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Windows 7 and HP2840 Network Scan driver
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Re: Windows 7 and HP2840 Network Scan driver

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Hi, I had the same problem and asked HP for help, I got the working solution in between 2 hours...and it works.


I will try to put all steps here:

  1. uninstall all HP Programs
  2. At your HP software, regardless if downloaded or CD go to "util", then go to "CCC"
  3. from "CCC" copy the files  scrubber .ini and scrubber .exe to your desktop
  4. Double click these two files from your desktop an restart the PC
  5. go to the hp software and lok for the files hpzsetup an change at properties  the compatibility to vista, the same with HPZstub and HPsetup ( the one with the black logo)
  6. Start the software with a doubleclic on HPsetup (black logo)
  7. The software will install itself
  8. When it asks f to look for actualization say NO
  9. Install as customized only the 2 option. works at least with Windows 7 32 bit.


The good thing you can scan from windows direct (Fax-Scan Option), with adobe or with the HP software 


Good luck!




You will find the Software at:




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Re: Windows 7 and HP2840 Network Scan driver

My hopes were raised with this solution. 


However no luck with Windows 7 64 bit :-( 


Install splash screen only provided an Exit option button - no Install Button.


My many years of HP loyalty have come to an end.



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Re: Windows 7 and HP2840 Network Scan driver

Ok. I am frustrated and ready to pitch this printer. I am going through a divorce and have none of CD's that came with this huge paperweight! I upgraded in Dec to windows 7 from Vista. Since then this printer has be nothing but a problem. I have all new toner in a box that I am thinking of sending back if I can. I am not stupid when it comes to computers. I have an HP laptop and the HP printer. I used to love them. I had a toolbox that I used when I needed to scan, print fax. I called HP and was told my printer was out of warranty so I would have to PAY to have them help me figure it out. They tell me there is not a "toolbox" anymore. You would think that HP would have a solution for us by now. Something simple, that is not so over the normal persons comprehension. (Deep breath) Ok with that out I need to know if someone can help me. Also the feeder tray was working ok but I must have done something to it when I was giving it a thrashing. (Kidding) It works when I fax but not when I copy anymore?? Thanks in advance and sorry if I lost it for a short time. I am at the end of my rope with this printer. JB
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Re: Windows 7 and HP2840 Network Scan driver

No solution provided by HP for Windows 7 64bits and HP2840 Networl Scan Driver. All HP computer are with Windows 7 64bits.


Can you provide the drivers or a solution for Windows 7 64 bit Network Scan Driver.

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Re: Windows 7 and HP2840 Network Scan driver

I have been trying every different solution I can find for Windows 7 64 bit.  I finally un-installed everything, unplugged the printer in the process... once restarted, I plugged in the printer, allowing Windows to install the drivers itself and now I can use Windows Fax and Scan, which I was unable to use any program to scan previously.  I am just running without any HP programs / drivers installed and it seems to work fine.

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Re: Windows 7 and HP2840 Network Scan driver

It is almost the same situation as when we went to XP. Bought an expensive printer with a good looking software package. Bought even a new HP PC and wide HP screen. Thought that this could not go wrong.



It is unbelievable that you let your customers down like this.

Looking at the logo "HP TOTAL CARE", I ask myself: "Does HP only take care of themselves?"


HP, you need to support printers less then 10 years old. Every industry is supporting their products for ar least this period. Everybody is laughing about the Toyota situation of bringing back their cars, but here you can learn something. Giving service is making the customer trust the brand.





I spend more then 2400 euro's and can't work with the equipment!



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Re: Windows 7 and HP2840 Network Scan driver

[ Edited ]

Try installing XP mode and going that route.  It will install Windows Virtual PC which is kind of cool anyway and let you set up a virtual machine that will allow you to run many apps that will no longer work in Windows 7:


Using Virtual machines is the way of the future anyway - may as well accept it and try it out!


Smiley Happy


BTW - you will need to install a couple Adobe products to get the installer working properly - I went ahead and installed Reader, Shockwave and Flash just to have a more functioning version of XP regardless.  You must also be installing the HP software from the instance of the Virtual machine - meaning - don't try to install it if you downloaded it to your real PC just by browsing to it.  If you didn't download the driver setup to the Virtual machine, save yourself a headache and copy it over and run setup from within the virtual instance.


I am able to print/copy/scan and fax on my Windows 7 Pro 64bit install using this method with the 2840.


If you can't figure out how to do this, you may want to take it to your local repair shop so they can get it going for you or possibly HP or Microsoft support can walk you through it.



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Re: Windows 7 and HP2840 Network Scan driver

wormfodder, I am a little confused about your response. Are you saying that you got it to work for (1) NETWORK scanning (not USB), and (2) WIN7 64-BIT?  That's what most of the discussion has been about here.

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Re: Windows 7 and HP2840 Network Scan driver

It's half day of normal programmer's work to migrate existing xp network scanner driver to Win7/64 bit... I don't believe HP can not do this, but even if so - why not to make driver source code public so that others could fix it???


It really looks like an ultimate negligence towards people buying enough expensive machines Smiley Mad


Resolution: Will buy nothing from HP anymore unless they fix this problem!!!

Robot Mad

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Re: Windows 7 and HP2840 Network Scan driver

This is in deed frustrating, I buy an HP printer knowing that quality is there, they tell me that there are drivers for SBS2003 and say that on the web site, OOOPS, sorry there are no drivers for using the HP2840 on the SBS2003 network, and now desktop not working can't get the unit to work at all, spent my money on an anchor, great when it worked, just don't use it for a working environment, oh I know I love spending my money and getting nothing for it. Seriously HP you need to get your web site right, your drivers right, and oh yeah give me my money back for buying a useless piece of machinery that you say is supposed to work.

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