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Counterfeit Cartridge Scam

I can't find a good reason why a compnay like HP would go to such lengths to make my printer not work correctly if using non-HP cartridges or refilled cartridges?


Other then money.. HP is putting money before customer service that obvious.


HP puts a magnetic strip on the cartridges that reports to the printer how many prints. Once it has printed over 100 prints it is designed to send error messages to your pc making it stop printing when the printer ink is just fine. 


For example: I have a wireless printer. It's shows up both under the USB and the wireless like 2 printers. I deleted the USB version so I just was using the Wireless version.  After the first day everything was fine. The second day my printer is offline? I get that straight  Then error message counterfeit cartridge? I take the newly refilled Genuine HP cartridge out and put it back in. RE electrifiy charge the cartridge. Print the test page, scan it . Great back to printing. Few prints later error messages counterfeit cartriges and it stops printing again. 


I simply plug in the usb cable it sees it as a new printer ... says installing driver ... done... I hit print it prints no problem.... Now the USB is working no problems. PROOF THE REASON MY PRINTER WAS NOT WORKING IS BECASUE OF HP'S SOFTWARE??   anyways  I Finish the day out printing using the usb cable.


Next day I'm still hooked up to the usb cable and did nothing but turn off my printer.. I try to print get the error message counterfeit cartidge and it stops printing again now on the usb cable. 


I go back in turn on the wireless printer make it online again and what do you know it prints with no problems ...PROOF THE REASON MY PRINTER WAS NOT WORKING IS BECASUE OF HP'S SOFTWARE .... It prints one page flawless then what do you know error message from HP again counterfeit cartidge...


I can get the printer to work again by recharge... RE install... Reelectrify... But if HP does not stop from manipulating my printer from working through software this is only temporary.


I'm so sick and tired of messing with this printer I'm ready to just throw it away If I don't kick it first.


But its not the printer ITS HP'S SOFTWARE DOING THIS ON PURPOSE!!! 








Your making millions off this but it's costing customers millions of hours of frustration when there printers don't work when then need them to.. and to only find out this is on purpose by HP. SHAME ON YOU HP!!!

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Re: Counterfeit Cartridge Scam

Are you able to OK the msg? if not, it could be a problem with the refilled ink so you may need to return it to the store.

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Re: Counterfeit Cartridge Scam



There are two sides of a coin, vendors need to honor their warranty by laws therefore they have to force users to use their accessories, in this case: inks. I know the difference bettween genuine inks and cheap inks (I tested them) but for many users using cheap ink is the way to go. Vendors should be able to use the firmware to allow users to use cheap inks AFTER the warranty period (normally 1 year).


Just my 2 cents.

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Re: Counterfeit Cartridge Scam

There is no such thing as protection OF INK RIGHTS what are you talking about???  I bought this printer and if ink is inside the cartridge and working it should print.. thats what it should be made to do. If a compnay is going to spend it's time making products not work just because I'm not doing what they want is not a solution to the problem. Making software that crashes my printer on purpose is never an acceptable action.


I don't care what it is for.... Making printer frustration for customers so HP can make money is putting profit before customers and people should know this fact before ever buying a HP printer. Who wants to buy a printer that is going to give them software problems and headaches all because HP wants me to only buy there ink. Thats not right. If thats the case it should be known and printed on the box. HP cartridges only.. It does not say this thats why this is a scam. Do you know how many customers have watsed there days and nights trying to find out whats wrong when it all because HP made sotware to purposly do that to your computer even if you are using a Genuine HP refilled cartridge.... Why does HP inks cartridges keep track of prints instead of ink left inside is a big scam.



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Re: Counterfeit Cartridge Scam

I have tried to learned a way around this HP Software scam.


First do not agree to let HP record what your doing for better customer support. That is a scam never agree to any company using your resources to track you. Always say NO to companies that say we will monitor your use of this program for your best interest. False it's for them to track you.


HP wants to see if your using 3rd party cartridges. If you agree to allow HP's resource tracking system on your pc and use aftermarket ink or refilled ink, HP will find out and shut your entire printer settings down on your pc. HP can jamm your system with so many error messages your printer wont print again. Over and over counterfeit cartridge...When it's a Genuine HP refilled cartridge. 


When I get the dreaded Error message that says counterfeit cartridge my printer goes offline and wont print. It constantly gives error messsages   counterfeit cartridge   .  You dismiss this message only to find it's back the very next second you delete it.  It boggs down your system so you cant print.


This can be avoided temporarily by two ways, The reason this fix is not permanent is because HP software is designed to watch your system and shut it down once it detects the ink cartridge has printed more then 100 times. Has nothing to do with the amount of ink left.  The magnetic strip counts prints not ink left. Once you printed your 100 pages it starts giving error messages to make you buy HP ink only.


One.  Install a Genuine HP Cartridge that has under 100 prints (remember HP knows how many prints you have done not how much ink is left) then immediately putt back in the Genuine Refilled HP Cartridge cancel the test page and start printing. This works until HP's software finds out and sends the error message again which is usally the next restart.


Another way around this is if you have a wireless printer. Delete the usb printer from the system. Only use the wireless printer. Once you get the counterfeit cartridge error message... which you will, Plug in the USB cable it will see it as a new printer and it will print without doing anyting to the printer. Just plug in the usb it sees it as a new printer and prints flawless... until you restart the system or HP's software finds out its a refilled cartridge or a 3rd party cartridge. Then the software is designed to shut down your printer settings so your printer wont work.   


I cant believe a large company like HP would do this to there customers. HP is purposely crashing my perfectly working printer just becasue I use refilled cartridges.  I would not have a problem with this if HP stated this on the box. You have to use Brand New HP inks or your system will constantly crash. It does not tell you this. Thats why this is a scam. They don't tell you if you dont use are ink this printer wont work properly. Shouldn't a printer be made to print on paper if ink is in the cartridge. You should only have to deal with error messages if you need to align or clean the cartridge. Who would think a perfectly good ink cartridge would not print just because it's not a new under a 100 prints HP cartridge. 


I hope the money they are making is worth the customers they are losing. There is nothing more frustrating when your working and your printer wont work time and time again.... To find out it has been on purpose by HP.... Crazy... The time of mine they have wasted on purpose?


I will never buy a HP printer again. I'm sure they will only get better at making you use there ink only as technology advances.  


My Br*th*r printer worked great with 3rd party inks for years. I'm going back. 


If you enjoy paying 5x what you could pay for ink or enjoy messing with your printer settings everyday buy a HP printer. 


Take apart a hp60 cartridge half the internal space is unused????? They only fill half the cartridge. 

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Re: Counterfeit Cartridge Scam

[ Edited ]

There seem to be a number of nonfactual statements in your posts - for example, no HP inkjet cartridge has a magnetic strip for memory, and they do not stop working at 100 prints.  If your printer uses an HP 60 cartridge it will not stop printing (or at least going through the motions of printing) even if the cartridge is completely empty.  (It will reject the cartridge if there is an electrical failure.  It may also give non-blocking warnings as the cartridge runs out of ink.)


Further, HP does not block using refills.  See this document.  Using refilled products may affect the warranty, as HP cannot be held responsible for product damage caused by third party products.

Bob Headrick,  HP Expert

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Re: Counterfeit Cartridge Scam

No my reports are the facts that HP does not want us to know about. My reports are the exact facts from an experienced user of printers. I print over 100 labels everyday. I have go through a printer every 6 months and have used over 20 different prionters in my time.


I've never had a company like HP purposly crash my printer settings saying counerfeit cartridge when it a perfectly good working refiiled cartridge. 


Yes HP does have a magentic strip that counts your prints not the ink inside. That is a fact.......


You probably work for HP.


Your opinion means nothing to use printer users for you are probably paid to defend this software manipulation that hp is doing to its customers on purpose....


I'm sorry but you cannot justify any company crashing my system period for any reason....There is no defense of that action...It should be illegal to crash ,my printer settings just becasue I'm using a cartridge more then 100 times. And yes that magnetic strips counts the prints not the ink inside.... did you even read my post.. Then you must not understand what I'm saying... Thats ok .. most users that have had this problem with their printer know exactly what I'm talking about and I'm sure there sick of people like you trying ti justify this action that HP is doing on purpose...


HP is crashing your printer on  purpose if your not using a brand new genuine HP ink cartridges under 100 prints. That is a fact period and cannot be even argued? 


I dont care about run on sentences and double negatives I care about a company that makes softwarre just to jam your computer is wrong...AGAIN SHAME ON YOU HP. 

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Re: Counterfeit Cartridge Scam

I dont think you understand my pc level... I'm far from a beginner... I don't need help with anything and never had to bring a pc in or call for help ever   ...  I can fix any pc problem I've ever came across since the atari 2600 when I was 10 years old. I have grown up with pc's. I used to collect them and had over 20 working pc's in my house at one time. Quad-core dual graphics card watercooled. .... I know what I'm doing and know when software is crashing my pc.


I know for sure HP software is crashing my printer settings all because I'm using a refilled ink cartridge. 


You cannot deny that fact..


If you do you are lying and shouldn't be trusted....


Just tell us the truth ...


That software is made on purpose to crash my printer settings if it detects a counterfeit carteridge? Keeping in mind any cartridgge over a 100 prints is considered countefiet to HP software. 


Thats the honest truth.



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Re: Counterfeit Cartridge Scam

Hi, what exact error message are you getting? Is it 'Used or Counterfeit Cartridge'?



I am speaking for myself and not for HP. Twitter: @Ciara_B_27
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Re: Counterfeit Cartridge Scam

FYI, if you're seeing a Used or Counterfeit cartridge msg after printing for a while, check out the link below....





I am speaking for myself and not for HP. Twitter: @Ciara_B_27
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Re: Counterfeit Cartridge Scam

I have learened to remove all HP software that is not neccessary to run my printer. Make sure all HP updates are off. Make sure you did not update anything on install. Do not accept HP's problem tracking system that is just a monitoring system to see if your not using genuine HP cartridges.  


If HP has caught you using refilled cartridges through their spying software (what they call help monitoring) you have to do some steps to your pc to get back to be able to use the refilled cartridges again.


I had to put back in genuine cartridges for It to work like brand new again. Then wait til you run through a genuine HP cartridge, then you can put back in the refilled/counterfeit genuine HP cartridges and it will work perfect as along as HP software does not upddate. If it updates it waill again shut your printer down with the HP designed software to make your printer not work with perfectly good genuine HP refilled/counterfeit cartridges. 


It seems these HP employees keep trying to make this about a certain facts I dont know like electrify reelectrify the cartridge.....They know what I'm talking about but play that I'm stupid because I dont know the HP language. I have re-staticed electrified  my magnetic stripe...reset everything.. It doesn't work becasue its not that ...it is HP's software causing the problems not my printer or refilled cartridges. Because once HP finds out your using refilled/what they called coungterfeit cartridges their software will crash your printer over and over. 


Proof the reason you have not heard from me is because I broke down and bought brand new HP cartridges. Got my printer back working perfectly. Then removed all software, even rebooted my system...not just reset my pc I did a complete harddrive reboot erase all reformat Harddrive and reinstall of windows. Entire dont keep any settings.


I didn't install any HP printer software denied all updates.  You have to deny updates daily and your printer will work with the refilled/counterfeit cartridges as long as the HP software doesn't find out your using them. Once one update is done the printer is ruined and HP's man made software will destroy your printer from working through software manipulation. I have used 3 refilled cartridges now without one problem because since the HP software and updates are off my computer completely. This software is so good if you dont wipe your entire compouter it will still be there. Once you have used a refilled cartridge and updated your software your screwed. 


HP printers are great and countefeit/refilled cartridges work great you just have to know how to not let HP's manipulating software take control of your printer and PC. 


Now go ahead HP employees and try and say what error message did you get ... The strips magnetic strip is bad....NO NO NO .....ITS YOUR HP MANIPULATING SOFWARE THAT IS DOING THIS ON PURPOSE.



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