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HP J6480 paper feed gear loose

HP Officejet J6480
Microsoft Windows 7 (32-bit)
The printer reports "paper jam" on the LCD screen, but there is no jam present. Opening up the right side panel of the printer, it is seen that the assembly is not turning the paper roller. I've identified the problem to be the gear assembly that is shifting and so doesn't turn the white gear on the roller. When I hold in the gear assembly so that it stays in contact with the roller, the gears just click but don't turn. The gear assembly seems to be broken, maybe just need a new part? Can I order the part from HP?
Gear assembly (need replacement?)
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HP J6480 paper feed gear loose

Welcome to the HP Community @wlls,

I hope you're well!


I read your post about the gear assembly issue you are having with your Officejet J6480, and wanted to reach out. I have checked through the forums here and found others (links below), with similar issues. The part you are looking to replace in a non replaceable part, so you can either look into a local shop that may have the same model you can use for parts, or contact HP to see about a printer upgrade.


  1. Broken Gear on OfficeJet J6480 [ New ]
  2. Broken gear on Officejet J6480 All-in-one


If you need to reach HP, here is their information:


Step 1. Open link:
Step 2. Enter Product number or select to auto detect
Step 3. Scroll down to "Still need help? Complete the form to select your contact options"
Step 4. Scroll down and click on: HP contact options - click on Get phone number
Case number and phone number appear.



I hope I have helped steer you in the right direction! If my suggestions have helped reach a solution, please click the "Accept as Solution" button below, and "thumbs up" if you wish to send me a "thanks for helping".



Good luck to you, enjoy your Friday!

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HP J6480 paper feed gear loose

You are NOT alone. Most people either get rid of the printer (wise choice) or they keep following the path of a "paper jam" but it is NOT a paper jam, you and I have the same IDENTICAL issue. and Im not sure if HP really cares about its customers. because other people are chasing their tales trying to resolve a "paper jam" issue when its a DESIGN issue. This part has 2 or 3 gears. Im not sure if my part is missing a gear, and maybe thats why its NOT working. everything else seems to be in order, the paper will feed from front and from the rear. the ONLY thing that seems to not spin is the actual rollers that goes on top of the paper, this part seems to have something to do with that mechanism. I think this part tells the printer to roll the paper up into the printer assembly... but sense it is broke you can manual feed the paper up but if the gears are NOT working properly the paper doesnt know when to stop and the printer head will hit the paper at the wrong time causing you to have an accual paper jam. but the "Paper Jam" error message is a design flaw, they should be honest and call the error what it really is... what ever that part is called, which seems to be a mystery.


talking about loose, if it is called a paper feed gear, it will eventually work itself off. so I can place it back on the printer but after a few cycles, it backs off the assembly, this is a design flaw because I cant tell how it was supposed to stay on, either via glue, clamps or magic. and im not 100% sure if the part is damaged, im not sure if it supposed to be 3 gears or 2. Mines has only 2, so maybe its missing the 3rd gear and thats why my printer is not feeding...  but until someone can verify that there is 3 gears or if I can see a "good" image of the part, I will not know.




it problably is NOT a paper jam. HP own employees dont know what they are doing. They will send you to a generic "Paper Jam" video, or clean the feeders, or clean the rollers etc. but if there is NO paper jammed, then that obviously is NOT the problem. The problem is with the DESIGN of the product. The "gear" will eventually fail, and HP does NOT support its OWN product. They want you to figure out and fix this issue on your own as it seems. There is NO part number available or support for this part. They expect YOU, US, the customer to replace and fix this obviously defective part... but the error message will display "Paper Jam" when in fact most of the paper jam error messages has NOTHING to do with an actual paper jam. it has to do with the sensors or gears knowing no paper is being fed, this could be due to this gear or part not working, broken or missing.




This is my original post to HP.



This is sad, I have the same issue and I found another post with the same exact issue..


it would appear, that HP wants you to buy a brand new printer vs. replacing a less than $20 part.


but Im not even sure what the part number is... I can barely see it but I think its PC 10GF


sense the manual dont show this part and there is NO HP support to fix or replace this part, and I dont know the part name or the part number, How can I get it replaced or repaired?


Im NOT even sure if it is even called a "gear" Im just going by what ive found on other posts.


It would seem to me if I have paid what ever I paid for this printer which was up in the hundreds... that HP would at least support their own product and allow me to replace an obviouslly defective part, that more than ONE person is having the same issue.


Im getting the "Paper Jam" error message when I know that there is NO paper jammed


I took the printer apart visually, meaning... I understand exactly how the paper is fed, how the mechanism works. after learning about how everything works in my printer, I realized that this part had fallen off or broke inside of my printer. When I was looking in the area of the ink, which where I thought my issue was NOT a paper jam. I took off the right side access panel (because I couldnt not take off anything else, I need a special tool, thanks to HP) immediatly I saw this black piece that looks like some type of gear. I had no idea where it goes.


#1 when I put the part back on the printer, it will not stay, it will work itself back off


#2 there are 2 gears on this part but there seems to be a place for a 3rd gear, (but no one shows a good enough image for me to be sure if its 2 gears or 3) from my best guess, it appears to be a gear missing.


#3 how was the customer supposed to know what the part name or number is? and this is NOT an accident that many people are having the SAME EXACT issue.


no one has a solution, pointing me to another website is NOT a solution. so why say that the issue has been resolved when it has NOT?


j6480 GEAR.jpgHP J6480 BROKEN GEAR.jpg


HP officejet J6480 All-in-one printer paper jam displays a paper jam but there is NO paper in none of the feeders or printer assembly. The part # is Pc+10GF HP does not support this part IN their own product. go figure. Instead of just giving an error message to identify the actual device being ...

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This topic has been archived. Information and links in this thread may no longer be available or relevant.
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