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HP 6510 loses connectivity.?

HP 6510 installed on wireless network and worked fine.


After a period of inactivity the printer does not print.



Windows 7 64 bit on Dell desktop and Dell laptop connected by wire to router.

Apple new iPad with IOS 5 has a wireless connection to the network


When the printing stops working, in all cases the HP 6510 says it is connected on the on screen display.


A message comes up on the Dells from the HP 6510 that says, Unable to communicate with the printer.


The iPad has a message that says it can't find an AirPrint printer.


Generally, turning the printer off and on restores the connection and the jobs print when sent from the Dells.


For the iPad I have to power down the iPad and sometimes recycle the router.


I installed a static IP address on the printer and get the same symptoms.


The Network Test and Printer test utilities could not see the printer until I turned it of and then on.


The signal between the router and printer is strong.  They are about four feet apart.



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Re: HP 6510 loses connectivity.?

[ Edited ]


Regarding Windows 7, although the article describe a different symphtoms, I believe it might help,

Try following the first step only, reboot and check for any change. If there is no change try following Step two as well and check if that helps:


Regarding the iPad, it seems as the router may not support Multicasting or may not set correctly.

Please clarify your router brand and model in order to better understand any posible cause.






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Re: HP 6510 loses connectivity.?

Has this been resolved yet? I am ready to return the printer it just keeps happening every day. Very frustrating. If I print from my iPad or PC or I have to reset.
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Re: HP 6510 loses connectivity.?

The problem hasn't been resolved.  I gave the printer to a friend to try ou on his WiFi network.  I'm aalmost thinking it's part of the energy conservation feature.  It goes to sleep and doesn't wake up with a print-something signal from a computer or iPad.  I'm about to take mine back, too.

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Re: HP 6510 loses connectivity.?

Hello Bill,


You responded to my post earlier.  I don't know if your modem is "rebooting" like mine has been or not.  I finally got a tech at AT&T that said it is 'obviously' the modem.  When the Wireless light on the modem goes out the printer is lost and won't come back online until you make it do so manually. They are sending me a new modem today.


I hooked up my printer via ethernet yesterday and after 14 hours of no activity when I told it to print, it did, so I

don't think it is the sleep mode that we both thought was the problem.


While I think HP has been absolved from any culpability in my problem, it would be nice if the printer would search for its home network if it loses contact.  I say HOME network as my printer can see two of my neighbors networks as well as mine.





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Re: HP 6510 loses connectivity.?

I have same symptoms and configuration as original post.  My router is a Lynksys WRT320N.  


This may help:

1. When the problem occurs and I run netscan on the PC, Netscan can not see the HP 6510 on the LAN.

2. Possible coincidence, but first time this occurred was right after an HP 6510 software update.

3. When this occurred I was unable to shut down the HP6510 using its power button.  The LED display just showed the "Shutting down" screen for many minutes.

4. After I power-cycle reboot the printer by pulling the plug everything was normal again until the next occurrance.

5. In some "no connectivity" events the printer LED screen would not respond.  In other events, the screen responded normally and indicated the correct wireless IP address but Netscan still could not find HP6510 on the LAN.


I like the printer and do not need the email print feature so I will plug it into an accessible power strip so I can easily power-cycle when this happens.

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Re: HP 6510 loses connectivity.?

Possibly new information on this issue. The 6510 lost connectivity again this a.m. even though the last print job was less than 12 hr ago.  This time the pronter had run fine for many days--maybe even a  weeks--when the problem occurred. But instead of power-cycling the printer, this time I just turned off the printer's wireless using the LED panel and then tyurned it back on.  After a minute or so it printed fine.  So it seems this is related to the wireless router "forgetting" about the printer's DHCP IP while the printer is in standby.  


Or maybe it's a more convoluted router problem.  Even though I can see all LAN hosts via Netscan, the router's HTTP control page won't open, indicating the router has some problem.  Everything else works so rebooting the router won't tell me much.  But I'll check the router next time I lose printer connectivity.


Has anyone tried assigning their printer a fixed IP either on the printer or at the router?

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Re: HP 6510 loses connectivity.?

My HP 6510 continually loses its wireless connection.    The system sometimes works but more often fails.  Any suggestions?


John ste

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Re: HP 6510 loses connectivity.?

Mine still looses connections, very unreliable on wireless. I usually take my laptop and plug it in. Smiley Sad

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Re: HP 6510 loses connectivity.?

Mine has run fine for several weeks now.  Be sure Preferences/Auto Off is set to Off.  I think my main problem was caused by DHCP IP swapping between the PC and the printer.  Now, my printer has the first (lowest) DHCP IP and that seems stable because the printer is always on.  The PC generally gets the next available IP when it boots and this seems to work.  Knock on wood.


So I'd recommend trying  shut off PC, leave printer on, reboot router, verify (or fix if needed) printer connected to wireless LAN, reboot PC, check (and fix if needed) printer accessibility from PC.

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