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HP Photosmart B8550 won't feed paper

I've had this printer for a while. Bought it brand new from OfficeMax a few months ago. I don't use it all that often ... but now that I actually need it, it won't print. Well, actually - it wants to print ... but it won't feed paper. It says there is no paper, I fill the tray. I hit ok. The printer tries again. Still sucks but doesn't actually grab anything. Comes back with the error message, no paper. I have tried shutting it off and trying again. I have held the paper, trying to get it to get it to catch. Nothing helps. I have even tried different paper sizes.


Anyone else have this problem? Anyone have a fix?

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Re: HP Photosmart B8550 won't feed paper

It is under warranty.   Here is how to contact HP.

I am employed by HP

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Re: HP Photosmart B8550 won't feed paper

Hi, I am having the same issue... here is the kicker... when I asked for a printer status report it printed fine.  When I did a printer ink alignment it printed fine. 


 I clicked "print" at the top of this webpage and it appears to try to begin printing - stops and then says "Out of Paper"  Load paper face down in Main Tray."  I tried to print a word .docx and it says the same thing.  As I was typing this a few minutes went by and the printer ejected the paper forward and out and reset the printhead.    Now it says "Welcome to Photomart Express" as nice as can be. 


In actuality when the error message comes up  the paper is stuck and approximately one inch is visible around the drum and should probably read a paper jam error. 


  This is a brand new printer that came without the CD.  However, there is a download available at  I am running Windows 7.  The CD wasn't configured for windows  7 anyway.   Is this possibly a firmware or driver issue?



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Re: HP Photosmart B8550 won't feed paper

Further information to prior post.


Running a test page will print. 


I set the paper setting to plain paper. 


Hitting "OK" does not resolve the issue.  Click "X" cancel and paper feeds forward and out. 


I downloaded and ran the diagnostic file for this printer. It found nothing wrong. 


It is HP 92 bright inkjet paper.   I am wasting paper and ink trying to resolve this issue. 


Here are other forums with the same issue without clear resolution.  There are more out there.  

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Re: HP Photosmart B8550 won't feed paper

My Hp 8550 will not feed paper from the lower trsy. What is cause.

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Re: HP Photosmart B8550 won't feed paper

I was having the same problem just now, where it feed any paper just fine, unless it's HP photo paper, then it can't seem to feed it. I put a little force behind the paper (just a little, though), until it caught. Drives me nuts, but it's something you learn to deal with.

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Re: HP Photosmart B8550 won't feed paper


 Remove the paper tray extender that tilts up and slides off, look back inside and directly above where the

   paper sits using a pen light or flashlight, You will see 2 different arms that come down with 2 rubber

   rollers on each arm, those rubber rollers are what feed the paper into the printer.  They become worn after

   only a year or so of normal to heavy use. If you run mostly 8 1/2 x 11 the two rollers on the right will be

   worn the most because they are the only ones that feed that size paper. The simple fix is to clean and

  condition them with rubbing alcohol. It is a little difficult to reach underneath there, but if you wet a cloth

   or paper towel with rubbing alcohol and wipe across all four of those rubber rollers rotating them as you go so

   they get wiped completely around then they will grab the paper surface and feed the paper right in.


   I fixed my co-workers home printer this way, he had only had it for one year after buying it brand new

    and had the same problem. Now it works fine.

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Re: HP Photosmart B8550 won't feed paper

It works. It will be easier to reach the roller if you take out the cover at the back. Thank you very much.

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Re: HP Photosmart B8550 won't feed paper

I had this same problem. I thought it was the feed rollers so I cleaned and conditioned them. Still would not feed paper. It turned out that my problem was that the paper transport tray (grey tray) was not getting sucked into the printer far enough for the rollers to grab the paper off of it. I lifted the removable paper assembly off the front of the printer and slid the grey tray out of it. You have to first flip down a little black gear at one end before you can pull it out. After you have the grey tray out, use some very fine sand paper to lightly sand any parts of the tray that will rub against the inside of the tray it fits into. Then I used some wax based furniture polish to wipe down the same areas. Re-assembled and now feeds perfectly every time. The problem was that the grey tray was not sliding smoothly within the white plastic holder and it would stick just before it was sucked into the printer all the way. Waxing the plastic areas that rub on each other did the trick for me.

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Re: HP Photosmart B8550 won't feed paper

I have the same problem, for some reason HP printers do not last, I had to also replace the print head and HP is no help, they just want you to buy a NEW PRINTER and MORE INK and SPEND MORE MONEY and make them MORE RICH!!! Make a product that lasts and stop changing things all the time. HELP US FIX THE FEED ISSUE!!!



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