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NEW HP Sprout (Received 30 Nov) - Seagate SSHD already failing (Health at 60%) - what TODO?

I wish I posted a short story; but am VERY SAD by my recent Sprout experience;hence the long story.


Purchased an HP Sprout HP UK Store, on the 27 Nov 2015 Delivered 30th evening.

Must mention -am an HP Loyalist (have 5 HP products at Home- HP Pavilion Laptop (i3), HP Stream 7 (Windows) Tablet, HP Slatebook x2 (Android), HP Microserver (2nd Gen) and also an HP 8610 AIO (Printer).

So when my son demanded a Desktop - I thought of adding the 6th product as an HP Sprout, although price was steep at £1500+.

The specs were good as well - an i7, 8GB RAM and 1TB SSHD (which later I found *is* the bottleneck and issue - perhaps culprit being Seagate - not reputed nowadays for good quality Hard disks- failure rates are very high).

To my horror, the FIRST day of Boot of system (which was the 30th of night) the fan made quite loud noises (for a desktop) and I have other desktop at Home and multiple in office which won't make such a noise!

I though that was a temporary issue as we had just booted system and fans / vents would adjust accordingly.

However, main issue was system sluggishness - infact this being an latest gen i7 with 8GB ran sluggier than my 2011 ASUS which is a Dual Core Pentium 2020 with 4GB RAM!!!

I could not doubt the processor or the RAM - being a high end system so I doubted either the fans not giving enough ventilation or the culprit being a failing HDD.

(Still can't fathom why a £1500+ product with an immersive computing concept could not ship with a small SSD for OS and a regular reputed HDD for storage?)

I ran some simple tools which display SMART attributes of the hard disk - ran HD Tune Pro and also ran HDD Health - both of these tools display the health in percentage as well as any failing parameters.

The Sprout's SEAGATE SSHD --*FAILED*-- both tool tests miserably, with Airflow temperature at 72 DEGREES whereas maximum threshold is 45. That is near boiling!


I have taken snapshots of the status from both tools and they recommend Hard disk is VERY HOT and failing - needs to be replaced immediately! I am shocked!!!

This is not even the 9th day of a £1500+ product and the bottleneck is a failing HOT Seagate HDD!!!

Neither my son nor I am too happy, too disappointing as we are owners of 5 other HP products which haven't failed in years.


Infact the HP Pavilion's laptop - which we purchased in 2010 - reports HDD Health staus at 100% and the Temperature at 34 degrees.

I ran HDD Health and HD Tune on my ASUS - again health is 100% and temperature at 32 degrees.


The new SPROUT's HDD Health status howers between 55% to 66% which means the drive is already dead (and the tools recommend to replace the HDD immediately!)


This is, as I write the 10th day of the product at home (the status degrading day by day, not improving) and it being a 20Kg monster; I cannot ship it back where it came from.

Both me and my son like the product as such; just are shocked by the quality control / or rather the fact that perhaps the SSHD shipped is of poor/unreliable quality or the vents/fans are not good. Not sure if other Sprout owners are marred by such issues (hot/failing HDD and sluggishness, as a result).


What are the options I have???

I DON'T want endless calls- a simple way to resolve this issue - perhaps an email where I can send the snapshots of the SSHD / Airflow Temperature scans - at that someone reverts with options before the option of 14 days return expires and perhaps I get some onsite test/replacement of the HDD or replacement of the whole system as such.


Also - a simple question from **other** sprout owners - if you run HD Tune or HDD Health tools on your sprout's - what is the Airflow temperature you come up with and also is having a HDD heatlh % less than 60 reasonable if other systems which are more than 3 years old reflect 100% health?)

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Re: NEW HP Sprout (Received 30 Nov) - Seagate SSHD already failing (Health at 60%) - what TODO?



I have brought your issue to the attention of an appropriate team within HP. They will likely request information from you in order to look up your case details or product serial number. Please look for a private message from an identified HP contact. Additionally, keep in mind not to publicly post personal information (serial numbers and case details).

If you are unfamiliar with how the Forum's private message capability works, you can learn about that here.
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I work on behalf of HP
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Re: NEW HP Sprout (Received 30 Nov) - Seagate SSHD already failing (Health at 60%) - what TODO?



Thanks for the prompt reply and bringing this into attention of Jeff, an exec from Hp support (albeit from the USA!)

He has PM'd me asking for sr nos and problem etc which I have reverted and also told him I did not raise a ticket so far as I could only find an option for chat when visited HPsupport/contacts options.


I have not chatted yet- but will wait for a PM from Jeff- who has told me that he will forward those details to support in HP UK who will contact me.


I will wait for am emails etc till midday today (being the 11th day of purchase and also being a Friday- as I donot want the issue to trickle till Monday). Else I will use the chat option and also any option, if available (can you point?) to raise a service ticket for the problem.


Thanks for the help....!

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Re: NEW HP Sprout (Received 30 Nov) - Seagate SSHD already failing (Health at 60%) - what TODO?

My Sprout 23-s010 wont start.  The product is about a year ol

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Re: NEW HP Sprout (Received 30 Nov) - Seagate SSHD already failing (Health at 60%) - what TODO?

i JUST BOUGHT A NEW HP SPROUT PRO. After I bought it I found a webpage showing the the SSHD is a 8GBSSD with a 5400rpm disc drive. My computer doesn't work worth a crap. I feel cheated. My problem is solely because the hardrive is the bottleneck.  My HP Sprout software doesn't work, won't calibrate, won't 3D scan endless problems. This is a Christmas gift that turned into a night mare and to top it off ZERO SUPPORT. I call and nobody answers.


Here is the solution I am replacing the SSHD and the 8GB RAM mem with a 1 TB SSD drive and 16GB RAM mem. I am sure once I image everything and get that installed my problems should disappear. If not then I a have another concern I think they shipped me a Refurbished unit. The projectors lens has dust spec on the inside, the reflector has smear marks all over it, there was know plastic peel off protection on the monitor and some of the other plastic peel off protectors were not on correctly. Then I activated my warranty and it states I only have 2yrs and 10mths says it was activated 10/19/16 when I just bought before Christmas. Makes me think this was a return and HP sent it to me. I bought new not used.


So where is the support?

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