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Is Laserjet 3055 compatible with OS X Lion (10.7) for print, fax, and scan

The latest driver HP LaserJet 3050/3052/3055/3390/3392 Release for Mac OSX 10.5

says it is only for OS 10.5x.


This driver is what I am using now in Snow Leopard OS X 10.6.8 with no problems. But Apple support say they cannot be sure Laserjet 3055 will be supported in Lion, because their compatibility info comes from HP.


I want the Lion upgrade but I do not want to replace my AIO.


Please help. 

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Accepted Solution

Re: Is Laserjet 3055 compatible with OS X Lion (10.7) for print, fax, and scan

Thanks HP4Macs! I used your directions to get my 3390 working with OS 10.9. I had to replace my hard drive this week so I was starting from scratch. I was able to get the 8.1 package to load and then I installed 8.2 on a Mac I have that is running OS 10.6.8. I was able to get the files you indicated from there and put them on my newer machine.


I ran the sudo line in Terminal to open up the Setup Assistant. It was not recognizining the USB printer. I went and copied the com.hp.LaserJetAIO.plist file from 8.2 that IronBadger had mentioned in his post on page 1 but still no luck. Then I tried deleting the printer in System Preferences and adding it right back in. Lo and behold it was now recognized in the Setup Assistant.


So far it seems like I have to delete and add the printer in System Preferences to get it to show up--but at least I can get it to work predictably without too much trouble. Before I did this, I had loaded the HP software into my Windows program which runs on Parallels. The scanning worked but it doesn't have the same level of control that you have on the Mac.


One other thing. When the Maintain Device button is active in Director (it isn't always) it goes right to the status page. When I was running it in 10.8 it always took several times of trying and restarting Director to get that feature to work.


Thanks for your help!

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Re: Is Laserjet 3055 compatible with OS X Lion (10.7) for print, fax, and scan

There will not be a scan and fax driver for the 3055 that will work in Mac OS 10.7 Lion.  The solution you were using on Snow Leopard was PowerPC based and ran under Rosetta.  Apple has removed Rosetta from Lion and therefore the softwre will no longer run.


Mac OS 10.7 does include a print driver for the 3055.

While I may work for HP Inc, the views and opinions expressed here are my own.
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Re: Is Laserjet 3055 compatible with OS X Lion (10.7) for print, fax, and scan

Thank you very much for your quick, if disappointing, response.


Is there a chance that Apple or HP will come up with 3055 drivers in the future? Or do I need to buy a new AIO if I update to Lion?


Also, I'm puzzled by this:

The iMac I'm using is only a month old and, in anticipation of the Rosetta-less Lion update, I have intentionally not installed Rosetta or any apps that require it. I searched Finder for any traces that might have slipped though and found none.


So, how have my 3055 print, fax, and scan functions been working, which they have, if they needed to run under Rosetta?


Thanks again for your help.

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Re: Is Laserjet 3055 compatible with OS X Lion (10.7) for print, fax, and scan

That is a good question.  I was under the impression that the scanner driver was PPC and would not work with out Rosetta.


I will have take a look again.  But unfortunatley the news does not change.  The 30xx AiOs were never officially supporte din 10.6.x and therefore will not be supported in 10.7 either.

While I may work for HP Inc, the views and opinions expressed here are my own.
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Re: Is Laserjet 3055 compatible with OS X Lion (10.7) for print, fax, and scan

[ Edited ]

Ok.. the good news is that I can get the 3055 software to scan in Mac OS 10.7.  The bad news is that you MUST have a file off your 10.6.x or 10.5.x install of the software.  Specifically you need the preferences file /Library/Preferences/com.hp.LaserJetAIO.plist


For some reason the Setup Assistant is unable to save this file in Mac OS 10.7.  Without this file the scanning software and director have no idea that a scanner was setup on the system.


If you have this file from your 10.6.x install you can simply copy it to the /Library/Preferences folder on the 10.7 system.  Relaunch Director and it will see the scanner.


This file is unique to every MFP/AiO though as the description has the serial number as part of the device description.  :-(  So you must have the file from the previous setup of the software.  So far scanning worked but post scan HP Scan crashed.  I have not done any other significant testing with the solution.  But hopefully this will help those that are desperate to get the device functioning.  This solution should work for the 3052, 3055 and 3390 series of MFPs.




The other option is to run the HP Setup Assistant as root.  This also seems to allow the file to be written...  The only catch here is the Director needs to be closed and re-opened after it automatically launches.  Due to liability I can not tell you how to run the HP Setup Assistant as root but a quick internet search should help you out.


And finally after installing the older 3055, 3390 etc software you will need to re-install the print drivers through Apple Software Update or from Apple Support (http://support.apple.com/kb/DL907)


So far this has been fairly successful for me.  HP Scan does crash each time it is closed and the Maintain Device link does not work.  But I can scan and print.


I can't emphasize enough that this is not an official solution from HP.  But hopefully this can act as a crutch until you can afford a different All in One device.

While I may work for HP Inc, the views and opinions expressed here are my own.
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Re: Is Laserjet 3055 compatible with OS X Lion (10.7) for print, fax, and scan

Thank you so much for the interest and the work to generate this information. It's very impressive.


I will try your solutions when I upgrade to Lion. They sound promising and are right on point for my situation.


I have been letting some time go by to allow the inevitable first wave of Lion-related issues arise and be resolved before I dive in. Early-adopting is not my cup of tea.


This printer issue is just one of my concerns. I will be back here sometime soon with a plea for help in my struggle to get the HP 3055 and my Canon MP960 set up on the XP Pro and Win 7 VMs I have under Parallels 6 Desktop for Mac on Snow Leopard 6.8. Quite mysterious.


Thanks again for now.


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Re: Is Laserjet 3055 compatible with OS X Lion (10.7) for print, fax, and scan

Hi HowardRW:  Regarding your post, I also have an HP Laser Jet 3055, am running OS 10.6.8 on a MacBook Pro, but cannot get the scan function to work. Do you have total functionality with your printer?  Thanks.

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Re: Is Laserjet 3055 compatible with OS X Lion (10.7) for print, fax, and scan

[ Edited ]

I managed to get my HP LaserJet 3055 printer and *scanner* working with Lion 10.7.1.


The steps that worked for me are a mix of the steps described by IronBadger

(for installing the printer with Snow Leopard and with Lion) and by some other posters

(thank you all for your help!).


I installed the HP LaserJet 3055 printer/scanner in Lion 10.7.1 into two stages:

- I first installed the printer/scanner connected with a USB cable

- I then installed the printer/scanner so that it works with the Ethernet network cable.


Note: BEFORE doing the steps below I did NOT install the Apple 2.7 driver for HP printers.

I installed this driver later, as explained below.






1.  Eliminate all the currently installed HP software by using the uninstaller located in Applications/HP LaserJet Software/HP Uninstaller


2.  Unplug the USB cable and the Ethernet cable from the 3055 


3.  Open the Print and Fax System Preference and  <control> click or right click on the list of printers on the left.  Select "Reset printing system...". 

Then click OK on the warning.


4.  Reboot the Mac OS


5.  Run the HP All-in-One installer rom the file LJMFP305x339xOSX10.5Update-v8.2.dmg provided in THIS directory:




(a) Click through any warning messages that appear. 


(b) It may say that some kext file was improperly installed: ignore it


(c ) When the installer prompts for the USB cable to be connected do so!


(d) Once this install is complete click restart on the All-in-One installer window.  The Mac OS will restart.


6. After the Mac has restarted, start the execution of the HP Setup Assistant in root mode.

To do so, I opened a terminal window and executed the sudo command as follows:


sudo /Applications/HP\ LaserJet\ Software/HP\ Setup\ Assistant.app/Contents/MacOS/HP\ Setup\ Assistant


(a) DO NOT go past the very first promp of the HP Setup Assistant!


(b) Now run the usual Apple Software Update Check:

it will find the missing HP printer driver and install it!


(if not, you can instal it directly from here: http://support.apple.com/kb/dl907 )


(c ) NOW continue with the HP Setup Assistant.

                   It will show the 3055 printer that it finds in the small window.

      Click on this printer and then follow the instructions to

                  complete the execution of the setup assistant.


                  I had several error messages in the terminal window where I executed

                 the sudo instruction above. I ignored all of them, and waited till the

    HP Setup Assistant declared it finished the installation.


7. Now the HP 3055 should be functional for Scan and Print.


Try scanning and printing (all this with the USB cable)


Note that as IronBadger wrote in his posts, the HP Director may have to be restarted a couple of times

for the printer to show up for scanning.


To avoid this annoying "feature" I put the "HP Scan" app directly on my dock:

when I want to scan I just click on that app: it always work for me.


By the way, the path of this app is : /Applications/HP\ LaserJet\ Software/Scan/HP\ Scan.app/







1. Disconnect the USB and put the Ethernet  network cable, and restart the printer.


2. Locate the printer's web page (I gave it a static IP address in my Airport Express , namely

     and open this web page on your browser just to make sure that the printer is indeed reachable

    on the network.


3. Run the HP setup assistant again using the sudo command above.


(a) On the first prompt of the the HP setup assistant, click "network".


      - If it detects the printer in the printer's box, continue the installation as above.


       - For me, it did NOT detect the printer on the network, so I entered the printer's IP address

          on my network, namely . (I think you must click "create" to enter the printer's IP address).

          After this, I just followed the HP assistant instructions, till it declared that the installation is over.


          Important: When asked for a printer's name, give the printer

          a name that is different from the one you gave it in the "USB" installation (in part (A) above).


4. The printer and scanner should work now.

    (use the HP Scan app that you put in the dock as explained in Part (A)).


5. Optional: Remove the USB printer that was previously installed

by going to the Systems Preference, then Print and Scan.




Thanks again to IronBadger and the other posters that helped with this.


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Re: Is Laserjet 3055 compatible with OS X Lion (10.7) for print, fax, and scan

YOU ALL ROCK ! The nightmare ended for me just thanks to you.

The IronBadger method worked for me like a charm.


Precision : I made a clean install of Lion (10.7.1), erasing my disk before doing it.

On startup, the software update system asked if I wanted to install the HP software.

I answered yes, and I had both USB and ethernet cables plugged on.

Installation seemed to go fine, but I HP DIrector just wouldn't see the scanner, neither HP Scan nor Mac OS X Preview did.

I was becoming bald tearing my hair by handfuls when I finally found this topic.

Thanks, thanks, thanks.



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Re: Is Laserjet 3055 compatible with OS X Lion (10.7) for print, fax, and scan

Hi - thanks for this guide! My problem is that when I try to load HP Scan, it simply says 'You can't open the application HP Scan because PowerPC applications are no longer supported.'


How are you guys managing to get around this problem? I followed all the steps pretty carefully, but perhaps I've missed something obvious...

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