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Windows 7 and HP Color LaserJet 3600N

HP does it best again.  No Windows 7 driver for Color LaserJet 3600n! Smiley Mad  You can fill in the blanks...   However, using Windows 7 Professional, I was able to install the XP drivers.   Download the XP software and it will run in a virtual XP session.  I then added the printer as Windows 7 would lead you to do.   The add did not complete correctly--CTRL/ALT/DEL.  However, the printer was added and seems to work.   Maybe HP and Microsoft are pushing the more expansive Windows 7 Professional. 
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Re: Windows 7 and HP Color LaserJet 3600N

Hi Everyone,


Download and install the full solution software for this printer at the link below.


Full software solution for the HP Color LaserJet 3600 Printer series


HP LaserJet - Windows 7 support


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Re: Windows 7 and HP Color LaserJet 3600N

XP Virtual session, not familiar with, but sure seems painful and possibly limiting vs HP doing the right thing in the first place.


FYI ... Over in the Home > Other HP Products and Technologies > Windows® 7 Beta and test forum, the lack of a driver has already been noted in the thread ...


HP Laserjet Color 3600n Driver for Windows 7


A few select remarks by various people (including myself) in the thread were ...


  • Is this really true and if so, for heaven's sake why?
  • Ridiculous.
  • stunned by this decision
  • This is unbelievable!  We purchased multiple 3600n printers just barely a year ago (September, 2008).  We have made the decision to upgrade our office computers to Windows 7 (from Vista) and now we find out that our practically still new printers are not compatible.  I can assure you that I will NEVER purchase another HP compute or printer... EVER!!!
  • I was also a bit surprised.
  • I DON'T WANT TO HEAR BS SUPPORT RHETORIC FROM YOU GUYS ... FIX THIS. (a snip from my acidic entry)


HP has not responded in that forum and I just put in a support email to HP if this is poor choice of words (not supported vs we are working on it) in the


HP LaserJet, Color LaserJet and LaserJet MFP Products - Product Support for Microsoft Windows 7


link to see if it is really being worked on. Since they didn't speak up in the forum and its been since 10/5 ... plenty of time to respond, I'm stepping it up and going on the offensive.


On that Windows 7 printer support page, I counted  9 models (some of which have sub models for networking and duplexing) as not supported. I didn't count the supported ones, but must have been several hundred. What is really laughable is that the lowly LJ 2p is still supported ... aren't those circa 15 years old? Not sure if the 2p is the oldest one on the list, but it is the one I recognized as truly most ancient.


My 3600n was bought at Staples in 9/2008 and has a manufacture date on 6/2008, its not like I purchased POS laying in someone's warehouse years and got taken by some scammer.


Plain and simple ... I don't know when HP first started selling the 3600 and when they dropped, but I just don't understand how HP could do this to a  product they actively sold a year ago (and there was a Vista Driver update in 11/2009) yet they support the ancient 2p ... Astonishing !!!!!!!!!!


HP the support listing (url above) for the 3600 (besides the bad news) and has a link to a trade-in program ... thinking ... oh they recogized the errors of there ways and was going to give me a good deal ... no, it was some generic trade-in page, but I ran my 3600n though the page to see what it was worth ... $25.




I'm done being acidic, I'm just spreading the word!




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Re: Windows 7 and HP Color LaserJet 3600N

This is amazing - no support for CLJ3600 series. Smiley Mad This is not a very old model and is still being sold as refurbished on HPs own website.


Is there another driver that will work? Win 7 XP mode may work as described but that is an undesireable work around.


HP - comments, suggestions?? Anyone there??

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Re: Windows 7 and HP Color LaserJet 3600N

Agreed... HP should do the right thing, etc..   


In the mean time, I needed a solution.  The XP virtual session is transparent, once you have Window 7 Professional installed.   Just click on the icon for any XP legacy application, it launches.    It pains me to say anything nice about the Evil Empire but the virtual session approached worked seamlessly for me.   



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Re: Windows 7 and HP Color LaserJet 3600N

I can understand if HP skipped Windows 7 drivers for my ancient 4P or 5P that I will have to push off a building if I want them to stop working.  But the (refurbished) 3600 color laser is being SOLD TODAY on the HP website!  I still have a new one sealed in the box that I bought last year as a ready spare. 


I have been able to print in Windows 7 Ultimate 32-bit version using the Vista driver, but have not fully tested it.  A fully supported driver, however, is what a top tier manufacturer should deliver.

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Re: Windows 7 and HP Color LaserJet 3600N

Looked into xp mode, only certain hardware and pc I upgraded couldn't.

Herd from HP on support email ... (incident # 2675435) ...

... currently unavailable.  However, the printer drivers are in the process of development.

Until then, you may use the Vista drivers ...

Scooter55 said Vista drivers seem working, I thought I tried it, but maybe not

HP ...  you seem a little shy ... has a cat got your tongue! Some forum if the host never shows!

More people need to hold HP to the fire on this. At a minimun change Printer Support page!

HP ... Why do you insist on infuriating people when it seems it is being worked on!
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Re: Windows 7 and HP Color LaserJet 3600N

[ Edited ]

I am in the same situation. Everyone I talked to at HP said the HP3600's are old printers. I have 4 of them in my business. They are from 1 year to 3 years old. I asked..if they are so old how come are you still selling cartridges. No one seem to care. They told me I needed to replace them. This is <text deleted> is not good business for HP to treat any customer buying their product this bad or with a sense of not caring. 


HP is very unresponsive to this situation. I am not buying any new computers with Windows 7 or HP because I am refusing to replace our printers at this time.


It is stupid to replace 4 printers with $2000.00 worth of ink because HP will not get off their high horse to take care of our driver problems.



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Re: Windows 7 and HP Color LaserJet 3600N

Hello Disgruntled Laserjet 3600 (n) Owners:


Like you, I was furious that HP has no Windows 7 drivers for this printer. But there seems to be a "solution." I installed the VISTA 32-bit drivers on a Lenovo 3000 N100 laptop connected through CAT6 to our office router and it WORKS! The 3600n is likewise connected on CAT6. I successfully printed the Windows Test Page as well as a Word 2007 file.BTW, I'm running Windows 7 Ultimate 32-bit, not that it should matter.


The file I downloaded from HP is called "HP Color Laserjet 3600 host based driver" version dated 26 November 2008. It's 14.2 MB in size. Unzip it to the folder of your choice (e.g., C:\HP CLJ3600 Driver) then add the printer through Win 7's Devices and Printers. Point Windows to that folder (instead of a CD) and it should do the job.


Beat's me why HP hasn't told anyone about this on the forum. SHAME on them for not properly supporting their customers. Our 3600n was bought in Jan. 2007, but FERGOODNESS SAKE, some folks have used them a year or less!


HELLO? Is anyone from HP support checking these postings?


You folks owe your customers an apology, a big one. 



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Re: Windows 7 and HP Color LaserJet 3600N

Ok got to try the Vista 32b host based driver which should have autostarted an install process according to the download page, but didn't. I'm pretty sure I tried AlbusD's method a few days ago and got a useless icon.


Next tried the "HP Color LaserJet 3600 Printing System" link , downloaded, installed and that worked (tcpip based) and test page worked.


Haven't tried much beyond the test page so don't know if anything else is really amiss yet.


Yeah, I don't understand why HP is so inattentive ... the initial post has something like 1,100 views at the moment ... how could they not be paying attention ... bunch of chicken ^$*#@^$)# if you ask me.

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Re: Windows 7 and HP Color LaserJet 3600N

I'm flabbergasted. I Purchased an HP Color LaserJet 3600N in 2006, an HP Pavilion notebook dv3-2250ed with 64-bit Windows 7 this week ("HP recommends Windows 7", is what the marketing stuff in the store said), only to find out afterwards that the printer is not supported Man Mad


I also have cheaper and older Laserjets 1000 and 6P and I can understand they're EOL, but you'd expect an expensive printer from 2006 to still be supported in 2009.

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