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I am buying a new printer, I called instant Ink to stop my account. They asked If I could hold for and extended amount of time, I said sure, and when they returned they told me that the printer would no longer print with what is left of the Instant Ink. I believe I already paid for that ink, as I had just reviewed my credit card statement and noticed the charge of $17.23 from Instant Ink. I told them I was giving the printer to my daughters and I felt they should be able to use what is left of the Ink. They asked if I had reviewed my agreement with Instant Ink, they said "they don't charge for the ink... they charge for the pages I print." Which I found Interesting, They send me Ink, they don't send me pages of anything, not even the paper I use. They send me Ink and I have always believed I was buying ink. I asked them is this really the way they want to treat a customer? He asked me if I had anymore questions? Yes I said,  then why does my printer say "it is low on Ink" not pages? It was clear to me this guy had missed the customer service class and was not about to help solve this problem.

Maybe you can! 



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