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Can't Establish Two-Way Communication

I recently installed an Officejet 7310 using the latest (basic) driver that I downloaded from HP Support.  It is attached to my router.  When I try to check ink levels from the PC I get an error saying it is unable to establish two-way communication with the printer.  The HP Print & Scan Doctor says everything is OK.  Please help!

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Re: Can't Establish Two-Way Communication

Chiltipin wrote:

I recently installed an Officejet 7310 using the latest (basic) driver that I downloaded from HP Support...



You need Full Feature Software and Drivers. Please download and install on your computer from the following link:



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Re: Can't Establish Two-Way Communication

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I would have expected a message like "This feature is not supported by the basic driver" instead of an error message.  The Full Feature driver failed the last time I tried, which was why I installed the Basic driver. I tried again today, and after about an hour of processing in step 3 of 4 I got the following error:

C:\DOCUMW~1\Owner\LOCALS~1\Temp\7zS145B\Setup\hpznfx01.exe -gate cue -run ...

The Windows Installer Service could not be accessed. This can occur if you are running Windows in safe mode,
or if the Windows Installer is not correctly installed. Contact your support personnel for assistance.

The error details says it is "Error situation code: 54269212"

and "hpznfx01.exe failed with return code 1601".

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Re: Can't Establish Two-Way Communication

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After following the instructions to continue and remove the software and restart, I ran the Full Feature driver installer again.  This time in step 3 of 4 with overall progress showing less than half, the installer just disappeared with no error or warnings of any kind!  The software seems to be somewhat functional, but I am still getting the same error that it cannot establish two-way communication.


I do not have the HP Director.  I have only HP Image Zone Express and the HP Product Assistant which has no events to report.  A printer was created in my Printers and Faxes folder, and I can print a test page from it (with the problem described in my other thread).

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Re: Can't Establish Two-Way Communication

This is my third HP printer in the past 6 years! I have been stuck troubleshooting this thing for over a month now. Will somebody please provide some serious help?

I am a programmer. I know these return codes tell exactly what happened. Please talk to the driver programmer and find out what I need to do to fix this. Thank you!
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Re: Can't Establish Two-Way Communication

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Hello Chiltipin


What operating system are you running? Are you running Windows XP? If so, there is an article that covers MSI Fatal error 1601. I suggest following it and let me know what happens.

Fatal Error 'Fatal Error 1601' (MSI Error 1601) Displays During HP Software Installation in Windows ...

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Re: Can't Establish Two-Way Communication

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Thanks for the link.  The short answer is that this just doesn't work!


I have come to the conclusion that this officejet 7310 is probably junk, but I don't know because I can't even get anyone here to give me a serious response to my other thread "Prints Large Black Bands Off Edge of Page".  I also can't get any response at all to this thread: "How to Setup Officejet 7310 in AutoCAD?".  In the mean time I found this thread "Work around for "empty ink cartridge"" which says you can fool the L7680 printer into thinking a cartridge still has ink.  So I decided to give this a try (refference to my first thread "Cartridge Error on Officejet Pro L7680").  After about ten times removing and inserting the half-full yellow cartridge it finally recognized that it still had ink.  I removed the tape covering the hole and put it back, and it still recognized the yellow (without the tape).  Then I ran the "clean printheads" routine because the cyan is streaking, and the printer stopped halfway through with the empty yellow error.  I got it working again using the tape, but I never know when this printer will print its last page.  The L7680 is in the basement now and the 7310 in in my computer room.  It is a lot of physical work to move it back upstairs!  It is big, spaces are tight, and it might stop working if I move it!


I am running Windows XP Home SP3.  I had Windows Installer v3.1.  This has been upgraded to v4.5 in accordance with the link you provided.  Since I think (but don't know - see above!!!!!) the 7310 is junk, I am trying to install the L7680 now.  I removed everything I could find that was HP in the "Add/Remove Programs".  Then I ran the scrubber that I downloaded from HP to be sure.  It didn't start by itself.  I had to manually open the ".BAT" files in the extraction directory.  I had to guess which ones.  I did the general one and each of the "level" ones.  None of them finished after the required restart.  Even after all this there was still a "Hewlett Packard" folder and a "HP" folder in "Programs", both still with lots of files, so I deleted those too.  Then I used Norton Utilities to clean the registry.


I used the CD that came with the L7680.  It did not create a printer in Printers and Faxes.  I had to do this manually.  There were two drivers, so I created a printer for each.  What is the "BT" driver?  The installer did not create the HP Solution center.  I tried running it again, but it said everything was already installed.  All the 7310 crap came back!


Then I scrubbed everything again like before and downloaded the "full feature" installer from the HP website.  Then I tried to do the steps in the link you provided.  Deleting the temproary files was extremely difficult and time consuming, but I eventually got it done.  I could not turn off all the services even though I was logged in as a user with administrative privileges.  Windows would not let me "Run As" the Administrator.  Windows XP Home only allows the Adminsitrator to login in SAFE mode.  So I did that and turned off the services.  The instructions don't say to use SAFE mode, so I logged back in normally.  A lot of the services turned themselves back on.  Then I ran the "full feature" installer.  This took a tremendous amount of time, but reported that everything went OK.  But it didn't!


Then I turned all the services back on.  Now I have even more problems.  My "SnagIT" program does not automatically start up, even though "msconfig" says it should.  HP Solution Center is the only shortcut added to the desktop.  The L7680 keeps loosing connection even after installing the "critical update".  I cannot use the scaner.  All the 7310 crap is back again.  The following message keeps popping up every ten minutes:


"A required component was not found or was improperly installed.  Reinstall the HP Photosmart software that came with the device, and try scanning again. - external error information:  8, [ (5,0,0) ] "


I tried running the "full feature" installer again, but it reports that everything is already installed and working properly.  It would not let me get to the screen where you can choose what to install.  I tried the CD again, and it reports that a newer version of the software is already installed.


All of this took more than ten hours sitting at the computer that could have been spent doing something else.  I have already lost countless hours trying to get help on this and other forums.  There was an authentication error when I tried to post this, and I had to recreate this entire post all over again from scratch!  To describe my frustration would violate the rules of this forum!


I do not have ten more hours to waste repeating all this in the hope that it might work the next time!  Could I please get some serious technical advice on what specifically I have to do to fix the apparently few problems that still exist?


I have been without a printer now for over three months!

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Re: Can't Establish Two-Way Communication

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I am having the identical problem.  Give me help if you solve it.

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Re: Can't Establish Two-Way Communication

this thread was very helpfull to me, thank you for posting this thread regarding on our problem Smiley Very Happy
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