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FAX Error Codes 349 and 351

I try to fax my daughter in Florida which is area code 941 and I live in area code 580 (Okla) and I constantly get

Error Codes 349 and 351.  I called her numerous times and she is receiving faxes frin all over the country with no problem.  Why can't HP find this problem and help me resolve it.    I was on the phone over 4 ours with a tech rep and she was unable to resolve it and said she would refer it to her case manager who would not be able to fix it, but would call me sometime on Monday.  This is a ridiculous situation.  I can send faxes locally with no problem.  I have a fiber optics telephone connection.  Does anyone have a possible solution.  I am really fed up with HP and having to try to explain situations to someone in a foreign country where everything I say has to be repeated back to me takiing up more time.

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Re: FAX Error Codes 349 and 351

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Hi nmcclell,


I am sorry to hear you are experiencing this issue. I am sure after spending 4 hours on the phone with HP tech support the last thing you want to do it more troubleshooting but I have some information specific to those error codes if your interested. In the unlikely event that maybe something was missed here is the definition and solution for error code 349 and 351.


Error Code: 344, 345, 346, 347, 348, 349 ECM, 350 ECM, 351 ECM, 352 ECM, 353 ECM, 354, 355
  • The remote machine failed to respond to a fax command from the local machine because the connection was interrupted. These errors can occur if the phone lines in the area to be faxed are old or there is noise (static on the phone line). Other reasons can include power outages and other power-related problems.
  • The call-waiting service can cause this error. The click, heard for an incoming call, is actually a momentary disconnect of the line.
  • The remote user pressed the Stop key while the reception was in progress.
  • Under rare conditions, incompatibility between the two machines might cause the remote machine to abandon the call.

  • Retryt the fax reception at a different time when telephone line conditions have improved. Call the telephone provider if line conditions fail to improve.
  • Disable ECM. Errors might still occur, and might result in a degraded image quality on the received page. However, the ability to send the entire document will be improved.
  • Try sending at a lower transmission speed



Here is a helpful link for Troubleshooting Fax Transmission and Reception Issues.


I hope this helps. I understand if you are not interested in more troubleshooting but thank you for taking the time to reach out to the HP Forums. We are here to help.

I work on behalf of HP

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Re: FAX Error Codes 349 and 351

I have already looked up these codes.  This is not a problem with my daughter's fax line, etc.  Evidently, it is a problem with Analog vs Digital.  HP only supports Analog.  I have a fiber optics line with my interenet provider. My HP printer is connected to the wall jack which is Analog.  The fax is digitized by my telephone company and then converted back to Analog when it goes out.  I can fax locally and other area codes.  This is a nightmare and HP is of no help.

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Re: FAX Error Codes 349 and 351

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There is not much a fax machine maker can do if it doesn't work on a digital line This is because the fax standard is designed for fax to work on analog signals, it uses different tone level to represent digital bits (where to put black), digital lines, compresses the audio tone to digital, and converts back with a "lossy" algorithm, i.e. you may not get back exactly the same tone, in another word, they may mess up the fax data (and that's why you hear a slightly different voice on the digital phone, but that little bit of change, doesn't matter for voice phone, but may be significant enough on fax). This situation is basically the same as if you have a very bad noise on the line (in this case, it's just how they do the digital signals), so the only way out is to use a different service provider.
Many people actually has fax working over digital lines, this all depend on what technology the service provider use, the only thing you can do is try slow down the fax speed, that may improve the success rate.

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Re: FAX Error Codes 349 and 351

Tried that too.  Did not work.  I don't have the luxury o obtaining anothe service provider Seems to eme that HP shoul be able to fix this problem at their end.

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Re: FAX Error Codes 349 and 351

Tried faxing to several clients (LD and local #'s)   Then, error code 349 kept showing up.  So, I bought new Pro 8600 (and returned old one).  Didn't work either.  After reading "could be line problem" I called COX. They did line test and said "works 100%).  So, I guess I'm screwed 'cause I didn't return the PRO (again, joke) 8600 back to Sams Club in time for reimbursement.  So, I guess I'll pitch the PRO (joke joke joke) 8600 and buy another brand PFSCopier.  HP, get your @#$%!@#$$^ together. I had older and "cheaper" HP's and the fax transmission always worked.  I'm screwed.

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Re: FAX Error Codes 349 and 351

I kept geting a 349 error while trying to send faxes this morning, tried this afternoon with no probem, apparently I was trying to fax during a multiple faxing situation at my office. Had no problem later. I don't know if it was that or just a bad time for the phone lines. 

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