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Spectre Bios F.31 really killing performance

HP Spectre x360 Convertible 15-df0xxx
Microsoft Windows 10 (64-bit)

I originally posted this issue here..  ... but so far no response, though admittedly there was a lot to wade through, and at the start of that thread I hadn't pinpointed the problem was with the BIOS.


So long story short version...


I upgraded the BIOS from F.28 to F.31 in an attempt to fix the fan (almost) continuously being on. Initially this seemed successful and I was very happy...


Until I came to use the computer in anger to do productive things. With the slightest load, the computer would crater the CPU speed to a fraction of what it should be (often <1GHz; should be up to 4GHz, but at least 2.2GHz) - with all the reduction in usability you'd expect. (See post linked above for full information / screenshots / evidence / etc)


Switching back to BIOS  F.28 recovered the performance, but not unexpectedly, the 'fan nearly always on' problem returned.


I tried switching the BIOS versions back and forth a couple of times and it was consistent...


  • F.28 good performance, but fan (almost) always on even when computer doing minimal-to-no work.
  • F.31 nice and quiet when idle, but the moment (within seconds) I try to be productive, performance disappears, rendering it unusable for productive work.


I've reverted back to F.28 because I really do need the performance - that's why I paid a significant premium for this CPU / memory / graphics card.


But the fan always being on is, I'll admit, quite irritating at the times (understatement) when I'm not doing productive work, so much so it's prompted me to try again with this post...


  • Is HP aware of this dire performance issue with the F.31 Bios?
  • Is there any indication when a fix / further update might be in the pipeline?


I note, since I downgraded back to F.28, the HP Support Assistant is still trying to get me to upgrade to the F.31. Surely HP aren't still putting such a performance killer out as a routine 'update'?


Or is it just my PC that's encountering this F.31 problem? Might there be another problem on this PC that's interacting very badly with the F.31 BIOS?




(Since I bought this laptop (for home/personal use), I've been given a new Dell laptop of very similar equivalent spec at work (6core, 4+GHz, 16GB, etc), and the experience is very different. That remains very quiet until the unit really is put under a lot of stress - and then it gets very noisy; but only under the sort of stress where such fan noise is to be expected, which even at work doesn't happen often, but that as a result feels a very stable, dependable, high performance PC on which I can breeze through productive work, without getting distracted trying to fix issues with it. But at the moment this HP Spectre fan / performance problems with the BIOS is really undermining my experience with this HP Spectre unit, which apart from these issues around the BIOS, otherwise feels like a great PC - the screen is great, the performance with BIOS F.28 is great ... except for the very irritating fan noise when it isn't under load!!.., etc)

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