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The HP Community is where owners of HP products, like you, volunteer to help each other find solutions.
HP Recommended

Update Jan 2022:  Please use this > link < to search for PDFs of the newer products.  Poly will be posting PDFs on the Poly Knowledge base going forward.


This is an unofficial, non-controlled document.  Efforts have been made to assure the accuracy of the information at the time posted.


It is being posted to make it available to interested parties instead of requesting it from Polycom SEs.


In August 2021 the presentation outgrew the size allowed for a file on this forum.  There are now 2 files that provide the information. The original one includes the RP Group Series which is not included in the Rev2 version.


On the revisions slide you can click the words with different color and link to that slide to see the addition/changes.


Includes these products:

  • G7500 with accessories, including a high level BOM for each major configuration
  • RealPresence Group Series
  • RealPresence Trio (separete presentation)
  • RealPresence Debut
  • Polycom Studio
  • Polycom Pano
  • EagleEye Cameras including the USB versions
  • RealPresence Medialign, rev1, rev2


Please note the disclaimer at the beginning of the deck.


Last update:  June 20, 2018  (see first slide for revisions history)

Jan 23, 2019


Added a separate deck on October 26, 2018 for the Trio, Visual+, EagleEye Mini USB camera, and the EagleEye USB camera.  See the drawings for the GS 310/500 for the dimensions of the VisualPro.


Feb 7, 2019:  Polycom Studio and a slide about extending tabletop microphone arrays with ceiling microphone arrays.


September 2019 - Added the Poly Medialign, renamed file to show Group Video at the front of the file name.


October 2019  Added a slide in the Poly Medialign section about defining distances based on display sizes and resolutions.


March 2020 added drawings for VESA mounts for the Poly Studio X30 & X50.  Mar 25 corrected the X30 VESA mount drawing.  Also updated the G7500 IP microphone drawing, added a couple of dimensions to it.

May 2021 - Added the Sync Family to the Group Video line drawings file, at the end.

Sept 2021 - Added the X70 and the G7500 wall mount bracket

HP Recommended

Hi everyone.  Added some additional information to this today about the EE Producer and the EE Director II.  Look at the slides about camera accessories. 


The one thing that drove this was questions around the 'conversion' of the EE Producer for the EagleEye III camera to the EagleEye IV camera.  Hope the details provided help in the understanding of what is different.  The PDF on the slide is a detail side-by-side comparision of the 2 BOMs.

HP Recommended

Added the information on these items since last post:


Polycom Pano

EagleEye Director II spare parts kit

StereoSpeaker kit

Updated "U" sandwich bracket for wall mounting GS 310/500 codec, EE Producer and EE 14 camera together

Acoustic Fence ceiling microphone array bundle

RP Medialign rev.2 added

RP Medialign rev.1 marked End of Sale

HP Recommended

Update for Nov 2019


X-family information


Other minor details added.

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