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Photosmart premium c309a win 7 and solution center
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Re: Photosmart premium c309a win 7 and solution center

New user of C309a. bought one Jan 4 returned wk later. new printer have same problem, after installing Solution Centre in laptop win 7 64 works good and no problem with installation, but installing in win 7 32 what a nightmare. finally, don't know how but I did install it. Now my problem is the printer if is not been used for more than 15 minutes it goes to sleep and it will not work until reset the computer or unplug the printer. HP support said is a problem with the printer. Has anyone experience the same problem?
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Re: Photosmart premium c309a win 7 and solution center THIS worked for me!...


I apologize for not answering sooner...I've been playing with my new Lexmark Platinum Pro905 and LOVING IT!! (Sorry...just had to put that in there!)

Just returned the HP C309a back to Office Depot Thursday....guess what??? Office Depot is taking it OFF their shelves!!!!! No kidding!  There have been so many complaints/returns....go figure!

I, too, was asked to update my Flash Player (with this Win7 64 bit), which I did, which did not solve the problem. 

There was one thing I forgot to mention (that you may already know about), there is a PATCH that goes with Solution Center.  It was released 11.14.09.  I am going to make a tiny url, so you can just copy & paste it in your browser, instead of that loooong address with over 125 characters in it:

if you haven't already installed it, I would suggest you do that. 

I forgot to ask if you'd tried that, but it's worth trying...(please note you have to already have the Solution Center installed).

You asked for a list of websites, so I am going to list those I have in my favorites in my web browser (hope some of them help):


1)  (this is another HP Support Forum & it is about Printer Networking & Wireless & it was only created on the 12th (last week), so they may be able to help you more than I can & it's current!

2) (this is HP websites links to problems for the Solution Center)

3)  (this is a website specifically addressing all different types of problems with the'll just have to scroll & click to see what you can find)  (note that if you participate in this website it is a FEE based answer).

Again, sorry for not replying sooner!

Hope some of this helps!  Have a great one!



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Re: Photosmart premium c309a win 7 and solution center


The C309a is FAMOUS for doing this & I hate to be the one to tell you, but I had my C309a for over FIVE MONTHS & never solved it.  If I had to make an estimate, I probably uninstalled/reinstalled it (on Windows 7 64 bit) at least 25 times!!

Not only would it lose connection to the Solution Center & the only way you could get it back was to unplug & boot the printer back up!  Then, you would have print jobs in the que that you cancelled before you unplugged it....and when you plugged it back in it would print those documents!  It's just a BAD PIECE of equipment..period...end of story!  I've dealt with computers for nearly 20 years, so trust me on this....if you just bought this printer, the best advice I could give you is, TAKE IT BACK while you still can!

I happen to be VERY LUCKY & have a best friend working at an office store where I bought mine & he knew what kind of HE*L I'd been through with this printer.  I took it back & bought a LEXMARK, like I should have done in the first place! 

HP used to make the BEST PRINTERS on the market & their Customer Service was top notch.  I'm very sad to say that is not the case anymore! 

I had over FORTY EIGHT documented calls to HP Support on the C309a...I am not one to give up easily!  But I 'threw the towel in' on this one.  It was faulty from the day I took it out of the box!  I should have waited & read the reviews on & other tech websites, but NO, I had to have the latest & greatest right out of the gate...a mistake I won't make again!  At least TEN of those calls were in regard to your question & the only thing the tech support people could tell me was to UNINSTALL/REINSTALL, so let me save you a call!

I do hope you'll consider returning your product.  Before HP jumps all over me....I've just bought 2 brand new HP entertainment laptops (dv7 & a dv8) and an HP Photosmart Camera (plus the printer), so you can't say I'm AGAINST HP...this printer is just a bad model!

Have a great day!


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Re: Photosmart premium c309a win 7 and solution center

It's been a while since I posted here. I'm running Windows 7 64 bit. I have been able to use the 309a printer with this computer and use all of the features. While the solution center hasn't worked, all of the various uses of this printer show in the printer and device folder. I am able to use the drop down menu on applications to use the various features including printing cd's.

So tonight I noticed the hp digital monitor icon in the notification bar. I clicked on it and the solution center opened! This is the first time in months. I'm wondering if the digital monitor has to be selected in startup for the solution center to work? This solution center shows the 309 as a bluetooth printer and a usb printer. It does not show as the regular wireless printer. The digital monitor has not appeared with the startup items until today, for whatever reason.

I will continue to investigate and post any other findings here.

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Re: Photosmart premium c309a win 7 and solution center

Hi SuthernCharm and fellow friends in c309a purgatory,


After 5 chat sessions and one 3 hour online session, I still had the same problem with HP Solution Center [see earlier posts]. 


In my case,  I was using the C309a wirelessly; the printer worked; scanner [mostly] worked.  I was focused on trying to make the HP SolutionCenter screen appear for ink levels, etc.


The On-line person was quite thorough, but finally gave up and set icons as pointers to scanner, etc.  She stated there were some known issues with wireless setup.


Yesterday, I decided I would do the uninstall -> reinstall ritual one final time.  In the end, everything worked!!!  I could not believe it.  


BTW, the CD that came with my c309a contained version 12 drivers, etc.  I first installed v12 software on my new HP Pavilion [windows 7] in mid-November. 


Below is my best recollection of yesterday's events.


Set up Administrator account via elevated command prompt

Shut off firewall[s]

Run L2-uninstall from CD.

Install minimal software [drivers and update].


[About halfway through this install, I realized that I had done the L2 uninstall and subsequent install using the old version 12 CD, not the new version 13 CD I just received in the mail.]


Upon completion of the install, I added OCR, web essentials, photosmart, etc.


Next, I ran the version 13 install - again minimal software.

Next I added the OCR, photosmart, etc.


Everything worked!!!  I still do not believe it.


Thanks to all for all  suggestions offered in the  numerous posts on this subject.

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Re: Photosmart premium c309a win 7 and solution center

Tom, I am so glad you finally got it to work!  Congratulations!!!

I'm still loving my Lexmark! Smiley Tongue

I'll quit checking back now, since you've got it up & going!

Have a wonderful week!


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Re: Photosmart premium c309a win 7 and solution center

Printer on wireless network that is working properly.  Message says solution center not installed, reinstall. Help

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Re: Photosmart premium c309a win 7 and solution center

Possible solution for you Smiley Happy


Recently upgraded to Asus computer (computer is absolutely fabulous by the way) with windows 7.  Next I upgraded the most recent hp printer drivers and consequently my scanner for my HP c309a stopped midway.  Being frustrated I researched and luckily stumpled on this following website:


Apparently windows 7 has some missing files in its registry (so it is a windows 7 issue and not a hp issue). This website advises me to go to control panel, then systems & security, then windows update and lastly check for updates.  So I followed the instructions, completed the download, rebooted my computer and then retested my hp's scanning capabilities and, volia, my hp c309a printer's scanning function worked !!!  So happy I do not have to purchase a new scanner at this time.  Hope this helps you too.  (Love to share this stuff as I am often on the help side for these kind of questions.)


Please let me know if this helps.


Many thanks.



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