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Thats why im complaining everywhere i can

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HP are holding a lot of people back from upgrading to the latest Mac OS. Im sure its a plan from them to make people buy new printers. But I will remember this and the more time goes on, the less likely i will ever buy something from HP, or trust them ever again.

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Probably you are right about HP marketing strategy, but in the meantime the question also is: "are any new printers already compatible with MacOS 10.15"?. In any cases I have a samsung printer, but unfortunately samsung seconded the support to HP.

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I've got exactly the same Mindset but with Samsung (one the biggest Industry wordlwide). Not be able to compile in 64bits the driver is just not understandable for most informatician.

Apple gives the information more than one year ago to prevent this kind of problem.


Such a Same....

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All scanner are compatible because ViewScan is doing the job correctly. So it's just a matter of willing to help customers.

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HP bought Samsung printer business back in 2017, so HP are responsible for Samsung printers and drivers.

So if this is a definite ploy to Samsung printer owners, and i can't see why it's not, then that is a very bad way to treat customers.

There is no reason why a driver shouldn't have been ready well before now. Everyone else can do it.


Anyone heard from HP? 

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If HP don't supply a driver HP are causing totally un-necessary waste, as people would have to throw away perfectly good equipment, into land fill, and that's on HP!! We need to highlight this on other forums.

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If HP can't follow the pace of the technologies updates they should think about close the company.

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It is unfortunate that the timing on the 64-bit drivers for Samsung printers is delayed. 

Please be aware that many Samsung printers are supported with AirPrint.  AirPrint on macOS is quite robust and provides many, if not all, the features of the Samsung drivers without the need to install anything.  If you have not tried AirPrint, may I suggest you at least give it a look.  You can even test it in Mojave to decide if it would work for you after upgrading to Catalina.

Some newer HP printers even use the AirPrint driver as the print solution.  HP has worked closely with the AirPrint team to add features and functionality.


Apple keeps a list of supported devices here.

But for simplicity I will copy the Samsung list below.

There is a video at the top of this thread that shows how to set up your printer with AirPrint.

  • Samsung CLP-415N
  • Samsung CLP-415NK
  • Samsung CLP-415NW
  • Samsung CLX-4195FN
  • Samsung CLX-4195FW
  • Samsung CLX-4195N
  • Samsung MultiXPress SL-K302NR
  • Samsung MultiXPress SL-K3250NR
  • Samsung MultiXPress SL-K3300NR
  • Samsung MultiXPress SL-K705LX
  • Samsung MultiXPress SL-M5360RX
  • Samsung MultiXPress SL-X3220NR
  • Samsung MultiXPress SL-X3280NR
  • Samsung MultiXPress SL-X400LX
  • Samsung MultiXPress SL-X704LX
  • Samsung ProXpress C2620DW
  • Samsung ProXpress C2670FW
  • Samsung ProXpress M3320ND
  • Samsung ProXpress M3325ND
  • Samsung ProXpress M3370FD
  • Samsung ProXpress M3375FD
  • Samsung ProXpress M3820DW
  • Samsung ProXpress M3820ND
  • Samsung ProXpress M3825DW
  • Samsung ProXpress M3825ND
  • Samsung ProXpress M3870FD
  • Samsung ProXpress M3870FW
  • Samsung ProXpress M3875FD
  • Samsung ProXpress M3875FW
  • Samsung ProXpress M4020ND
  • Samsung ProXpress M4020NX
  • Samsung ProXpress M4025ND
  • Samsung ProXpress M4025NX
  • Samsung ProXpress M4030ND
  • Samsung ProXpress M4070FR
  • Samsung ProXpress M4070FW
  • Samsung ProXpress M4070FX
  • Samsung ProXpress M4072FD
  • Samsung ProXpress M4075FR
  • Samsung ProXpress M4075FX
  • Samsung ProXpress M4530ND
  • Samsung ProXpress M4530NX
  • Samsung ProXPress SL-C3010DW
  • Samsung ProXPress SL-C3010ND
  • Samsung ProXPress SL-C3060FR
  • Samsung ProXPress SL-C3060FW
  • Samsung ProXPress SL-C3060ND
  • Samsung ProXPress SL-C4010N
  • Samsung ProXPress SL-C4010ND
  • Samsung ProXPress SL-C4012N
  • Samsung ProXPress SL-C4060FX
  • Samsung ProXPress SL-C4062FX
  • Samsung ProXPress SL-M4560FX
  • Samsung ProXPress SL-M4562FX
  • Samsung SL-C1404W
  • Samsung SL-C1454FW
  • Samsung SL-C1454N
  • Samsung SL-C2680FX
  • Samsung SL-J1770FW
  • Samsung SL-J3520W Series
  • Samsung SL-J3560FW
  • Samsung SL-J3570FW
  • Samsung SL-J5520W
  • Samsung SL-J5560FW
  • Samsung SL-K4250NX
  • Samsung SL-K4250RX
  • Samsung SL-K4300LX
  • Samsung SL-K4300NX
  • Samsung SL-K4350LX
  • Samsung SL-K4350NX
  • Samsung SL-K7400GX
  • Samsung SL-K7500GX
  • Samsung SL-K7600LX
  • Samsung SL-M4080FX
  • Samsung SL-M4370LX
  • Samsung SL-M4373LX
  • Samsung SL-M4580FX
  • Samsung SL-M4583FX
  • Samsung SL-M5370LX
  • Samsung SL-M5373LX
  • Samsung SL-X4220RX
  • Samsung SL-X4250LX
  • Samsung SL-X4300LX
  • Samsung SL-X7400GX
  • Samsung SL-X7500GX
  • Samsung SL-X7600LX
  • Samsung Xpress C1810W
  • Samsung Xpress C1860FW
  • Samsung Xpress C430W
  • Samsung Xpress C480FN
  • Samsung Xpress C480FW
  • Samsung Xpress C480W
  • Samsung Xpress M2022W
  • Samsung Xpress M2026W
  • Samsung Xpress M2070FW
  • Samsung Xpress M2070W
  • Samsung Xpress M2620ND
  • Samsung Xpress M2670FN
  • Samsung Xpress M2670N
  • Samsung Xpress M2675FN
  • Samsung Xpress M2675HN
  • Samsung Xpress M2675N
  • Samsung Xpress M2676N
  • Samsung Xpress M2820DW
  • Samsung Xpress M2820ND
  • Samsung Xpress M2821ND
  • Samsung Xpress M2825DW
  • Samsung Xpress M2825ND
  • Samsung Xpress M2826ND
  • Samsung Xpress M2830DW
  • Samsung Xpress M2835DW
  • Samsung Xpress M2836DW
  • Samsung Xpress M2870FD
  • Samsung Xpress M2870FW
  • Samsung Xpress M2871HN
  • Samsung Xpress M2875DW
  • Samsung Xpress M2875FD
  • Samsung Xpress M2875FW
  • Samsung Xpress M2875HN
  • Samsung Xpress M2875ND
  • Samsung Xpress M2876FD
  • Samsung Xpress M2876HN
  • Samsung Xpress M2876ND
  • Samsung Xpress M2880FW
  • Samsung Xpress M2885FW
  • Samsung Xpress M2886HW
  • Samsung Xpress SL-M3015DW
  • Samsung Xpress SL-M3015ND
  • Samsung Xpress SL-M3065FD
  • Samsung Xpress SL-M3065FW
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This is what worked for me.  MacBook Pro, Catalina 10.15, Samsung MF Printer C48x series:

1 Add a new printer in your Mac Preferences Printers and Scanners.  Make sure in the Use dropdown box you DO NOT select AirPrint as the Use type.  Use the same name as your printer.  You will now have TWO printers listed in the Printers section...your original printer and the new printer labelled with a 2 suffix.  Make the new printer the default printer by right clicking on the printer name 2 and selecting Make Default Printer.


See if that helps now.  You should no longer get one line of ASCII characters printing with multiple pages spit out.  And since you kept your original AirPrint use printer in the list, if you need to print from your iPhone or iPad you'll still have that capability using the original printer name.


2 As to scanning, you can use Mac's Preview function.  Start the Preview app, select Cancel at the Finder window, select FILE > Import from Samsung C48x Series (or applicable printer/scanner name).  The usual scanner window will show up.  Select the Scan mode to Flatbed or Document Feeder.


Make sure the scan format is JPEG.  Selecting any other format will result in the scan to not save and fail.  YOU MUST SELECT JPEG as the scan format!!!  When you are done scanning, the Preview screen will show your scanned document pages in the left side preview pane.  Select Quit Preview.  A SAVE dialogue will pop up.  You can now save your document in any other format, such as PDF. 


It's a pretty backwards clumsy solution, but it works.

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