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Hello all,


we just released UC Software UCS RTS108 for all compatible VVX phones (VVX 150, 250, 350, 450 and EM 50, VVX 101, 201, 301/311, 401/411, 501, 601).


The UCS 6.4.0 software is a major release consisting of value-added features, enhancements, and various “Fast Track” consolidations supporting the VVX phone product line.

The primary theme driving this release is to enhance productivity and ease of maintenance for Work-From-Home WFH end users.


NOTE: Skype for Business is not certified using UC Software 6.4.0!


What is new?

  • Poly Lens Integration
  • Pausing When Dialing a Phone Number
  • Specify an Outgoing Line to a Contact
  • Advanced User Profile
  • Disable Local DND After 911 Calls
  • Poly Computer Audio Connector
  • Network Assessment Diagnostic Tools
  • Ping,Traceroute,DNS,NTP:,Screen capture
  • Expanded Support for uaCSTA Functions
  • Media Security Negotiation
  • Outbound Caller ID on a Shared Call
  • STIR/SHAKEN Calling Party ID Validation
  • STUN Server Failover
  • Join Zoom Meetings Using a BLF Key
    BLWT on Zoom Phones Barge-In Listen Whisper Takeover
  • Security Updates
    - CVE-2020-11022 | JQuery Vulnerability Fix
    - Web UI Buffer Overflow Vulnerability Fix
    - Web UI POST request no longer reboots phone
  • REST API enhancements to create screen captures of the phone or the expansion module, PING, Traceroute, DNS or SNTP as explained >here<


Network Assessment Diagnostics


The VVX Web Interface now includes Ping, Traceroute, DNS Test, NTP, ScreenShot capabilities under the Diagnostics menu


Current Network Status


Ping and Traceroute


NTP Test


DNS Test


Screen Capture



Lens Integration


Lens has been integrated into UC Software for VVX phones starting with UCS 6.3.0. The release of UCS 6.4.0 will include the full documentation of Lens and any new enhancements. Lens is disabled as default and system administrators have the option of enabling it using:




<web device.da.enabled="1"/>




Control Pausing Within a Speed Dial Destination


You can now insert a pause in a phone number. The dialling process pauses for a few seconds before dialling the next sequence of numbers in a phone number. Stacking these characters creates longer pauses. Insert a dial pause to bypass an automated phone menu or use pause characters to dial multiple phone numbers in one dial string. For example, create a dial string that dials a customer service number, pauses, then dials a specific extension that you frequently call.


Add a Pause in a Phone Number – Press the ‘*’ key on the dial-pad


You can then select the character-defining the length of the pause. A ‘p’ - insert a 1-second pause or a  ‘,’ - insert a 2-second pause


Control Pausing Within a Speed Dial Destination


You can insert a (hard) pause character in a phone number so the phone displays a confirmation dialogue to continue dialling the rest of the number. Adding a (hard) pause character pauses the call at the inserted point while dialing.



  1. Start entering the phone number
  2. Insert a ‘;’ where you want a pause and notify in the dial string
  3. Enter the rest of the number.

For example, the string 18005551234,;5678 directs the phone to do the following:

  1. Dials 1-8-0-0-5-5-5-1-2-3-4 and pauses for 2 seconds
  2. Displays a dialog with the string 5678 and prompt you to continue dialing the number
  3. After you confirm, then dial 5-6-7-8

Specify an Outgoing Line to a Contact


You can now add an Outgoing Line to a contact’s directory information to specify the line to use for the contact. This ensures that you use the correct line for calls to this contact.

Note: If you place a call using the outgoing line in this way, any call on the line currently on hold is terminated, as the placed call takes over the line.

image image


 Poly Computer audio Connector


The Poly Computer Audio Connector is an application that enables you to pair your Poly VVX phone with a Windows 10 computer. The primary use case is for WFH users that need to enhance the quality of PC-based audio conferencing using the VVX phone’s HD Audio termination - similar to using a USB-based speakerphone.

  • The Poly Computer Audio Connector can be downloaded and installed from the Poly support page for compatible phones.
  • Click on Poly PC Audio Connector and download PolyComputerAudioConnector_Installer_V1.0.0.10_rel.zip and Unzip the downloaded file and select Poly Computer Audio Connector.msi.

Once installed and configured, you can then use VVX phones as a “speakerphone” similar to our existing SfB equivalent BToE.

No USB ports are required as this uses the PC port on the Phone via Ethernet. The solution provides a secure method of transferring audio over Ethernet using a G.722 codec.



Paired State:




Pause = will stop the audio between the phone and the PC (to and from).

NOTE: Pause will NOT interact or control any media player. It will only halt the speakerphone audio termination (to/from) on the phone.

Lines = temporarily changes or “previews” the home/lines screen but then returns to the audio screen (upper right) after 5 seconds. This allows you to quickly and easily check the status of other calls.






Hide = changes the screen to

This will maintain the screen and allow users to perform other functions while the PC audio is running in the background.




PC Audio = changes the screen back to

PC Audio calls are dropped by the application, e.g. Teams, Zoom, etc., on the PC.






Sets the pairing mode for Poly Computer Audio Connector:
  0 - (default) Disables the pairing mode for Poly Computer Audio Connector.
  1 - Enables the pairing mode for Poly Computer Audio Connector.




Allows you to add the Audio Connector menu to your Home screen:
  0 - (default) - Disables the Audio Connector menu.
  1 - Enables the Audio Connector menu.



If feature.computeraudioconnector.enabled and feature.btoe.enabled are enabled at the same time, the BToE menu takes priority and it will be displayed rather than PC Audio Connector.

To avoid this conflict, disable feature.btoe.enabled.


Improved Call Handling


  • Calling Party Verification using STIR/SHAKEN protocol
  • Improved Caller ID Information for Outbound Calls on Shared Call Appearances
  • STUN Failover and server discovery based on DNS SRV


Older Software:

  • Older 6.3.1 release >here<
  • Older 6.3.0 release >here<
  • Older 6.2.1 release >here<
  • Older 6.2.0 release >here<
  • Older 6.1.1 release >here<
  • Older 6.1.0 release >here<
  • Older 6.0.0 release >here<
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