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print cartridges not detected
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print cartridges not detected

i've same problem. my printer hp deskjet 1050, is not detecting the black cartridge?? i tried everything any suggestions??

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Re: print cartridges not detected

Does anybody know if this is just a defect in the HP printers that isn't being addressed?  I've spent over $30 on cartridges with the same error.  The unit is no longer warranty and I haven't seen any resolution on this thread.  Have there been any real fixes to this issue posted anywhere that I can reference?  Any help would be appreciated, even if it is as simple as "the printer is shot, go buy another one".  

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Re: print cartridges not detected

print cartridges missing or not detected. c4385

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Re: print cartridges not detected

This is a known problem with HP printers, but HP for now decides to ignore it. If you google for the error message you are getting you will be able to find a workaround. It looks like there is a feature to prevent you from using third party cartridges with an HP printer, which sometimes prevents you from using the printer altogether. Hopefully, someone at HP will decide to tackle this problem. 

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Re: print cartridges not detected

[ Edited ]

regarding the refilled cartridge warranty


This is perfectly obvious its like if i complain if my dvd player stopped working by using an non original dvd movie on it and obviously the manufacturer will not take responsability at all if that is the case, and also if two original cartridges fail the printer needs to be replaced.

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Re: print cartridges not detected

I was just given a 4380 printer because the cartridges were not detected.  I want to try it out.  I have pressed the color buttons and the blue button as directed , I can't find an ok button to press to continue following the directions.  Can you direct me to it?  I have power,quality,size,resize,borderless,1-9 copies, cancel, ble, grey, green buttons.  Which is the ok button

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Re: print cartridges not detected

Correctionthe printer is a c4385.  I push the buttons and get support WPxxFNO####AR.  # means 4 numbers.

I push OK, I found it, then the blue button, but never get system diagnostic menu.  Iget

system configuration menu

information menu

resets menu

print test menu

connectivity diagnostic menu

reports menu

scan diagnostic menu

I haven't found the mech button, so I have no numbers to report yet. I still have the "print cartidge(s) missing or not detected" message.

I did do a reset where I had to put in english and country, like a new printer.

Can you help me solve the printer cartrige missing/not detectred problem.  I understand the printert quite printing in mid print job.


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Re: print cartridges not detected

[ Edited ]

I am having the same issue with the same printer (C4580) and just purchased a new ink cartridge so, I am very confused about this issue, but it's been happening for months. I followed these instructions and came up with this:

16: PX = 2
53: PX = 0
63: PX = 2
54: HP = 0
64: HP = 1
56: STAT = 0
66: STAT = 0
57: LOI = 45
67: LOI = 100


I would love some help. Thank you!  

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Re: print cartridges not detected

I deleted the hp printer completely from my computer, and got another brand printer that works.  That printer cartridge problem I  read is very common, and not worth the time it takes to try and fix it and never have it work dependably.

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Re: print cartridges not detected

Hey, I had the same issue and this actually works to resolve!!!


Actually you can try to convince the printer that the cartridge is ok by entering theservice mode. To do that press buttons in the following sequence:

  • Power and Cancel simultaneously, then
  • Blue, Green, Gray buttons, in turn.

Congrats! You entered the service mode. Now you can read and edit some of the printer settings. Watch the LCD display, it should say sth like:



Now, the color buttons mean:

  • Blue: next
  • Gray: previous
  • Green: enter

Which allow you to browse the menu and options.

In order to cure your cartridge press Blue once. You will see Information Menu displayed. Enter the menu by pressing Green. Go toPen supply, level of Ink (LOI) submenu by pressing 11 times Blue and enter it by pressing Green. Then you can see some ink levels on the display. At this point your job is done. Press Cancel 3 times – it will quit the service mode. And you will notice that the nasty message about the cartridge being missing is gone.

Putting it all together, to reset the message press:

  • Power and Cancel simultaneously,
  • Blue, Green, Gray, in turn,
  • Blue
  • Green
  • 11 times Blue
  • Green
  • 3 times cancel.

I found these service codes on the web and accidently i figured out that viewing the ink level resets the nasty message. The drawback is that you need to reset the printer pretty much every print job.

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