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P1102w Airprint for iPhone 4
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Re: P1102w Airprint for iPhone 4

Currently,  the HP iPrint Photo v3.0 app only supports inkjet printers.   No Laserjet support at this time.



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Re: P1102w Airprint for iPhone 4

Vanricker, news to me - thanks for that!

I am employed by HP

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Re: P1102w Airprint for iPhone 4

I just want to say how disappointed I am with HP and the P1102w, it was sold to me a a wireless printer that will work with iphones and ipads and it simply fails to work with anything but a pc or mac book. WHY MAKE IT WIRELESS? I could use a USB cable for those machines.


Very sad and we will not be buying any of these.


Poor show HP I feel tricked that it is a wireless printer that is not eprint?!! 


PS: regarding the note above i have tried the HP app for eprinting and it does not find the P1102w at all!


Nice printer if only it was useable from hand held i devices.





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Re: P1102w Airprint for iPhone 4

I did find this post about someone who was printing to their p1102w from their iPad, but it looks like with the print job goes via their desktop:


Personally I love the P1102w, and think it's a great printer. It's cheap and small, and being wireless means I can stick it in a bookshelf away from the computer and not have to run a network cable across the house. However, one of the reasons it's cheap is that the print processing is handled by the computer, not the printer, this is probably why it's not supported for printing away from your PC/Mac.


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Re: P1102w Airprint for iPhone 4

[ Edited ]

This is confusing.


Why is P1102w in list of AirPrint supporting printers on Apple site?


You say it won't support AirPrint due to missing hardware, but what hardware is it missing? It has wireless support, can't AirPrint support be added via new firmware?


And about e-Print - this is something different from AirPrint. Why even mention it's not "e-printer"?

Official HP site says:


"Airprint is different from HP e-Print


The ePrint functionality provides a unique e-mail address to your printer, so you can print files by e-mailing them from your mobile device"


I don't think you need unique email address for your printer to use AirPrint.

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Re: P1102w Airprint for iPhone 4

The 6/9/2011 firmware update for the P1102w adds AirPrint support. 


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Re: P1102w Airprint for iPhone 4

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Does anybody have a real solution to this problem, the firmware package does not work with Max OS X. Is there anybody who really works at HP that reads these forums or are we just left to talk amongst ourselves? When will a working firmware package be available for Mac OS X (lion) ?

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Re: P1102w Airprint for iPhone 4

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Re: P1102w Airprint for iPhone 4

Can you do your reply in English!
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Re: P1102w Airprint for iPhone 4

Sorry mate, but your information seems patently wrong, and hard to believe you are an HP employee. (On second thoughts, maybe not so hard to believe!) At this stage both HP and Apple list the HP P1102w as Airprint capable, which is the reason many of bought the device. It seems it is a good little workhorse, but what a saga to set up from a Mac. I could at first only set it up as a USB printer, and could only get the blue light to go on after setting it up from a Vista.   The HTML config fails to load in OS X 10.7, but if you print out the config (press the amber button with the X on for  5 seconds) you get the IP address of the printer. The HTML config does not load in OS X 10.7, but an easy workaround is to load a browser, and type the IP address in as an URL. Then add the IP address under the networking tab. Thereafter delete  the printer from the system preferences and reload it wirelessly. Now it might work  via wi-fi if you are lucky.

Now the only problem for me is that Airprint still does not work. I have heard three theories on how to make it work.

1.) Reload the firmware from Windows. - That does not work because I did that earlier on my mac, and now it simply says that all is up to date.   2.) Someone suggested that one "downgrades" one's wi-fi router to b+g from b+g+n. I use a Vodafone Hg556a and still trying to figure how to do that. Any ideas, anyone? 3.) Someone else sugested that it is all down to the router, which needs a dedicated port for the printer.  Not so sure but would do that if I knew how. Again, anyone else with any ideas?

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