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Last night we've tried to complete the upgrade process for our Polycom CMA 5000 with an external SQL database (Non-redundant setup).

The CMA was originally running version 5.0, which we upgraded step-by-step all the way to 5.5.0.

When trying to upgrade from 5.5.0 to 6.0, we've encountered various errors, limiting us from completing the upgrade process.


We've followed the upgrade guide (http://supportdocs.polycom.com/PolycomService/support/global/documents/support/setup_maintenance/pro...) as well as the printed guide that we've received with the 6.0.0 restore DVD, however nothing seems to do the trick.

In addition, the printed guide that is shipped with the DVD is out of date, since it requires from me to immediately upload Patch #2 (CMA-patch_6.0.0.2-78582.bin) after loading 6.0.0, but that's not possible since the patch can no longer be found at the given address (http://support.polycom.com/PolycomService/support/us/support/network/management_scheduling/cma_4000_...

We did find version 6.0.1 and it's corresponding patch, however due to errors we are unable to upload either of them to the server.


At the moment, we have the following situation:


1. CMA running 6.0.0 with updated database files to match 6.0 (hence rollback to 5.5.0 complains about the database being newer and inaccesible)

2. Unable upload patches

3. Unable to restore anything from backup

4. Unable to add Sites/Locations


We even tried the approach of disabling the external database and allowing the CMA to build an internal one, however this still did not allow us to create any sites, which in turn makes calls impossible.


Has anybody encountered this?



Any assistance would be of great help!

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It sounds like you have entered the Twlight Zone. You are probably getting the weird @@ error message when trying to add sites.


For you, here is what I would do:


1) Shutdown the CMA

2) Restore a backup of the 3 databases before you started the upgrade process

3) Use the DVD to reimage the CMA to v6.0

4) Configure the CMA with IP addresses and other network stuff

5) At this point you can point to external DB or wait until the last step to this

6) Upgrade to v6.0.1 located here




7) Upgrade to v6.0.1 patch 2 (see above link)

😎 Configure for external DB if you haven't done it in step 5


When you configure for external DB, it will ask you if you want to upgrade your databases, make sure you do this. The other alternative is to overwrite the databases and start from fresh.


I hope this helps.



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Hi Simons,



Thank you for your response - we will try this and let you know how it goes.



Have a great day,




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Greetings Daniel, simons,


did you manage to solve your issue?


I have additional question. How exactly can you restore the internal database backup files (lets say we're using CMA 4000)? I tried numerous methods, but I cannot upload ReadiManager, Logger and XMPP.bak files back to the server in any way. The procedure also cannot be found anywhere in the manual.


Please be kind and provide advices if possible.


Thank you in advance!


Kind regards,



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You are able to upload the database archive for internal configured CMA systems by going to Admin > Backup System Settings > Database backup files.


If this is not available or you are having some other issues, I would recommend contacting Polycom Support. They have other methods which can be used to restore your databases which I can't publish here for security reasons.



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CMA 5000 (Internal Database)

We have gone thru the motions of successfully creating a database archive of our CMA on v5.5 software


We have then successfully re-imaged the CMA with v6.0 DVD, upgrade it to v6.0.1 and then applied the latest patch 4


We then upload the database archive and the CMA successful reboots, once the CMA has come back up we login with the expectation that we will see all the site information, endpoints, users ect - but alas we have nothing !!


The only indication that the CMA has taken the database archive is the fact we can see the XMPP.bak ReadiManager.bak and Logger.bak files that were present on our v5.5 viewable under Admin - Database Backup Files but with serial console access no longer available in v6 we can't restore from these.


Help would be most appreciated !!


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