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HP PhotoSmart D7200 Series (D7260) Ink Cartridge recognition problem.

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::EDIT::   Well, after a good week of waiting on replies i can't believe i have _nothing_, no responses on any of my questions and not even a 'You screwed up, use HP cartridges".


        Which i would have accepted as at least some information on my topic.  I would have just proceded as normal but i'm umfamaliar with printers (moreso than other computer hardware, which to me is no problem). I can see my time or money mean _NOTHING_ to the HP Corperation, well, unless i spend cash on tech-support, which isn't happening.


      I'm sorry to say but my current HP product lines are my last as far as Printers are concerned. I'd rather spend money on a cheap Lexmark, Epson, Cannon, or even a Kodak printer before i'd buy another HP Printing product again.


    I have not a problem with your computers, i still have an old HP Pavalion 514 X Desktop running to this day as a server machine with Linux installed and happy; the old HP PC is from ~2003, as well as my HP Touchsmart Desktop (which is my current machine, i am very happy with it).


**** I am warning you _ALL_ ahead of time, do not buy an HP Printer. At least not the cheaper Photosmart Line; mine has worked like a champ but when i have to / had to replace cartridges it's _always_ been trouble.


    I am going to try and fix it myself, seeing as i'm getting nowhere here. I have left the original message for anyone who -does- feel like helping me. Thank you for your time to thoes who at least took a moment to read my post.


Edited: April 28, 2012; 5:25 PM.


------------------------------------------------- Original Message-----------------------------------------


Hello everyone. I have a bit of a quandry i am just unable to get solved; and would apprecaite some help with it..



I have an HP Photosmart D7260 Inkjet printer that was given to me as a gift. It was already removed from it's packaging, the ink system had already been initalizred with the 'Intro cartridges' and basic setup was complete.


Now having a LOT of computer / hardware experience i decided to give things a once-over. The printer already contained a set of HP Genuine cartridges, had a spair set of HP Genuines, and came with a set of aftermarket refillable cartridges (Yes yes, i know, aftermarkets are usually bad in these printers, but i promise i'm getting to that point).


The printer worked flawlessly for around a year or so with the set of HP Genuines that came with it. I did some tweaking to set up the device to my liking and have had no (major) problems on it until now.  A few months after aquiring the printer i had to replace the cartridges, so i placed the spair HP Genuine set in the device with an issue, it was saying the _new_ carts' were empty. Not an issue, i ran through the reset steps and it all worked out, cartridges responded and printed like a champ' forever.


Around a month of so ago back from this post date ( 4 / 23 / '12 ) i had to replace carts (the printer is used amongst a household via Ethernet connection and static IP / Networked Printer protocol). I installed the aftermarkets as it was all i had lying around and i was very happy, they were HP #02 compatible cartridges and even showed as 'Genuine HP' to the printer, they have ARC Chips in them ( For the unaware, ARC or Auto Refresh Chips reset themselves, resetting the ink level when detatched from the printer, they have Silicone-rubber compound plugs in the back you remove to inject ink, 20 ML Black and 10 ML Color, the Genuine spec if i'm not mistaken).


    Now all was working well until a few days ago. The Yellow and Black suddenly showed 'HP Original Ink Depleted' and refused to display the ink gauge.


   I performed the reset tactics i have seen in other threads (Unplugging the PSU and Printer and performing a 'Hard Reset' by holding the Large print bar and the Red Eye key. I've also went in to the UIAUX mode by pressing the Print bar (as i know it ) and Red eye, then Red Eye, Print Bar, Red Eye, i reset failure statuses and checked for errors, all looks well).


    The printer now shows the Yellow as completly empty and still no sign of Black (i can see in to the carts, Yellow is near empty and Black is 3 / 4ths full).


**NOTE**: These ARE aftermarket carts, BUT they show and operate like Genuine HP cartridges! Please don't forget that. I have already taken that into consideration before writing this long-winded post.


         Now, for my system info that you all have some background:


    One system is an HP Laptop running Microsoft Windows 7 64 Bit Home Premium.

   The main machine of the network (one i am seated at now) is an HP All-in-One Desktop PC (Touchsmart 320-1030(;


        This machine dual-boots Microsoft Windows 7 64 Bit Home Premium (using the default HP / Windows Print driver, it works flawlessly) and Linux Mint 12 'Lisa' (Linux Kernek 3.0.0-12-Generic with HPLIP and CUPS (Common Unix Print System) Daemon).


     A couple of questions come to my mind.


Is there a way to completly reset the ink counter / CMOS of the printer to fix this apparent glitch? If so, how?


Secondly, is there a way to flash the printer's BIOS with a newer / up-to-date firmware or a fresh firmware to make the cartridges work properly?


Also, a quick note. If i hold Print Bar (This is actually the long pressable button under the touchscreen on the printer body) and Cancel 'X'; i can get in to AUDIT Mode, what is AUDIT Mode and is there a way to correct my problem from there?


If i power-cycle the printer properly it complains about the cartridges, if i leave it in AUDIT however it's completly ignorant of the cartridges and shows full ink gauges.


I would really apprecaite some help here folks, i don't want to trash a good printer.


--- Thank you in advance, PS: Sorry for the grammar / spelling errors.


- Brian.


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