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WAWood has earned 25 badges!
  • 2018 HP Expert Meetup
    2018 HP Expert Meetup
    Earned by 19
    Thanks for joining us for the 2018 HP Experts Meetup! We hope you had an amazing time learning about our products and technology.
  • Conversation Starter
    Conversation Starter
    Earned by 1,066,729
    Hats off! Congratulations on starting your first conversation in the community!
  • Creative Commentator
    Creative Commentator
    Earned by 149,640
    Congratulations on creating your 2nd topic in the community! Your creative inputs bring an artful touch to our community!
  • Discussion Driver
    Discussion Driver
    Earned by 48,221
    Congratulations, you’ve started 3 topics! Thanks for driving topics and helping members steer the road to solutions!
  • Prolific Communicator
    Prolific Communicator
    Earned by 5,282
    Congratulations, you've have started 10 topics! Your communication brings an abundance of information to the community!
  • Idea Architect
    Idea Architect
    Earned by 1,831
    Congratulations, you've have started 25 topics! We know we can always count on you for great ideas!
  • Troubleshooter
    Earned by 30,098
    Congratulations on your first solution Troubleshooter! Way to help the community thrive!
  • Smart Cookie
    Smart Cookie
    Earned by 2,971
    Your 2 solutions have provided just the right flavor to the community! Keep up the sweet work!
  • Clever Collaborator
    Clever Collaborator
    Earned by 1,449
    Your 3 solutions demonstrate your team work! Keep up the clever collaboration!
  • Masterful Mender
    Masterful Mender
    Earned by 546
    Congratulations, you've masterfully stitched together 10 solutions for the community! Is there anything you can't fix, Masterful Mender?
  • Good Samaritan
    Good Samaritan
    Earned by 340
    Thank you for lending a helping hand to help our community and congratulations on 25 solutions!
  • Kudo
    Earned by 79,327
    Kudos! You've earned your first kudo in the community.
  • Thumbs Up
    Thumbs Up
    Earned by 11,019
    Thumbs Up! You've earned 3 kudos in the community. Keep up the good work!
  • High Five
    High Five
    Earned by 4,750
    High five! You've earned 5 kudos in the community. Way to go!
  • Stamp of Approval
    Stamp of Approval
    Earned by 719
    You've earned a new badge and the approval of the community! Congratulations on earning 25 kudos!
  • Major Props
    Major Props
    Earned by 447
    You've earned a new badge and major props! Congratulations on earning 50 kudos!
  • Engaged
    Earned by 676,107
    Way to go! You earned a badge for your first reply. Posting replies is the best way to get involved!
  • Responsive
    Earned by 138,532
    You've earned a new badge for posting 3 replies and being responsive!
  • Expressive
    Earned by 55,866
    You have posted 5 replies to the community. Thank you for keeping the conversations going!
  • Insightful
    Earned by 3,373
    You have posted 25 replies and provided valuable insights to our community!
  • Outgoing
    Earned by 1,045
    Congratulations, you have 75 replies! Thanks for putting yourself out there!
  • Community All-Star 2017
    Community All-Star 2017
    Earned by 20
    Congratulations, you have been a top contributor in the English Community during the All-Star Game period!
  • ASG Rookie of the Year 2017
    ASG Rookie of the Year 2017
    Earned by 2
    Congratulations! You were voted Rookie of the Year for the All-Star Game competition in 2017!
  • Debut Author
    Debut Author
    Earned by 25
    Thanks for publishing your first article in the community! Your writing debut will be a hit!
  • Happy 10th Anniversary!
    Happy 10th Anniversary!
    Earned by 2,913
    The HP Support Community has turned the big 1-0! Thank you for being a part of it!
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