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Scanner Not Working...on Mac OSX

Hey all, having some trouble getting my scanner to work on my HP Photosmart C3485 All-In-One printer, was hoping someone would have some advice. I'm able to print and copy successfully, but the scanner itself "cannot detect the computer." Whenever I load HP Scan Pro, I get the error "Sorry, scanner could not be initilized, (Scanner not found.) When I push the scan button on my printer, it says "Scanner not Connected to Computer."


Here are the relevant side facts...


1. I am running Mac OSX Snow Leapord, so this is on a Macintosh.


2. This printer was in storage for several months, though given the number of other posts I've seen here I'm beginning to doubt this is a physical hardware problem as a result of this storage.


3. Over the summer, I upgraded to Snow Leapord from the previous Mac OSX software, so I would have downloaded the latest drivers.


If anyone has any advice, I'd really appreciate it...very frustrating to not have my scanner working.

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Re: Scanner Not Working...on Mac OSX

I am having the exact same issue.  My scanner was working before I installed Leopard!  I hope someone knows how to fix this. I went to look at printers/scanners today and don't want to have to buy a new one when everything besides the scanner works on this one.

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Re: Scanner Not Working...on Mac OSX

Officejet 6500 Wireless  with Mac OSX 5.8  Scanner not found after multiple tries.

Any workarounds?

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Re: Scanner Not Working...on Mac OSX

Workaround discovered!


Mac Users, after bouncing around the internet, I discovered that your scanners for your All-in-one photosmart printers should still work IF you scan through Preview. To do this, click on "File--->Import from Scanner," and Preview can act as a scanning software that will actually recognize your scanner exists..


I did find one explanation for this problem too--supposedly the old printer software is NOT clicking well with Snow Leapord, so if you have that installed, I hate to say it but you're currently S.O.L. (As am I.) However, the Preview workaround is certainly functional, and will get the job done for your scanning needs.

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Re: Scanner Not Working...on Mac OSX

This sounds like an excellent solution - but my Preview File menu does not include "import from scanner" only "Import image" - and I then get a message "No Image Capture device found".


Can anyone explain Ronin08's suggestion - perhaps I have not understood it.


I have had this particular problem with my HP Photosmart C5180 off and on for months.   I use Mac OSX 10.5.8.   I once paid £15.99 to get advice from the HP technical support - which was to uninstall the software and re-install from the HP website.   This solved the problem for a short time, then I got the error message again.   I kept re-installing the software, and every time I was able to scan for alimited period - but then the error mesage came again.   I have just tried re-installing again today, but am still getting the error message.


Any advice gratefully received.

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Re: Scanner Not Working...on Mac OSX



1. Are you running Snow Leapord? I'm on 10.6.4--it's possible that this is a new feature introduced in the Snow Leapord update.(Import image will not look for your scanner, that's a function to import from devices such as cameras.)


2. As far as I know, this problem is related to the actual HP software not working with Snow Leapord, so your printer itself isn't really the problem. A similar workaround would be to find software, either from HP or somewhere else, that will recognize your scanner actually exists.


3. As to your actual problem with the software continuing to return to this problem, have you observed any regularity to these changes? (Does it occur on a date you get a software update, does it occur after X number of days?) It sounds like there's a change in the program that causes it to stop recognizing your printer. Any correlating events might explain the printer deficiencies....

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Re: Scanner Not Working...on Mac OSX

Mac mini c/ Snow Leopard

HP 1600PSC

HP Scanjet 4890


It has taken a year to get this combination working. I happen to believe that HP's $40 fee for support on four-year-old hardware is an affront to common courtesy. I got around it by being reasonable with the Call Takers, many of whom were in agreement and willing to help as much as they dare.

  I believe the following files are making me happy:





HP directed me to Library>Documentation for the Help file on this new software. Be aware that a Help file is there, but it of no use as it instructs us to use Image Zone to make an array of adjustments. Cute try but we can't be fooled as Image Zone is not included with this finally functional software. The real Help file is only available as a life-preserver button on the upper right corner of the review page that opens - get this - after you make your first scan! As in, first find the treasure, then we'll give you the map. And the poor devils whine that business is bad.   

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Re: Scanner Not Working...on Mac OSX

Hi Ronin


Do you have Photosmart C4385??? because when I check there  is no product such as c3485.


You actually need to use the updated software version for your printer that will work for Mac 10.6 Snow Leopard.


You need to uninstall it first by



Open Applications

Open Hewlett- Packard

Run HP Uninstaller.


After that you need to download the software for Mac 10.6.


GO to this website to download


On the bar where it said enter your product naem type the printer model. Select on Mac OS X. Go to Drivers and download the full feature software fro mac 10.6.


Say "Thanks" by clicking the Kudos Star in the post that helped you.

Please mark the post that solves your problem as "Accepted Solution"
(Although I am employed by HP, I am speaking for myself and not for HP)




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Re: Scanner Not Working...on Mac OSX



I've recently occurred a similar problem with my Hp F4580.


I also run snow leopard, and my scanner was working fine before the recent update.

Now only my printer works, and it does scan but only through the actual printer when you press the green or white button to print out a copy straight afterwards, it does not want to scan when going in to my mac.


I have an Imac which is what the printer is usually connected to, I thought it was a problem with the Imac so I connected it to my mac, I've not installed anything previous on this before, so there was nothing for me to uninstall and install again, I installed the recent update put on the driver page on the HP website.


It still does the same thing, it see's my printer, but it doesn't see it as a scanner, no error messages come up, it just doesn't recognise it as a scanner. I launch hp studio scan and it still doesn't find my printer even though I have it plugged in via my usb. 


It prints, and scans and prints, but doesn't scan in to my actual printer.

This is a real bummer, as I need the scanner quite urgent for my concept work.


Hope anyone can help it would really mean a lot to me, and I wouldn't have to trek to the library to find out I've left my usb at home!




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Re: Scanner Not Working...on Mac OSX

I am having the EXACT same problem as post above me. 


HP photosmart studio can't "find" my scanner although I've installed the Mac drivers blablabla. Its REALLY ANNOYING. I scan quite regularly and this is just bad. I have the Macbook Pro and some help would be very very much appreciated.



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