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HP Deskjet D1660 problems!!!
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Re: HP Deskjet D1660 problems!!!

Same thing mine is doing. Nothing works and I don't know what to do, other than toss it and not have printer any longer.

"Life Goes On . . . One Day at a Time!"
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Re: HP Deskjet D1660 problems!!!

I just bought the same piece of junk at wallmart.  The good news is their refund policy.  I installed it on my laptop [vista] and then on my wife's laptop [xp].  It hung up on both computers and it seems that if it is trying to delete that one document that the computer then runs slowly.  Now both of our laptops are running slowly and I can't uninstall this thing.  Can anyone help me uninstall?

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Re: HP Deskjet D1660 problems!!!

my printer goes off line often

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Re: HP Deskjet D1660 problems!!!

Here's a riddle for you...


What looks like a printer, sounds like a printer but belongs in the garbage?


The HP D1660!


Biggest piece of junk I've ever had the misfortune of purchasing in my life.  Maybe it's just me but HP Products have become progressively worse as the years have passed. 


Studies indicate that, on average, if you have a good experience with a company you will tell 3 people and conversely if you have a bad experience you will tel 10 people.  I know A LOT more people than this and they come to me for advice when purchasing computer peripherals.  I can say without a doubt that I will never be recommending HP to a single one of them.

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Re: HP Deskjet D1660 problems!!!

I bought my HP Deskjet 1660 a year ago for my BF's Vista.  He only used it twice the entire year. 

 Now I go to use it on my XP, and it's not printing out anything.  Ink cartridges say they're both full.  It acts like it's printing but nothings coming out. Cleaned the cartridges automatically and manually.  Still nothing.  Expiration Date on the cartridge says Nov 2011. So they should still be fresh. 


The reason I am using the 1660 was because my old HP 1300 all in one's printer stopped feeding the paper all of a sudden  (nothings jammed, one day it just started making a weird grinding sound and then  stopped feeding the paper. 

(And, oh yes,  I too, have  ALWAYS had that 'can''t cancel the queue jobs"  problem with the old one, too.  I learned to work around it by closing everything down and restarting it.  Ha, some way to have to use a printer!) 


So now I have TWO useless HP printers.  Guess who's never going to buy another HP printer again? !!! 

This is ridiculous!

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Re: HP Deskjet D1660 problems!!!

Hi guys,


I had almost all of the problems listed here, but I am glad to say that I solved them.


The problem here is not the printer, as cheap as it is, but the software. It is so unbelievably bad that it turns computer and printer in useless piece of junk. The only solution I found is to not install directly from driver package we can download from HP's site, but to unpack it (it is self extracting archive) and to install exact driver the device need. With a little help from our friend Windows.


This would be a rather long post if I go to details so I put the instructions on a web page (this is the link). There are screenshots also, but I guess a lot of people would know what to do even without them.


Anyways...this is not the best solution for our printer, but at least I can print with it now. HP should really do something about this but lets face it - they won't.


Hope this will help someone.


Regards, Dejevic

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Re: HP Deskjet D1660 problems!!!

so far, so good.  uninstalled everything, then re-installed only basics.

If it hangs up again -- it's going in the garbage.

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Solution found..Don't use the CD!!!

You're IS the drivers that come with that installation CD that was causing the problems.

   I decided to just delete the printer and start over... and instead of using the CD to install it, I just restarted my computer, (plugging in the printer's USB cord in first), and the printer installed itself without the need for the CD. and now works!

I just printed a Word document and it worked perfectly...the first time in a month now. Whew!

So thanks for that suggestion not to use the installation CD, Dejevic.  That seems to be the solution. 

I hated that bloatware and am so glad it works with out it! 

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Re: HP Deskjet D1660 problems!!!

I had this same problem. Here a little trick that solved my problem. If you notice under your printer name is HP DeskjetD1600.

Click on start.

I'm using Windows 7.

Go to "Devices and Printers click.

Where you see "HP Deskjet D1600. Right click mouse and open.

Under "Printer Action" Click "Customize your Printer.

Under the "General Tab " Change name of printer to HP Deskjet D1660 and apply.


This worked for me. For my desktop and laptop.

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Re: HP Deskjet D1660 problems!!!

Hi every1, i bought my first printer HP d1660 here in Butuan City Philippines, those first 4 months i did really enjoy using this product. a on the 8th month i was pissed off the way the printer's performance. It would always pop the "PRINTER - DISCONNECTED" the fact that i'm printing the first page and suddenly that POP-Up showed up. And this really this gives me a bad Nightmare the "RE-FLASH" word that pops in the tray... i want to know why the $^#&! happens not only to me but also to my friend's printer's (Same Model/Product).... Good for trash HP,


i Bought it for P1950.00

cartridge 60 Black = P700

tri Color 60 = 900

700+900 = P1600.00

good to buy new printer!



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