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    Fix Windows 10 Update Issues

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Overheating, WIFI crashing, Keyboard backlight failing - ENVY 13-ar* needs new BIOS + Drivers

HP ENVY x360 13-ar0212ng
Microsoft Windows 10 (64-bit)

Hello community,

mainly hello HP,


first of all, I'm working in an IT company myself and I've already checked everything with my IT colleagues, so I can tell you for sure, that my brand new Envy 13-ar0212ng can only get fixed with updated WIFI drivers and a BIOS Update that isn't available yet.

The hardware was tested and everything is ok technically!

Also I've found many user reports about the same problems with that model with faulty CPU fan control and WIFI issues.

Some of that reports are not very detailed so I just believe they didn't find out what is the reason for the overheating because they are just regular users.

HP germany isn't responding since 2.5 weeks to my problem! What a shame...





1. Overheating with system lockup

This problem is very critical and potential dangerous, because it can cause the battery to overheat as well, what can cause an explosion with a 1000°C hot flame. You could melt metal at that temperature.

To be clear, the laptop is perfectly cool and quiet while normal usage and also heavy usage is not problem and the fan stays on a normal rpm and noise level. The CPU normally doesn't go higher then 65°C under heavy usage and keeps running cool at around 37-40°C, as long as the screen stays on.

This problem only appears, when the SCREEN is going to standby.  -> The Envys fan is also completely shutting down. But the CPU is still working because it's not the regular system standby.

Computer standby is completely disabled! BIOS is set to "Fan alway on" and Windows system cooling policy is set to "Active".

Sometimes it also happens, that the fan isn't starting when waking up the display. Also the keyboard backlight and powerbutton backlight is affected by this (see 3. at the bottom).

I've also got another 1.5 years old Envy that doesn't act like that.

It's enough if the Envy is starting an automatic Windows Update in the background to run very hot and lockup.

Reproducible with CPU stresstest (eg with CPU-Z) and setting the screen timeout to 1 minute. After 2 minutes the CPU is around 95°C hot in a cool 20°C environment with perfect conditions for a laptop (eg airflow isn't blocked by something). Before the screen is going to standby the maximum was around 65°C while stresstesting the CPU with CPU-Z and fan was running with normal rpm.

I've tried different drivers and I've also tried an older BIOS version from the HP Website as well.

The Envy was delivered with BIOS Version F.13 and the newest BIOS on the HP Website is F.12, where already something was written about fan adjustments in the change log. So there is a known problem with the fan, but nothing really gets changed about or nobody really realize what is causing that devices to overheat.

With the downgrade to BIOS F.12 the only difference is, that the fan has more rpm at the same temperatures compared with the delivered F.13.

Some BIOS developer might have done something wrong when setting up the power state for screen standby.

The BIOS has to get fixed immediately!

I've attached a video where you can see a reproduced test scenario. I started using Notebook FanControl the first time for test and information purposes, when I realized that laptop has a overheating problem. The problem was already there before.


2. WIFI issues - instable WIFI and driver is hanging up including system BSOD

Disconnects every few minutes (conditions are fine, all other devices don't have problems.

That problem is known for the Realtek RTL8822BE module since the beginning of 2019 and there is no fix yet.

Also it's known, that the module is very incompatible with Windows 10 1903 but this is the Windows that Envy was delivered with.

I've installed Windows 10 1909 beta and with driver version 2024.0.8.107 [03.05.2019] it's working ok, but not perfect.

All other drivers are crashing every few minutes, but this one could have lucky days or gives you hours before hanging up.

Sometimes this working driver is also crashing and I do get BSOD few minutes later when WIFI connection broke up.

Why delivering a device with such a worse WIFI module and the most worse Windows version for this device?

Seems that no one is really testing that models before delivering to customers.

HP has to get in contact with Realtek for new drivers and/or Firmware, else most customers will continue to send their new devices back to the dealers and HP can consider to do some more employee termination workflows soon because of bad stocks.


3. Keyboard- and Powerbuttonbacklight failing to reactivate sometimes

Sometimes when the keyboard backlight is going to sleep (thats normal, it has it's own firmware controlled standby), it doesn't wake up again. Also the powerbutton-light would stay off  together with the keyboard backlight sometimes after waking the device from the screen standby.

This might be a combined problem with 1.

I can only get it working with tricks (see video at the bottom), but sometimes I have to completely shut down the Envy (reboot doesn't work, so it's not a driver issue!).

If that phenomenon with power-LED and keyboard-backlight happens, also the fan isn't starting even if the screen is on and CPU is already hot (see video below that is starting while that phenomenon happened).

I had another Envy that was forcing me to send it back to the dealer and this one also had keyboard backlight problems, but that one was also ignoring 20% of the buttons pressed, even after the whole laptops hardware was changed.

I'm sure it's a general problem with HP notebooks at the moment.


Here is the mentioned Video that is showing the fan issue and the keyboard-backlight and powerbutton-light issue. You can hear the fan starting after doing the workaround with the fingerprint reader, that isn't working forever. This test was done without any CPU stresstest:


I hope someone from HP will finally address that issues and gives some serious feedback to me, else I'm forced to also send this device back to the dealer next week and it would be my last HP product for the next years.

Too bad, it would be such a nice notebook.

Update (Januar 2020) - Der Hersteller ist unfähig, begriffsstutzig und/oder ignorant. BIOS + Standby + Lüftersteuerung fehlerhaft BITTE ALLE BETROFFENEN HIER...
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