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Hello everyone,


We are pleased to announce that the Polycom® UC Software 4.0.8 associated utilities and documents are now available on the Polycom Product Support web pages http://support.polycom.com for download.


UC Software 4.0.8 is a UC Software maintenance release on 4.0.X stream which includes important field fixes including a fix for open SSL Poodle vulnerability .


Polycom UC Software 4.0.8 supports the following platforms:


  • SoundPoint IP321, IP331, IP335, IP450, IP550, IP560, IP650, IP670 , SoundStation IP5000, IP6000, IP7000, Duo, VVX 500, VVX 1500, VVX 1500C, VVX 1500D, SoundStructure VOIP Card


What is available now on web?


  • UC Software 4.0.8( Split & Combined)
  • Updater 4.0.8 for SSIP 6000 / 7000
  • Release Notes for 4.0.8


Note: Upgrading Updater on SoundStation IP 6000 and SoundStation IP 7000 systems


  • Polycom strongly recommends upgrading the SoundStation IP 6000 and SoundStation IP 7000 systems to use Updater 5.0.8 to ensure that the Open SSL fix is in place before you install UC Software 4.0.8.


How to download UCS 4.0.8 software, release notes & documents:


You can obtain the software and the related documentation from the supported phone model pages: example Click VVX500/Polycom® Latest UC Software Release/ Polycom® UC Software Support Center


Software is also available on the Polycom Hosted server and Phone can be upgraded by using the phone’s web UI.


New or Enhanced Features


The version 4.0.8 software version includes the features and functionality of 4.0.7, with the following addition:


  • You can now configure Exchange Calendar alert tones on Polycom VVX phones. (VOIP-96381)

    Administrators can customize Exchange Calendar alert tones using configuration files only. The parameter meeting.reminderType is an existing parameter that has been updated for the new customization functionality. (Related to VOIP-96381)

    ● You can now configure the Message Waiting Indicator (MWI) alert tone. (VOIP-94741)

    Administrators can customize MWI tones using configuration files only. The parameter mwi.reminder.enable is a new parameter that has been added.

    ● You can now configure whether applications can use the SSLv3 or SSLv2 protocols. (VOIP-97280)

    Administrators can customize use of these protocols using the parameter device.sec.TLS.SSLv2v3.enabled, a new parameter added with this release.


Configuration File Enhancements



Permitted Values



0 or 1



If 1, remotely handled calls are logged as missed calls.


  • The parameter call.advancedMissedCalls.enabled must also be set to 1.
  • The parameter call.advancedMissedCalls.addToRecievedList is ignored.


If 0, remotely handled calls are not logged as missed calls.



0 or 1



If 1, the local ringback tone does not play after 183 with SDP.

If 0, the local ringback tone plays immediately after 183 with or without SDP.



0 or 1



If 1, applications can use SSLv3 (or SSLv2) protocol.


  • Note that some applications disable both SSLv2 and SSLv3, regardless of this setting.


If 0, applications cannot use SSLv3 (or SSLv2) protocol.



0,1 or 2



If 2, all calendar reminders are audible and visual.

If 1, the first reminder is audible, followed by silent visual reminders

If 0, all reminders are silent visual reminders



0 or 1



If 1, a Message Waiting Indicator (MWI) tone plays each time the phone receives an MWI update.

If 0, no MWI tone is played.



0 or 1



If 0, the TCP Socket connection is closed after 1 minute. When the phone sends a new SIP message, a new connection is opened.

If 1, the TCP Socket connection remains open indefinitely.



0 or 1



If 1, the phone offers the full codec list in the resume offer.

If 0, the phone does not send the full codec list in the resume offer.

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