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Pavilion 15 P289SA
Microsoft Windows 10 (64-bit)

Computer: HP Pavilion 15-P289SA (purch 2015), 16 Gb, AMD A10 5745 64 bit quad processor, Realtek audio.

Current windows version: 1809 (yes, past its support end date!)


Quality & security updates to this machine run fine, but the feature updates sadly don’t – getting most of the way through over a 40-50 minute duration, and then requiring a hard power on rather than rebooting automatically.  At this point the system rolls back the updates applied (a further ~15 mins).  For a good while the update was trying to install version 1909; it never got as far as looking for 2004 or 20H2. Looking at the Update History, the error code was invariably 0xc1900101.


Having looked online for this error code I have tried:

  • Temporarily turning off my AV (Norton360) (no difference)
  • Running SFC /scannow (most recent run found some errors to fix, but I don’t know what)
  • DISM (no errors found)
  • Renaming the SoftwareDistribution folder to force creation of a new one.  This went trying to install 20H2 rather than 1909, but had the same outcome as before; but a different error code - 0x80240034.  It then immediately tried to update to 1909 again – same outcome, but back to 0xc1900101.
  • Looking in the edb.log file in the SoftwareDistribution\DataStore\Logs folder, I searched for the error code.  The relevant bit of it seemed to be the following:

{3E5F2A16-8607-4C62-BDB1-D256BFFE634B}        2020-11-23 14:56:54:622-0000    1              162 [AGENT_DOWNLOAD_SUCCEEDED]         101         {DAE2CE71-729B-45FF-8810-7BBCD473FF03}        1              0                UpdateOrchestrator       Success Content Download          Download succeeded.                LhUDb3URmE6M+lJH.

{91B8FCF8-8743-4254-B2FB-B85781DF6E03}         2020-11-23 14:56:58:561-0000    1              181 [AGENT_INSTALLING_STARTED] 101         {DAE2CE71-729B-45FF-8810-7BBCD473FF03}        1              0                UpdateOrchestrator       Success Content Install   Installation Started: Windows has started installing the following update: Feature update to Windows 10, version 20H2  LhUDb3URmE6M+lJH.

{2E08B2A5-97DD-423A-BE9F-FDF8F39C1B45}       2020-11-23 19:42:46:533-0000    1              201 [AGENT_INSTALLING_PENDING] 101         {DAE2CE71-729B-45FF-8810-7BBCD473FF03}        1              240005                UpdateOrchestrator       Success Content Install   Installation pending.       LhUDb3URmE6M+lJH.

{E175C3D6-88CA-4C2A-8ED5-01FE67644BF3}       2020-11-24 06:20:42:348-0000    1              182 [AGENT_INSTALLING_FAILED]    101         {DAE2CE71-729B-45FF-8810-7BBCD473FF03}        1              c1900101                UpdateOrchestrator       Failure  Content Install   Installation Failure: Windows failed to install the following update with error 0xc1900101: Feature update to Windows 10, version 20H2.      LhUDb3URmE6M+lJH.


As I write it’s trying again, but to 20H2.


Please can anyone throw any light on this?  Is there any way of finding out just what the update process is complaining about?  Does the finger of suspicion point at drivers on some of the installed hardware (albeit that neither HP support nor Windows update are showing any issues)?


I’ve seen a number of similar posts here with different hardware, and using different Windows versions.  However, I’m loth to have to do a complete Windows re-install, since presumably I’d lose any pre-installed apps that came with the machine as well as all my data and apps installed subsequently – and all the customisation on them that make them workable day-to-day.  A big job to reinstate them all!

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