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    Windows update impacting certain printer icons and names. Microsoft is working on a solution.
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    Need Windows 11 help?
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What’s new in Poly Rove 8.0.9, Click here to check it out!
HP Recommended

Since SIP 2.1.2 Polycom has introduced substitution strings that can be used when provisioning Polycom Phones via a server using either the 000000000000.cfg or a individual <mac>.cfg.


NOTE: Please check the Admin guide for the Product, Model, and Part Number Mapping for more details.


NOTE: The <mac>.cfg is just a place holder in this explanation for the Phones real unique MAC Address.


The following substitution strings [PHONE_MODEL], [PHONE_PART_NUMBER] ,and [PHONE_MAC_ADDRESS] can be used.


NOTE: Please ensure to use the [ and ] brackets!


! Please do not change the above strings !


The phone will automatically replace these with either the MAC Address, Phone Model or the Part Number during loading and parsing the 000000000000.cfg or a individual <mac>.cfg.


Valid current Part Numbers and Phone Models:

Product Name Model Name Part Number
SoundStructure VoIP Interface  SSTRVOIP 3111-33215-001
VVX D60 Wireless Handset VVXD60 3111-17823-001
VVX D230 VVXD230 2201-49230-001
VVX 101 VVX101 3111-40250-001
VVX 150 VVX1500 3111-48810-001
VVX 201 VVX201 3111-40450-001
VVX 250 VVX250 3111-48820-001
VVX 250 New Hardware VVX250 3111-48820-021
VVX 300 VVX300 3111-46135-002
VVX 301 VVX301 3111-48300-001
VVX 310 VVX310 3111-46161-001
VVX 311 VVX311 3111-48350-001
VVX 350 VVX350 3111-48830-001
VVX 350 New Hardware VVX350 3111-48830-021
VVX 400 VVX400 3111-46157-002
VVX 401 VVX401 3111-48400-001
VVX 410 VVX410 3111-46162-001
VVX 411 VVX411 3111-48450-001
VVX 450 VVX450 3111-48840-001
VVX 450 New Hardware VVX450 3111-48840-021
VVX 500 VVX500 3111-44500-001
VVX 501 VVX501 3111-48500-001
VVX 600 VVX600 3111-44600-001
VVX 601 VVX601 3111-48600-001
VVX 1500 VVX1500 2345-17960-001
Trio 8800 Trio8800 3111-65290-001
Trio Visual+ TrioVisualPlus 3111-66420-001
Trio 8500 Trio8500 3111-66700-001
Trio 8300 Trio8300 3111-66800-001
Trio C60 TrioC60 3111-86240-001
CCX 400 CCX400 3111-49700-001
CCX 500 CCX500 3111-49710-001
CCX 600 CCX600 3111-49770-001
CCX 700 CCX700 3111-49740-001

Usually this would be utilized in the config_files="" part of the 000000000000.cfg or a individual <mac>.cfg


An example could be: 


<?xml version="1.0" standalone="yes"?>
<!-- Default Master SIP Configuration File-->
<!-- For information on configuring Polycom VoIP phones please refer to the -->
<!-- Configuration File Management white paper available from: -->
<!-- http://www.polycom.com/common/documents/whitepapers/configuration_file_management_on_soundpoint_ip_phones.pdf -->
<!-- $RCSfile$  $Revision: 155255 $ -->


If just using SoundPoint IP 560 and SoundPoint IP phones as deployed units the above would expect the following files on your provisioning server labeled like this:


  • 000abcdefghi-region.cfg,
  • 000abcdefgh1-region.cfg,
  • SPIP560.cfg,
  • SPIP331.cfg,
  • region.cfg,
  • specific.cfg


Only the phone’s with the MAC Addresses 000abcdefghi and 000abcdefgh1 and only SoundPoint IP 560 and SoundPoint IP 331 would load specific values.


They would in addition also load the region.cfg and specific.cfg but ignore duplicate values as they had been already applied earlier by loading their specific settings.



UC Software 3.3.0, in addition, added the following:


Any configuration parameters can be set up to apply to a specific phone model by appending the PHONE Model Name descriptor to the parameter.


For example:




  • All phone models except the SoundPoint IP 560 and SoundStation IP 6000 will use the myserver.com as the Microbrowser home page.

  • The SoundPoint IP 560 will use the special ip560.html 

  • The SoundStation IP 6000 will use the server located at

Valid current Phone Model Names

Model System Name Model Name
SoundStructure VoIP Interface  SSTRVOIP SSTRVOIP
VVX D60 Wireless Handset VVXD60 VVXD60
VVX 101 Polycom VVX 101 VVX101
VVX 150 Polycom VVX 1500 VVX150
VVX 201 Polycom VVX 201 VVX201
VVX 250 Polycom VVX 250 VVX250
VVX 300 Polycom VVX 300 VVX300
VVX 301 Polycom VVX 301 VVX301
VVX 310 Polycom VVX 310 VVX310
VVX 311 Polycom VVX 311 VVX311
VVX 350 Polycom VVX 350 VVX350
VVX 400 Polycom VVX 400 VVX400
VVX 401 Polycom VVX 401 VVX401
VVX 410 Polycom VVX 410 VVX410
VVX 411 Polycom VVX 411 VVX411
VVX 450 Polycom VVX 450 VVX450
VVX 500 Polycom VVX 500 VVX500
VVX 501 Polycom VVX 501 VVX501
VVX 600 Polycom VVX 600 VVX600
VVX 601 Polycom VVX 601 VVX601
VVX 1500 Polycom VVX 1500 VVX1500
Trio 8800 Polycom Trio 8800 Trio8800
Trio 8500 Polycom Trio 8500 Trio8500
Trio Visual+ Polycom RealPresence Trio Visual+ TrioVisualPlus
Trio 8300 Trio8300 Trio8300
Trio C60 TrioC60 TrioC60
CCX 400 CCX400 CCX400
CCX 500 CCX500 CCX500
CCX 600 CCX600 CCX600
CCX 700 CCX700 CCX700

NOTE: For more details please check the Customizing Parameters for a Phone Model within the relevant Admin Guide matching the SIP / UC Software.

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