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HP Office Jet Pro L7590 Scanner,Fax,Copy not working

Dear All,


Please give me solution for the same.


I cannot send fax or scan copy using my Hp product


Thanks all.

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Re: HP Office Jet Pro L7590 Scanner,Fax,Copy not working

on  my L7590 I can print, copy or fax, but the printer says that the scan function is not an option, please let me know when you have a solution

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Re: HP Office Jet Pro L7590 Scanner,Fax,Copy not working

make sure you have the latest drivers

and see this link for troubleshooting


HP Officejet Pro L7590 All-in-One Printer

While I work on behalf of HP I'm not speaking for HP but trying to provide best effort support.
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Re: HP Office Jet Pro L7590 Scanner,Fax,Copy not working

I have a HP OfficeJet Pro L7555 which is a similar model and have had problems similar to yours and finally have mine workign again.  I may be able to help you.  You need to provide more information though. 


  1. What is your Windows Operating system  Please be as specific as possible
  2. Does the machine not scan from the machine or not scan from the HP software on your computer or both?
  3. What is your HP software?  Is it HP Solution Center?
  4. Have you downloaded the most recent sftware / drivers from the HP site for your machine?.See this link as a starting point for your machine.
  5. Did it ever work?
  6. Are you getting any kind of error messages.  IF so, retype the exact messages in your reply.
  7. Any other pertinent information.  The more and better information you provide the better are the chances someone mya be able to help you. 
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Re: HP Office Jet Pro L7590 Scanner,Fax,Copy not working

Also, details on your computer might be usefil also.

"Any time you have the opportunity to make a difference in this world, and you don't, then you are wasting your time on Earth." - Roberto Clemente
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Re: HP Office Jet Pro L7590 Scanner,Fax,Copy not working


It sounds like I'm having the same problem as the original poster, but with the L7555.


Here's whawt I can tell you about my situation (which has me frustrated beyond belief).

1. I could scan at one point in time, but no longer can.


2. When I push the scan button and go to select a computer, it says there are no scan options


3. I have spent several hours with hp online tech support and have uninstalled and tried to install the latest drivers for the machine, but when I get about 98 percent done I get an error message. (I can't remember at this point what it is because it's been a couple months since I've tried to deal with this.


Because of the error message I have a solution center that says it cannot run because your device installation is not complete. Please plug in the USB cable or re-run the setup program from the installation CD for a network installation.


As far as the the computer and operatiing system I'm running a sony vaio (VGN-NR498E) with Windows Vista Home service pack 2.


If I had to wager, I'm guessing my problem is a registry issue. This became a problem after I ran Uniblue Registry Booster. I've had a few other things happen with the computer that weren't and issue before running this cleaner.


Thank you for any help you can provide.


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Re: HP Office Jet Pro L7590 Scanner,Fax,Copy not working

Okay, I'll try and help you because of the misery I have suffered with HP.  In other words, I feel your pain.


Your registry cleaner per se is not the problem, what most likely happened is it found registry error, in specific with the Windows Solution software and Vista the software points to a user profile file that does not exist or something like that.  I am not a computer geek but have gotten a lot better at fixing computer issues unfortunately. 


Having said that and since we have the same machine (you probably bought yours at Costco also since that was the HP model assigned exclusively to them I think) you may have the HP Cue Scanning Flow Component error message as I had.  In any case rest assured, your HP hardware device is most likely NOT the problem either. 


Framing my story - When I bought the HP OfficeJet Pro L7555 I was using an older laptop (two actually including my wife's) using Windows XP Professional as its operating system.  Set up the HP device and had absolutely no issues.  It workd fine with both laptops.  But the laptops were old and slo, and I bought a new Sony VAIO VGN FW250J/H (So we both have Sony's which also presents some challenges with Microsoft).  but would have had to pay to downgrade the operating system to Windows XP Professional from Windows Vista Home Premium 64 bit, which I decided not t odo.  Needless to say, I will post that story in a reply message below, but the HP device, particularly for scanning, never had full functionality at all while using Windows Vista.for about 2.5 years.  Absolutley painful and HP would not honor its warranty.  Then Windows 7 Ultimate came out and with a reduced price I bought it.  Eradicated any vestige of HP software form the computer and loaded the new software compatible for the device with Windows & Ultimate, and waa -laaa, I have a full functioning HP device again.  


There is a workaround which is in my next message.  But the reality is, Windows Vista will not ultimately work properly with the HP Solution Center software.  There are numerous other posts regarding this issue with ton of fixes for you but NONE of them worked for me.  


I hate to ultimately tell you this, but spend the $185 on line for Windows 7 Ultimate, load it on top of your Windows Vista Home Premium (or you can strip and reload fresh if you are ambitious and do not have a lot of other software) and then load the new software HP Solution Center compatible with the L7555.  Software I had that worked with Windows XP Professional that would absolutely not work with Windows Vista Home Premium 64 bit now magically work again with Windows 7 Ultimate.  (Yeah Frogger!)


IN the next message I will provide the workaround solution for you to get your scanner workign again with limited functionality, and how I eradicated the old software from HP to get the new software working again.  


Good Luck and let me know if anythign worked.   

"Any time you have the opportunity to make a difference in this world, and you don't, then you are wasting your time on Earth." - Roberto Clemente
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Re: HP Office Jet Pro L7590 Scanner,Fax,Copy not working

Okay this is going to be a long answer, and I feel/felt your pain with HP hardware / software.  I got this error message (HP CUE FLOW SCANNING COMPONENT IS NOT WORKING) over two years ago and spent approximately 3-4 months with HP trying to fix the issue. They actually offered me a settlement of 50% value which I thought was BS because it was working fine until ... I do have it corrected right now, but not the way you are going to like to hear. 


Okay, I bought an HP OfficeJet Pro L7555 about two years ago.  Loaded it on to an older Dell laptop running Windows XP Professional.  No problems.  The hardware and software worked fine as advertised.  Then the strategic and tragic mistake.  The Dell laptop I was using was old and slow, deals were abounding as they always are with computers and I bought a new Sony VAIO FW 250J/H.  Unfortunately at that time, I would have had to pay to"downgrade" the operating system to Windows XP Professional as WIndows Vista 64 bit Home Premium was the standard operating system that came with the computer.  I mean, how bad could Windows Vista be I thought to myself.  I checked the compatibility and Windows Vista 64 bit was SUPPOSED to be compatible with my HP OfficeJet Pro L7555.  Key word, supposed.  I installed the new software that was compatible with Windows Vista and about a week later got the error message "HP CUE SCANNING FLOW COMPONENT HAS STOPPED WORKING".  Countless uninstalls and hours on the phone and computer takeovers remotely by HP technicians continually got the same error message.  EVERY, and I mean every thing I could find on the net would not resolve the issue.  However, there is a workaround which I found while working with one of the HP technicians on line.  Unfortunately it only lets you scan to BitMap images which you will have to convert and only lets you scan one page at a time.  It's a pain in the butt but I will reprint the workaround here before I post the solution I finally achieved.


Workaround -


I found a workaround by finding the executable scanning file in the HP Bin folder which I posted before (copy and pasted here ).  However this had limited scanning capabilities by only scanning to bitmap images I think and I had to convert the images after.  But this may work for you.  Here it is: 


I am not a tech geek so bear with me I am going to walk through it on my computer and tell you how to in theory get where you want to get.  Hopefully it works, let me know either way.  Unfortunately for you, I locate files via the explore feature so that is the only way I can find it again.  Hopefully this works for you.  Here we go:


Right click on the Wdws Icon in the bottom left hand corner of your computer (same as the start button for other features with a left click)


Click on Explore


Find and click on Program files


Find and click on HP folder or Hewlett Packard Folder


Find and Click on Digital Imaging Folder


Double Click on BIN folder


Find the following file:  hpqscnvw


Double click on that file (hpqscnvw)


Your HP scanning feature should open 


I am thinking I may just create a shortcut of this and launch from that instead of HP solutions center if HP cannot fix this issue. 


Let me know if this works for you.


Okay, now here is the solution which finally worked for me. 


Now having posted that for the Vista users during my time with HP Tech Support they admitted over the phone they had compatibility issues with Windows Vista that they were "working on", obviously to no avail.  Quite frankly Windows Vista and HP Solution Center aren't compatible.  Within the past month or so when Windows 7 Ultimate dropped its price (64 bit versions) I purchased it hoping to get rid of a lot of Vista problems.  I actually then got HP Solution Center to work properly again by doing the following. 


I unfortunately tried what Dexter wrote when I had this problem with Windows Vista and it did not resolve the problem. Uninstalling and reinstalling and hours upon hours of supposed technical assistance from HP also did not resolve the problem. On the phone one HP rep did admit that HP software is not fully compatible with Vista and they were supposedly "working on it" to get it resolved. In any case NEVER got my HP OfficeJet Pro L7555 All-in-one to ever work as it originally did with my old computer running Windows XP. Recently;y however, I bought Windows 7 when its price dropped in the hopes that a lot of Vista issues would go away. After installing Windows 7 Ultimate I knew I would have to upgrade or reinstall the HP software to get Windows 7 compatible with my HP All-in-one. I did the Windows uninstall, then went through every user's profiles and removed every last vestige of HP on the computer (files, folders, etc.) that were left behind from the uninstall. Then I went into the registry files and did a search for anything that had the letters HP together and if it looked like a Hewlett Packard entry, I deleted it from the registry. I then rebooted a few times and researched making sure it did not have some way of adding the files or folders back on the computer or if I missed any (which I did) and researched the registry again. Once I was fairly confident that I extinguished any vestige of HP on this computer, I went to the HP site and added the software for my HP device that was written for Windows 7 Ultimate. I downloaded and installed this software , it has a slightly different interface but not too different, and now the HP Solution Center works properly now as it previously did when I was running Windows XP. I think the HP software and files being removed diligently by me was what saved the day. Previous uninstalls by the HP Tech Support did not go to the level of detail to remove files which were most likely corrupted and continued to resort to the issue that gave the HP CUE Scanning Flow Component Error message. I think the software may have been written better for Windows 7 than it was for Vista, but don't know for sure. I do feel certain though that removal of every single item that HP puts on the computer was a key to get the hardware working properly again with HP Solution Center software. Now I can actually scan properly again. Unfortunately HP was absolutely no help at all and did not abide by their warranty and it took me money to shell out for a new operating system to get their hardware working with their own software again. So if any of you still have this error message, I would suggest you use your windows operating system to remove the HP software, then go through every user and search for any remaining HP files, folders, etc. left over after the uninstall and remove them (also after removal make sure you empty your recycle bin). Then the trickier part is going into the registry editor and searching for HP registry entries left behind. I am not certain registry cleaners could catch them all but you may want to try Comodo's Registry Cleaner which is free first, and then go in and check for HP entries. Even using the search method it took a long time to find and delete HP registry entries left behind. Once you think you deleted everything HP related on your machine. Reboot and check again. Then reboot again and download the newest software for your machine and operating system from the HP web site. Good luck!


It's actually nice to have a properly operating scanner again.


Unfortunately, the problem is not your HP hardware devices, it's the fact that Windows Vista is generally incompatible with everything out there.  Since installing Windows 7 Ultimate numerous software programs that refused to work under Windows Vista now work again.  Amazing.  Windows Vista is actually kind of like a crime on America and the world since Microsoft has such a dominant market share and we the consumer have no choice (why this is not a monopoly is beyond belief) unless you are a tech geek and can figure out how to use LINUX. 


By the way, I also got this error message again on this newer machine with Windows 7 Ultimate and thought, oh no here we go again, but uninstalled the software, ran Comodo Registry Cleaner, deleted all HP files/folders, etc on the computer and in the registry, reinstalled the software and it is working fine again. 


I know, spending more money on a Windows operating system feels like you are being taken, but unfortunatley it is the only solution I have found.  My son is still runnign Windows Vista and he has problems EVERY week.  Pretty soon I am going to break down and get him Windows 7 also. Good Luck!


Also, you can find Comodo's Registry Cleaner software (remember it's FREE and highly rated) here:


I swear by this Registry Cleaner now by the way and try to clean the registry, privacy, and disk cleaner every time I shut down.  It really seems to have eliminated a lot of nagging issues I used to have.  And no, I don't work for Comodo and don't work for Microsoft, or HP for that matter.  Good luck! 

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Re: HP Office Jet Pro L7590 Scanner,Fax,Copy not working

Thank you for your quick response. It may actually be a couple days before I can get to this as I have some other obligations.


You know I can't remember if I have had the scan function since I got this laptop, but I do know I was able to load the software without any difficulty. You are correct I picked it up at Costco.


The one question I have for you is why 7 Ultimate? Could it be just plain ol' 7?

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Re: HP Office Jet Pro L7590 Scanner,Fax,Copy not working

I did not want to completely clean off all of my files/folders/and programs from my computer.  Only Windows 7 Ultimate allowed me to load directly on top of Windows Home Premium Vista without removing files/foldersprograms etc.  That is the reason.  You can go to Windows and it will show you the compatibility of what each upgrade version is capable of. 

"Any time you have the opportunity to make a difference in this world, and you don't, then you are wasting your time on Earth." - Roberto Clemente
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