying to fix it - the HP site and othersDeleting and repeatingDoes a real fix existIf not then I can save time but I need to know.  ---NOTHING--- has helped up to now...



H-E-L-P Please!

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Re: C6180 Scan problem

I'm having this same problem, but I am running Windows XP!  Has a Microsoft update for XP pushed my computer into the Vista problem area, or is there a fix for the scanning problem for computers running XP.  By the way, I can scan with one of the two laptops (both run XP) on my wireless home network and print from both.
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Re: HP CUE-Scanning Flow Component has Stopped Working

I sympathize with your problem since I have the same problem with my 6310. After spending in excess of 24 hrs on the phone

with their incompetent tech support in India I gave up with tech support. At one point they just about destroyed my computer

and it took me 8 hours with Dell to fix it. I finally contacted HP corporate and was called back by a case manager who offered me

a 50% discount on another printer eventhough my printer is still under warranty. I refused. Like you they will not honor their warranty. Luckily for me, I guess,

I spoke with the manager at the Staples store where I bought the printer and he agreed to take the printer back. HP refuses to honor

their warranty and they know they have a problem that they either don't know how to fix or don't want to. I've spent more time and money than I'll ever recoup for a lousy printer that costs $100. I'm done with HP. They're a lot of other manufacturers out their that make the same product, honor their warranties

and have good tech support. I'm going to find one of them.

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Re: HP CUE-Scanning Flow Component has Stopped Working

I have a suggestion that may allow some relief for those using the C6180 AIO via TCP/IP.


There are several caveats, please note those listed below:


1. This is for Windows XP (it works on my HP laptop), I do not run Vista, so I do not know about that.  Maybe turn off UAC and try??? (need to download the Vista drivers and modify the path arguments anywhere they show up below)


2. This method will not install the HP Solution Center and supporting software (I can't stand it and found that I was much better off using a freeware application called IrfanView to scan with.  If there was anything missing from the printing side, I haven't noticed either, since the advanced printer settings seem to all be there in the Corporate download.  Finally, I use the web interface of the printer to check the other status items that the HP Solution Center was so fond of nagging me about.


3. IrfanView supports "batch" scanning and I used a batch file to drive that function for a while until I hacked up my own utility in C# to drive the batch scan parameter construction with.




To utilize this workaround, you will need to download the "HP Multi-Function Products Driver Bundle - Corporate Only" drivers from:


After the download is complete, extract it to C:\Temp (make this folder if it doesn't exist - Spaces in path names will cause you much grief)

Then, make a folder in that dir called "!batch"

Copy this:


: Batch install for HP c6180 at ip
SET CDIR=C:\Temp\HP_WebRelease
SET PARAM1=-ipAddress
setup.exe %PARAM1% %IPADDRESS% %PARAM2%


To a new text file and call it HpInstall.bat


Change the IP address to that of your printer, and double click! (it shouldn't take long... Just make sure your printer is turned on before you try to install)


Then, download IrfanView from:


Setting up IrfanView is pretty straight forward, so I will leave you with the most important details only.

1. Batch scanning is handled by touching the 'b' key with the application main window in focus.

2. To handle batch scanning, you need something like this:

C:\Progra~1\IrfanView\i_view32.exe/batchscan=(scanfile,1,1,2,1,c:\temp,bmp,0) /scanhidden /dpi=(300,300) - These settings can be altered as needed, and I once had a batch file that you could set the parameters in, but alas... I cannot find it.


Anyway, once installed, open the IrfanView application folder and read the i_options.txt to learn more about the command line parameters.




There are many pitfalls here.  So, do not move forward if you don't know how to use notepad to make a batch file; or if you think you'll be lost without the Solution Center.


Maybe if this is all over your head, you should see it as a challenge to learn something new and keep the use of the otherwise well built and quite reliable C6180 (once divorced from its bloatware).




Good Luck,



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Re: HP CUE-Scanning Flow Component has Stopped Working

Oh yeah, I should add:


The first thing you should do (if you decide to try the workaround above) is completely remove the HP software currently installed for your C6180 and reboot the PC.


Failing to do so would certainly cause problems.


Also, Vista users should really know what they are doing before doing any of the above.  I don't even have a Vista install to try it on as the only license I ever owned was given away in return for 3 XP pro licenses - Sucka....

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Re: HP CUE-Scanning Flow Component has Stopped Working

I was having an issue with scanning and applied the service pack entitled slp_dd_hathi_110_017 and it now works. I have a Vista 64 bit. I will say this is the SP appliI was having an issue with scanning and applied the service pack entitled slp_dd_hathi_110_017 and it now works. I have a Vista 64 bit. I will say this is the SP applied that worked...I started out with AIO_CDA_Full_Network_enu, Then applied AIO_110_007, then ConvergedIO_HPCOM_V3 and finally the one that worked. I have no idea if just the last one would work or if I needed them allo but it works now so I'm finally happy after fighting with it for 3 days.
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Re: C6180 Scan problem

The attached document in:


resolved all my scan problems with the C6180 on a wireless network with Windows XP.

Due to changing IP addresses the HP Apps and drivers were corrupted.

Follow the instructions and no new installation is needed.


Thanks to Mr. Jasdev Singh!


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Re: C6180 Scan problem & OJ L7555

I'm in the same boat.  I haven't scanned on my C6180 since I upgraded to Win 7 64-bit.  This is extremely frustrating!

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