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HP 6500 Wireless (E709n) "Fatal error during installation"

I have Windows 7 Ultimate with an HP 6500 Wireless all-in-one (E709n). Everything worked fine under Vista, but since my update to Windows 7, the 6500 is really playing hard to get.


I have downloaded v13 of the full setup and basic setup; both present the same exact error at the same point in the installation process. The setup starts and successfully completes the "System Check" and "System Preparation" steps. As soon as the "Installing Software" step starts a dialog opens which states: Fatal error during installation. I click Ok and everything is uninstalled.


I have Norton 360 v3.0 for security. I have anti-virus disabled (on all attempts) and I mixed it up with the firewall -- tried it enabled (as suggested by HP) and disabled; made no difference. I even extracted the installation files and right-clicked on Setup.exe and ran it as Admin; made no difference.


Another error message indicates "SetupINFListedInDatFile failed with Fatal error during installation. Exit code=1603".


I have 20 hours invested in this...NO PROGRESS.


Does anyone have any suggestions???




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Re: HP 6500 Wireless (E709n) "Fatal error during installation"

I have exactly the same problem, except I am using Vista.  I get the same fatal error when trying to install the 6500 Wireless.  I was on the phone with HP tech support for most of 2 days and they couldn't fix it either.  The final answer was not a real solution.  The printer will print and we were able to make the fax work.  We downloaded a Windows Live app that will let me use the scanner.  The problem is that HP Solution Center won't work because it thinks there is not a machine installed.  I thought I could live with the work arounds, but then I discovered that I can't network other computers to use the machine since it was not installed properly.  Any suggestions or solutions would be appreciated.

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Re: HP 6500 Wireless (E709n) "Fatal error during installation"

Hey both of you.... could you try this out for me?  browse through the contents of the cd and go to util\ccc\ and doubleclick on the unnstall_L3.bat to remove everything that has been installed.  Don't go about running the L4 as it will remove the.Net Framework installed on your PC.  Afterwards try installing the software on a different drive.  Normally it would install on C:\Program Files\HP so if you have a D: drive, create a new folder there named HP and install the software there.  If you are using the latest installer, you can change the installation path at the same screen where you agree to the EULA. make sure it is that your D drive is a HD not a flash drive.  because it needs to be installed on a NTFS drive. not FAT32 or any other type.


Please reply to this post when you have tried it.  And if possible include screenshots and error logs when you still get it.  Thanks!

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Re: HP 6500 Wireless (E709n) "Fatal error during installation"

have you called hp tech?

(i may represent HP but this advice is solely my own)
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Re: HP 6500 Wireless (E709n) "Fatal error during installation"

My installer has an option to change the installation path, but clicking on it states the software must be installed at C:\Program Files\HP and cannot be changed.


Also, I ran the Uninstall_L3.bat file and it was mostly successful. I then restarted, and manually deleted everything from C:\Program Files\HP. Some files were in use so I hunted down tasks and services, stopped them, and was finally able to delete everything. I then re-ran Uninstall_L3.bat with no issue.


Tried the Wireless Setup and same darn error "Fatal blah blah blah". No difference. I'm L3'ing again and I'll try the USB connected installation. I should also mention that I'm "Running as Admin" each time and I've stopped by Anti-Virus utility.


If the USB connection works then I'll live with that for this weekend, then take the printer to the local charity. If the USB connection does this same thing to me, then I'll see what time the dump closes today!

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Re: HP 6500 Wireless (E709n) "Fatal error during installation"

USB connection setup got a little further, then displayed the "Fatal error during installation". That message is so very helpful. I work for a software company. Never would such a message be acceptable to us.


I tried HP Phone Support (after telling myself I would never call India again), and "we are experiencing unusually long wait times..." Excellent. The HP is "off" and sitting in the corner of the home office in my kids "time-out chair".


I'll try this again MUCH later. Maybe it's driver version "13"...a bad luck number...I'll wait for "14"...


HP - I'm trying to remain professional about this. But you guys need to SIMPLIFY!

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Re: HP 6500 Wireless (E709n) "Fatal error during installation"

I stayed on-hold with HP (I mean India) for 35 minutes. My son asked me, "what are you doing"...I replied "wasting my time" and hung-up.


Here's some information I found in a log file (hpzrcv061.log) from the installation attempt.

I have included several lines before the "Fatal error during installation" line and all remaining lines afterward (to end of file).



20091212104248:00007D4C2:0001(0151-0000)(hpzrcv01.exe)CRPSRegister::CheckOpModeKey :  OpMode is not set, but there is no value for it in the dat file so we won't change it

20091212104249:000164826:0001(0152-0000)(hpzrcv01.exe)Displaying dialog - 141 - Submit error report and search for a possible solution (optional)
20091212104252:0004897D7:0001(0155-0003)(hpzrcv01.exe)User has accepted terms in permission dialog, and is going to search for content.
20091212104252:00049051C:0001(0155-0000)(hpzrcv01.exe)Exiting dialog - 141 - Submit error report and search for a possible solution (optional)
20091212104252:000494238:0001(0155-0000)(hpzrcv01.exe)Recovery Plug-In: Initializing the downloading dialog.
20091212104252:0004978EE:0001(0155-0000)(hpzrcv01.exe)Displaying dialog - 140 - Error Reporting
20091212104252:00049C976:0001(0155-0000)(hpzrcv01.exe)Setting up scripting variables to search for content.
20091212104252:00049E67E:0001(0155-0000)(hpzrcv01.exe)ReportError(5268491,+00000000000074469376|s|Now Launching=X:\hpzprl01.exe -inf -m preloadproductdrivers "-*" ".\autorun_usb.inf"  -l XXX -f "X:\hpwins23.dat" -Validate No at" -Validate No
SetupINFsListedInDatFile failed with Fatal error during installation.
Exit code=1603
20091212104252:0005055D2:0001(0156-0000)(hpzrcv01.exe)Website= not found in datfile.  Will not attempt detection.
20091212104252:000507C4E:0001(0156-0000)(hpzrcv01.exe)ToolSessionBrowserString (for metrics reporting): ICE||{2E1B4B42-069F-4F53-9966-9B9B938D7FE5}|ENU|601
20091212104327:0001DB542:0001(0190-0034)(hpzrcv01.exe)Found 1 collections
20091212104327:0001DC332:0001(0190-0000)(hpzrcv01.exe)Skipping Package Titled "BlackMagic_metrics" type 16999
20091212104327:0001DCE96:0001(0190-0000)(hpzrcv01.exe)Recovery Plug-In: Getting content is complete.
20091212104327:0001DDCAA:0001(0190-0000)(hpzrcv01.exe)Recovery Plug-In: No content data found in downloading dialog.
20091212104335:00009A3E1:0001(0198-0008)(hpzrcv01.exe)Download dialog has completed successfully.
20091212104335:00009B725:0001(0198-0000)(hpzrcv01.exe)Fix type = No Fix found, rollback state unknown.
20091212104335:0000DD8CD:0001(0198-0000)(hpzrcv01.exe)Exiting dialog - 140 - Error Reporting
20091212104335:0000E4F61:0001(0198-0000)(hpzrcv01.exe)Displaying dialog - 138 - The installation was not successful
20091212104335:0000E62A2:0001(0198-0000)(hpzrcv01.exe)_pSite was NULL
20091212104347:0003B2A70:0001(0210-0012)(hpzrcv01.exe)Exiting dialog - 138 - Problem Status
20091212104347:0003C2D96:0001(0210-0000)(hpzrcv01.exe)Running C:\Program Files\HP\Temp\{2E1B4B42-069F-4F53-9966-9B9B938D7FE5}\Setup\hpzscr01.exe -datfile .\hpwscr23.dat -d MsiUninstaller -unattended -forcereboot -l ENU -w 197724.
20091212104348:0004AEC91:0001(0211-0000)(hpzrcv01.exe)The shortcut "C:\ProgramData\Microsoft\Windows\Start Menu\Programs\Startup\hpzrcv01.LNK" was deleted.
20091212104348:0004AFBC4:0001(0211-0000)(hpzrcv01.exe)Successfully recovered.
20091212104348:0004B4E90:0001(0211-0000)(hpzrcv01.exe)---      Ending: hpzrcv01.exe
20091212104348:0004B6CDA:0001(0211-0000)(hpzrcv01.exe)---   Returning: 0




Inaddition to the above, I found the following in a different Log File (hpzset085.log).

All of these logs are from the following folder: C:\ProgramData\HP\Installer\Temp


20091212104011:0002A3C72:0001(0094-0001)(hpzsetup.exe)Parsed command line: "D:\Users\santacrocemt\Downloads\hp\6500 wireless printer\OJ6500vE709_Full_13\hpzsetup.exe" "-f" ".\autorun_usb.inf" "-wStub" "197718"

20091212104012:0002B52BE:0001(0094-0000)(hpzsetup.exe)Disk space used [+00000000000000000000|d|+00000000000000000000|s|] by section Recovery.SetupQuit
20091212104012:0002B5F1C:0001(0094-0000)(hpzsetup.exe)Finished launching executables in Recovery.SetupQuit section

20091212104012:0002B7C37:0001(0094-0000)(hpzsetup.exe)Setup failed with 1603. Current command line="D:\Users\santacrocemt\Downloads\hp\6500 wireless printer\OJ6500vE709_Full_13\Setup\hpzprl01.exe" -inf -m preloadproductdrivers "-*" ".\autorun_usb.inf" "-wStub" "197718" -l ENU -f "C:\Windows\hpwins23.dat" -Validate No -w 197724 Displaying error message="Fatal error during installation.

20091212104016:000774888:0001(0098-0004)(hpzsetup.exe)Launching executables in Uninstall.ERROR_FAILURE_CLEANUP section of C:\Windows\hpwins23.dat

20091212104016:000778E9B:0400(0098-0000)(hpzsetup.exe)!! Unable to find DisplayName for bucket Uninstall.ERROR_FAILURE_CLEANUP.
20091212104016:00077C596:0001(0098-0000)(hpzsetup.exe)[00000987|a|000000|t|+00000000000075419648|d|+00000000000075419648|s|Now Launching=C:\Program Files\HP\Temp\{2E1B4B42-069F-4F53-9966-9B9B938D7FE5}\Setup\hpzrcv01.exe -recover -logs -f "C:\Windows\hpwins23.dat" -l ENU -Validate No -w 197724]
20091212104348:0004C6791:0001(0310-0212)(hpzsetup.exe)Parsed command line: "D:\Users\santacrocemt\Downloads\hp\6500 wireless printer\OJ6500vE709_Full_13\hpzsetup.exe" "-f" ".\autorun_usb.inf" "-wStub" "197718"

20091212104348:0004D8763:0001(0311-0000)(hpzsetup.exe)Disk space used [-00000000000003682304|d|-00000000000003682304|s|] by section Uninstall.ERROR_FAILURE_CLEANUP
20091212104348:0004DA0CA:0001(0311-0000)(hpzsetup.exe)Finished launching executables in Uninstall.ERROR_FAILURE_CLEANUP section

20091212104348:0004DB1BD:0001(0311-0000)(hpzsetup.exe)No install Level found in C:\Windows\hpwins23.dat assuming install level=80000001
20091212104348:0004DBE3F:0001(0311-0000)(hpzsetup.exe)Setup finishes with 1603:Fatal error during installation.



Please let me know if this helps anyone to come up with any additional ideas.




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Re: HP 6500 Wireless (E709n) "Fatal error during installation"

I have done the same as Matt, with about as much time invested. 


My problem is that I get the same fatal error message. However, the printer prints, but the HP Solutions Center software on my PC doesn't.


It won't load. The only features I can use are:


Direct print from programs,  and


Access to the network webscan page.


This is very frustrating. I only bought this printer because I was upgrading to Win7.


Everything that I own that is computer related is HP. If they don't get this resolved immediately,

I will refuse to buy anything HP ever again. This is Ridiculous.

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Re: HP 6500 Wireless (E709n) "Fatal error during installation"

I came across this thread and the 1603 exit code reminds me of an error in vista called 1603, having to do with the microsoft installer. There is a document to resolve this issue that can be found at the following link:


I cannot garuntee this steps will be acurate in windows 7 as some of the navigation has changed, but it might be related to the issue described.

Although I am an HP employee, I am speaking for myself and not for HP.
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Re: HP 6500 Wireless (E709n) "Fatal error during installation"

I did everything Randomrabbit mentioned. After 2 1/2 more hours...


Same HP 6500 Wireless (E709n) "Fatal error during installation" message with an error code 1602.

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