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HP Deskjet D1660 problems!!!
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Re: HP Deskjet D1660 problems!!!

I am glad I read these posts, because I am starting to understand what my problem is.


I am having precisely these problems.  I'll print a document, then part way through, it stops and says the paper is jammed, and the light starts blinking.  I push the button, the paper spits out (half blank), and that's it.  I go to the control panel to delete the print job, I find the document that quit printing, right click, delete it, and it says "deleting"... forever.


I'll reboot, and it may or may not work the first, second, and third time.  This isn't unusual with the past couple of HP printers I've used, but I was hoping the D1660 would be an exception.  I guess not because instead of printing out workpapers for my client, I'm staring at a blinking light on my "printer" (or should I say this plastic paperweight on my desk).


I'm either going to get this thing printing by rebooting a couple of times, or I'm going to throw it in the trash and go buy a non-HP printer.  I don't know what else to do.  I can't shut my business down and stop productivity in it's track every time one of these HP printers thinks it's jammed when it isn't.


Another non-productive frustrating Saturdays.  I guess I'll have to work Sunday too - thanks HP Deskjet D1660.

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Re: HP Deskjet D1660 problems!!!

Have you tried to clean the paper rollers in the back of the D1660?

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Re: HP Deskjet D1660 problems!!!

I didn't try cleaning the rollers, but I'd be suprised if it needs it since I only bought it a month ago.


Fortunately I saved the receipt and box.  I took it back to Walmart and exchanged it for a Cannon.  That seemed to have fixed the problem.


My advice, if you buy an HP printer, save the receipt!!!

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Re: HP Deskjet D1660 problems!!!

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Re: HP Deskjet D1660 problems!!!

After struggling for many weeks trying to get may printer to work, it is nice to read your messages that will finally help me make the decision I have been pondering on…I will toss the printer in the garbage.  I got my first HP printer when I was in college 20 years ago (HP 4L) and have been loyal to the brand ever since.  I believe there is a manufacturing error.  I had enough…too much time wa$ted trying to get it to work.  Wish you all luck!!!!

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I agree with your opinion that there is a printer on the fax etc.. but i bought newone and simple printer and this one works and fits in my space,and this is too good rather than oldone,thanks.

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Re: HP Deskjet D1660 problems!!!

I was having a similar problem. But I'm using Windows 7 Pro 64 bit OS.


My printer won't print the 2nd page. Even worse, it made all my other USB devices "dead"--like keyboard & mouse didn't response.


Did try the driver  from the disc and downloaded online. 3 times. Didn't work out.

Then I used live chat with HP Tech Rep.

But she kept guiding me to do the uninstallation and reinstallation driver. However, it didn't work out.

I lost my patience at the 4th or 5th try. Then I gave up. I went to Target and made an exchange. 

Guess what, the new printer IS working!


So I guess it's not about the driver. It might be about the printer itself.

a $30 dollars printer that comes with 2 cartridges which are worth over $30...

what kind of quality can we get?


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Re: HP Deskjet D1660 problems!!!

well. I already knew that HP was a crap company.


But I thought I'd give it one more chance before I went back to college this fall.... and it turned out to be a HUGE MISTAKE.

I buy a HP deskjet d1660 printer, and what do i get? A giant paperweight.




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Re: HP Deskjet D1660 problems!!! -> SOLVED FINALLY,

AFTER having same problems descrived in the forum and contacting HP support with standard answer, and finally get the solution.


When checking 'printer properties' I ve seen in advanced option tab, one button that say 'Printer processor'.




I've selected this print processor because this is the one that uses my other printer D1500 that works perfectly.


The question is why HP has not documented this simple resolution, when this problem impacts so many users?

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Re: HP Deskjet D1660 problems!!!

Same problem as Sue.


I am having problems printing on my  HP D1660. I have loaded and unloaded the software twice trying to get it to work.

I have trouble trying to print.

Print job gets hung up and will not print. When I try to cancel print job it shows it is deleting eternally. I have to go into services and discontinue the print spooling and continue it again and try all kinds of stuff just to get the document to cancel. Then my document will print maybe one time before it gets hung up again.

The prints take around seven minutes to arrive on the Printer.  I have tried the HP guided solutions and there is no solution for my problem. I followed all of the steps several times. Thanks for your time.



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