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HP OfficeJet 6500 E709n No Scan Options

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Printer: HP OfficeJet 6500 E709n (connected through USB)

OS: Windows 7 Enterprise 64 bit

PC: HP 8200 Elite Small Form Factor


If I press the "START SCAN" button on my printer I receive:

No Scan Options

Refer to device documentation to troubleshoot


I found this website:

I have followed every step under the Windows 7 sections.


Step 1:

I went to the following website:

I downloaded the HP OfficeJet Full Feature Software and Driver.  I ran the installation file.  I have uninstalled and then reinstalled this ~5 times.  Each time I either get an error message, or the installation says that it has finished but leaves me with a spinning golden disk in the middle of my desktop that doesn't go away.  Either way, when I attempt to use the "START SCAN" button, I get the same error message.


Step 2:

HP Scan Diagnostic Utility

I have downloaded.  I have ran.  When the application first opens, Windows prompts me that it is attempting to install drivers.  Shortly after this, it prompts me that it has failed to install drivers.  Drivers:

"PCI Serial Port

SM Bus Controller"


Every time I run the diagnostic I get an error message during the HP Twain Scan.  Error:

"Scanner is not responding.

If you see any confirmation dialog, please proceed with scan

If no dialog is displayed you can try cycle the power of your device and restart Diagnostic Utility"


A lot of useful information here.  I do not see any confirmation dialogs.  There is no option to "proceed with scan."  I have tried to "cycle the power" of both the computer and the printer multiple times (emphasis on multiple).  I continue to receive the same error message in the same spot.


Step 3:

The Digital Imaging Monitor is running.  It appears in my Task Bar.  When I hover my mouse over it, sometimes it says "Initializing" and sometimes it doesn't.  Either way, clicking (or right clicking) on the icon does nothing.


Step 4:

I've opened the HP Solution Center to create my "scan destination list."  I have a number of options under Scan Settings.  The instructions tell me to use either Front Panel Scan Button Settings or Scan to....Setup.

Front Panel Scan Button Settings opens a windows.  Any button I click on this window freezes the application.  I have tried both Scan To Setup (Front Panel List)... and Manage Scan Shortcuts...  Both cause the application to stop responding.

Scan to...Setup instantly becomes greyed out after I click on it.  This appears to be all that it does.


Step 5 - Windows Vista:

These steps tell me to reboot and reinstall software.  As I mentioned above I have done every step multiple times.  I have rebooted repeatedly.  I have uninstalled and reinstalled the software repeatedly.


I completely disabled Microsoft Security Essentials before starting this. 

After uninstalling the software, I allowed Windows to search for the drivers/software.  Windows was able to locate and install all but the last three.  They failed.  I reattempted this so I could list the drivers that failed to install.  This time they all installed without issue.  I attempted to scan.  I received the same error message.  I ran the Scan Diagnostic Utility.  It is now giving me the same error message as before, except now it gives it to me during the Windows (WIA) Scan step.

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Re: HP OfficeJet 6500 E709n No Scan Options

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This is now my situation as well.  I have a feeling that the cd would fix all this, unfortunately, I just started at my company, I'm the third person to use this printer and the cd is missing in action.  At first it was only a registry question, but by attempting to follow the directions offered, now the twain component needs fixing as well. 


I was previously questioned as to whether the computer connected by ethernet cord or antenae.  The computer is connected by cord through the USB port, but the plug looked different than was shown in the picture.  I selected the cord, because it was the closest option, but then my printer wasn't offered as a selection!  I just kept being redirected to load the cd. 


By the way, the printer works fine and I was able to download photos from a memory card inserted into the printer onto the computer, so this is not a connection issue. 

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Re: HP OfficeJet 6500 E709n No Scan Options

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Printing without involving HP software:

Multifunction Printers

Win 8: c03511921

Win 7: c03476857

Win Vista: c03517146

Win XP: c03517150


Laserjet Multifunction Printers

Win 8: c03755019

Win 7: c03584750

Win Vista: c03584647

Win XP: c03584350


This only gets you pictures, though.

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inexcusable garbage

Same problem.  Windows XP.


Printer suddenly started displaying "select computer" with a right-facing arrow, after you press the Scan button.  The defects start right there, since pressing the right rocker next to the OK button on the printer doesn't reveal any "computer" to select, despite the arrow on the LCD.


If you press OK, you get "no scan options".  Typical meaningless, inexcusable HP message that doesn't tell the user what the problem is.


So I uninstalled every piece of HP crapware using the control panel.  Reinstalled every software set, starting with the "basic" one that still says it provides scanning functions.  It does not.  Finally installed the half-gig "full" bloatware set, which failed while uninstalling the previous set.  Ran it again.  This time it sat and spun on "configuring product" for 20 minutes before announcing a fatal error.


The printing function works, but of course the scanning still fails with the same defect.


The state of this software and the UI on the printer itself is an insult to customers and an embarrassment to HP.  I've encountered this type of offensive result on both major computing platforms and several HP printers.  Do not reward this kind of gross incompetence and disregard with another purchase.

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Re: HP OfficeJet 6500 E709n No Scan Options

Got a new computer with Win 7 (was XP on old computer). After lots of effort, finally got the wireless 6500 installed. Worked correctly. Today, I found that I could not scan thru Office's Document Scanning.


Have uninstalled and installed several times. Get fatal error in installs (also trying to install a photosmart 3180) which quit showing up as a scanner.


Have downloaded the newest driver installs for both devices.


Have tried  fixes suggested concerning Windows Services but they do not work.


What is latest suggestion?

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Here's your solution.

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Get rid of this piece of HP garbage and buy a competent product.  Seriously.  Continuing to waste your time on this is simply not worth it.  It isn't getting better, and HP does not support its products.


Two days ago this thing failed yet again, and now it's not even usable as a printer.  Despite it being logged onto the local wireless network, it is undetectable by Windows, using any of the printer-setup options.




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