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Really want to buy an IQ800 - but wait until Windows 7?

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I REALLY want to buy a TouchSmart IQ800, but I was told to wait until Windows 7 comes out - that won't be for another 8 months!


I was also told that by that time, they probably will offer bigger CPU's, Memory, and Video Cards...


Any input would be greatly appreciated!





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I'm pretty sure that you will be able to upgrade from Vista to Seven. The choice to purchase is, of course, yours. How-ever, there will ALWAYS be the newer and better in the future. If you are going to wait 6 or 7 months for Windows Seven, why not wait 4 or 5 years for the next iteration of Windows? By then, the computer systems will probably have 100 ghz processors with multi terrabite solid state hard drives.


The point I am making is that the use of the computer is really what you are missing out on.


Hope this helps.



I am not an HP employee, But I did stay at a Holiday Inn Express last night.

TouchSmart IQ526t CTO Intel 2.26 Ghz 4 gig ram 750 gig HDD Vista Premium 64 bit
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I've got the IQ810 TS, which is the United Kingdom version i presume, and have played with it so much despited being a novist with PC's, i can tell thats its a beauty to have one of these babies, and to retirate i'll call her my baby, its like a new toy or mobile phone you configure to a very satisfactory taste. I manager to creat a dual boot OS containing the Original Os that came from the manufacture, mirroring each other, reason is siimply to upgrade one of the OS to Window 7 whlie retainning the original sorfwares and drivers, my joy isn't just having the TS and what it potentially could do but the journey it took me to getting to where i am.

My advise would be, depending how urgently you like to have one, weigh the positive against the negative, having in mind when it come to computers, elctronics or TECHNOLOGY, its ALWAYS CHANGING, and as for window 7 RC if you decide to upgrade to, Window 7 will expire next year, by then MS would have released the window 7 for consumers to everyone.

Even with the wall mount i got as additional kit, i've left mine on a coffee table, better experience, accessiblity and conviences, to be honest i ffind it difficult to use anything smaller than a 25" screen or Window 7 with the multi touch, split screen for comparison, multimedia i.e t.v, 2D & 3D designs programs.

I think i've said enough, have fun like i did mate....... 

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Based on my experience with my TouchSmart...don't ever buy one, seriously.
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As someone else pointed out here on the forum - there is always something bigger, better, faster on the horizon.


Windows 7 isn't that far off - but I'm one of those who also sort of likes Vista (let me quantify that - thats's Vista SP1 or SP2 64-bit).  In my mind, the only really compelling reason to go with (or wait) for Win7 is the enhanced support for clear QAM cable TV support for Media Center, or H.264 TV in non-US countries.   If you don't plan on hooking the 800 up to cable TV (or live in another country) - Vista should be good enough for most folks.


This is just my opinion though....


-dm (an HP employee, but the opinions/comments/suggestions are mine, not my employers)

-DM (HP Retiree)

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For the TouchSmart IQ500 / IQ800 AIO Desktop series, there is a new Touch driver that provides multitouch support





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