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General Printer Error: (0x61011be5)

I have an HP Photosmart c309a.  It has worked fine for a year.  It is connected directly to my PC using a USB cable.  PC is a desktop, running Vista with the latest patches.  The printer has all of the most recent patches. 


Today as I was preparing to change two of the ink cartridges, I opened the lid, but it refused to move the cartridge tray into the middle so I could change the cartridges.  I closed the lid and then opened it again -- with the same results. 


So I re-opened the lid and unplugged the printer as the cartridge tray was in the open.  I replaced the cartridges, but when I re-plugged the printer into the power I keep receiving a "General Printer Error: 0x61011be5  Refer to Printer Documentation.  Press OK to continue"


I have powered the printer off and on.  Done a Reset NMZ. And still the error persists.


Anyone have any ideas how I can resolve this?

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Re: General Printer Error: (0x61011be5)

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This cannot be a co-incidence!   On 8th jan 2011 pm GMT (the same time as your post) my HP Photosmart D5460 (approx 2 years old) started giving me the same error  "General Printer Error 0x61011be5" and will no longer print.


I had printed earlier in the day and it was fine.  But when I tried to print later it said "printing" for 2-3 minutes so I switched it off and on and have the problem ever since.


I am able to press the OK button on the printer but as soon as the printer screen says "ready" or "printing" the printer goes back to the same General Printer Error message.


The printer is connected via a USB cable to an HP laptop.  i have not downloaded or installed anything new for months - virus protection is up to date.


Please can someone help us?



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Re: General Printer Error: (0x61011be5)

Generally with an message like that, we would recommend first disconnected the USB cable if it is plugged into a computer. Then remove the cartridges from the printer as well. With the power still on, unplug the power cord from the back of the printer, as well as the wall, then wait about 60 seconds. After that, plug it back in to the wall first, then the printer, allowing it to boot up.

If it gives you a message similar to "The following ink cartridges appear to be missing or damaged" you may reinstall them at that time when prompted.

(If you do not have a keypad, then you won't be able to do the next 2 steps. Please see below.)

If you get the same error message, if you have a number pad on the printer, do the same steps but before plugging it back in, hold the # button with the number 3, and plug in the power cord back into the printer while holding the buttons down. Once the printer starts showing that it's coming back up, you can let go of the buttons, and allow it to come back up.

If you still continue to get the message, then do the same thing except hold the # button and the number 6 on your keypad and allow it to come back up.

If you still get the message after all of the above steps are done, please contact HP for a replacement if your printer is still in warranty. If the printer is out of warranty, then we typically still have upgrade options available, and you may be able to get a replacement printer cheaper than going out to buy a new one. It's usually a good idea to call to see what your options may be at that time.

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Although I am an HP employee, I am speaking for myself and not for HP.
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Re: General Printer Error: (0x61011be5)

Go figure.  The touchscreen of my HP 6380 gives the error code 0x61011be5 and advises to check the documentation that came with the printer. However, when I check the help file and on-line, no help shows up.  How user friendly is that?

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Re: General Printer Error: (0x61011be5)

I was informed that my warranty ended 51 days ago.  I had printed a document about 10 minutes prior to receiving the first error message, 0x61000016 when I tried printing another document.  I went through all of the procedures listed in the online support.  Nothing changed.  I called HP's online support and they walked me through the procedures again, this time asking me to move the cartridge back and forth to make sure it wasn't stuck. Then I started getting this error message in addition to loud tapping noises.  Based on what I'm reading, either HP as designed these printers (bought it for very cheap at Costco) poorly (don't want to say they do it on purpose) to breakdown just after your warranty is up (a little over a year).  I wouldn't mind just buying another printer, but these printers eat up so much ink that I had just purchased a whole bunch of cartridges (black and all the colors) which are now useless as I'm being told that the printer should simply be replaced.  I am not about to replace it with the same printer and risk running into the same problem and so I paid twice as much in ink cartridges as the printer costs and the ink cartridges are now useless to me.


I used to think very highly of HP printers and have always bought HP printers (at least 6), but do not plan to buy anymore in the future.

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Re: General Printer Error: (0x61011be5)

Unable to print - see Subject. There is no paper jam. Using Lion OS.

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Re: General Printer Error: (0x61011be5)

General Printer Error:0x61011be5. This is the message displayed on my printer screen when a print document request was rejected. I have a HP Photosmart c309a connected to my desktop PC by USB cable and has operated without problem for nearly 2 years. The PC operating system is XP and has been regularly updated & very reliable. The printer setup with normal proceedure and ,without indicating a problem, refused to print as normal. Further investigation revealed no physical problems with connections,paper jam,paper carriers or tray alignments. However when opening the lid to view ink carriage system the mechanism appeared to function back& forth correctly but would not stop for cartridge change. The risk of losing fingers was evident if any attempt to remove a cartridge was contemplated so an interuption to power supply  was the only method of control. 

All attempts of disconnection,reconnection, power off,power on and  online customer support criteria has failed to rectify the Error or give any informatiom as to what an Error Code 0x61011be5 is. I am aware that this Error Code has been previously posted which would indicate HP Techs know about the disfunction & would rather we just throw it away & purchase the next model.  A GP once told me that if we know what you've got we can treat it-- Diagnostics required, anyone with any idea re this Error Code would be appreciated.

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Re: General Printer Error: (0x61011be5)

My printer C309A has same symptoms, w no diagnosis. I've tried every flavor of soft/hard resets w special codes, power up/down, replacing cartridges, replacing print head, checking for paper jam (front/back),clean overflow sponge...Printer is only a couple years old, 1000 pages printed at most.
Looking at all of the issues, this product had great promise, but lousey execution.
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Re: General Printer Error: (0x61011be5)

**UPDATE: Turned printer upside down and pieces (gears) fell out. Time for a new printer.

This one was complete garbage. Hard to believe as it lasted less than 1000 pages.


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Re: General Printer Error: (0x61011be5)

What gives? With all these same messages, HP has to have an answer. What is it?

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