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Scanning on a C4180

My HP C4180 has always worked fine until now.  It still prints ok, but won't scan any longer.  If you try to scan or copy, you get error message "the function requested cannot be performed because another program already has control of the device."  The printer itself  says "unable to scan or copy".  Going into the Control Panel and Printer:  There are no printing jobs in the queue.  Don't know of any changes that have been made.  Maybe I could try using a different USB port?

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Re: Scanning on a C4180

Hi bluegrassed, would you try the scan diagnostic tool mentioned here


Very interested in what you find. Thanks.


- Although I am an HP employee, I am speaking for myself and not for HP.
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Re: Scanning on a C4180

Hi GreCo,

I have the very same problem as Bluegrassed, and when I google "another program already has control of the device" it seems, that there are many of us out there with this very problem. I have installed, un-installed, downloaded and installed, updated, rebooted, unplugged, reset, deleted other programs, disabled all security software, tried a ton of fixes suggested around the web, re-formatted, run the diagnostic tool you mention several times and nothing has changed a thing.

The diagnostic tool tells me:


"another program already has control of the device etc etc" (surprise, surprise)

Windows (WIA) scan:

"the diagnostic program can't scan, close all programs, uninstall and re-install drivers and restart"

Solution center:

"can't find certain components, repeat installation"

HP Scan:

"certain components are missing, re-install software"

I have given you the short version of what is said there, but I imagine you get the picture. I simply cannot believe that un-installing and installing again, again, again will fix this, so if you have any ideas whatsoever I would love to hear them.

Btw. this device has been working with this computer in the past.


Thank you

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Re: Scanning on a C4180

Hello again, to all who have the same problems and might have read my post above, I have found the solution to the problem. I simply threw the miserable printer out :-)

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Re: Scanning on a C4180

I got this tip from HP forum and applied it, solved my scanner driver problem at once. Here is the tip:
In Windows click run, then type "regedit" click OK go into the registry window.
               |_ SYSTEM
                     |_ Current Control Set
                          |_ Control
                               |_ Class
                                    |_ {6BDD1FC6-810F-11DO-BEC7-08002BE2092F}

This is where your computer's "IMAGING DEVICES" registry hides. e.g. scanner, etc.


The registry MUST be like following format:
Name                               Type                         Data
(Default)                        REG_SZ                      Imaging Devices
Class                            REG_SZ                      Image 
Icon                              REG_SZ                      0
Installer32                    REG_SZ                      sti_ci.dll,ClassInstall
TroubleShooter-0        REG_SZ                      hcp://help/tshoot/tsInputDev.htm


Then, even if you had installed before, uninstall first and reinstall your scanner driver again,  restart your computer and your scanner should work properly.

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Re: Scanning on a C4180

Please help! I am right at where you state the registry must have no more than 5 entries. But i don't understand your next step once you have opened the little folders to the right level I am so close please help!





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Re: Scanning on a C4180

I am using 32B Vista Home Premium

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