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HP 4620 Sleep Mode Printing Problems

I have a brand new HP 4620 printer to which I am connected wirelessly.  I have only had it a week, and I have already discovered what I suspect is a big ugly flaw with the product. Once the printer goes into sleep mode, you can no longer print to it through the regular Windows printing services without first rebooting it.  After it sleeps, unless you reboot it, you get an error saying that the printer is not available.


What is strange is that you can print to it via ePrint without problem. You can also ping it from your laptop or desktop.  But you cannot print to it via Windows Printing Services.


Now, as soon as you do a re-boot... wa la! It comes back alive and does your bidding. But the next time it goes to sleep there is no way to wake that sucker back up without a reboot. What does this mean for someone who prints sporadically throughtout the day?


This means that the HP 4620 has to be rebooted every time I want to print.  Unacceptable.


In the last few days I've found many forums about this problem where HP Techs chime in, and all I've seen them do is try to deflect blame to the router. Boloney. This is a simple problem of the sleep mode causing something to turn off that will only turn back on with a reboot. Plain and simple.


If anyone has a fix, I'd love to hear it.









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Re: HP 4620 Sleep Mode Printing Problems

[ Edited ]


Please follow the link to solve issue:

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Re: HP 4620 Sleep Mode Printing Problems

So, I read the recommended solution in the link you provided, and this is what it said:


- Unplug the power cable from the electrical outlet.

- Wait 60 seconds, and then plug the power cable back into the electrical out

- If the product does not turn on automatically, press the Power button () to turn on the product.


So basically, it appears that what you are recommending that I do is unplug and re-plug my brand new printer every time it goes into sleep mode, which is every 15 minutes.


Is this what you are recommending ?









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HP 4620 Sleep Mode Printing Problems

I would also ensure that the printer's economy mode is disabled and the auto off feature through the tools. If I may ask, how is the printer connected to the computer? Would it be possible to use an Ethernet cable and connect the printer directly to the router and install the unit through that method?

I have seen this issue corrected on some models by changing the connection method if your primary use is directly wireless.

Let me know and have a great day!
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Re: HP 4620 Sleep Mode Printing Problems

You are hardly alone in your trouble with sleep mode nor is your type of hp printer the only sort to have this problem.  I had this same thing with my 5520 until I found what Windows has done for us.  Click the 'Start' button and go to Devices anPrinters'.  Right click on the Printer icon and go to Printer Properties.  From here go to the  'Advanced' tab.  At the top you'll find a choice of when to have the printer awake and another for 'always available'.  This later choice over-rides the printer sleep mode with a command from the OS.  This essentially disables the sleep mode altogether and makes the printer available whenever you want it.


At least that's good for Win 7.  Good Luck


Smiley Happy

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Re: HP 4620 Sleep Mode Printing Problems

I also have the same problem, but I'm using W 8. My settings in the print section are "Aways on" it make no difference. Also one og the blogs said to go to the Tools menu, well the tools menu on the printer has no references to sleep, stand by or anything resembling a trouble shoot.


Come on HP adn solve the dang problem

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Re: HP 4620 Sleep Mode Printing Problems

Please don't be upset, I followed your suggestion hoping W8 would solve my problem as well.


It didn't, wheres HP on this blog?


New slogan for new pc owners:

" I hate eight"


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Re: HP 4620 Sleep Mode Printing Problems

I have the same problem with my 4500.  is there a similar sequence for this model?

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Re: HP 4620 Sleep Mode Printing Problems

Hang in there......I had the same problem....followed all the Tech suggestions ...and finally....they said there is a hardware problem...and SENT ME A NEW PRINTER.


Yahoo............................ for a week!


I can now print from a document, but not from a web site!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



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Re: HP 4620 Sleep Mode Printing Problems

Hopefully my post I created in regards to the printer going to sleep and not responding will be of some assistance.  It is a collection of data I found on multiple threads and should walk you through every fix out there to keep the printer from entering this unresponsive state.


--Printer Will Not Respond To Touch and Network Communication is Lost--


I will gladly help anyone with this problem as I have had success with it.  Let me know where you are in the troubleshooting guide from the link above and if you have any questions about any of the steps, I am happy to help!

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