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Hi All,

I updated my Polycom HDX 7000 to Release -

Now that I have gone to update my Touch Control I get the error message: "Error initializing software package. Please verify the software package or obtain a new one, and try again. If the software package resides on a remote server, please contact your administrator.

Please verify the software update package or obtain a new software update package, and try again"

I've tried both with USB, and connecting to Polycom site direct from the Touch Control.

When doing USB, I have downloaded the two zipped packages, and extracted them to the root of my USB, and where prompted merged folders and replaced duplicate files (as advised in the polycom literature). I have removed all other files from the USB before doing this.

I don't have any other Polycom Touch Controls in production to test on.

Has anyone else run into these issues when updated the softare on the Touch Controls?

Thanks in advance


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Try this process:  (See the attached doc for reference)


copy the two 1.7 zipped files to the root of the USB stick (no other files on the stick)



Power off the panel and insert the stick.

Turn the panel over and locate the two small holes on the right

The outer hole is a reset button for which you will need a paper clip

the hole just to its left is an LED.

Insert a paper clop in the outer hole, you will feel the click.

HOLD the paperclip while powering on the panel

- HOLD the paper clip until the LED begins to blink

This will load the software -But does not install it -

After the load is complete POWER OFF the panel and REMOVE the USB stick 

REPEAT the paper clip procedure

- This will install the software just loaded -

The panel should now have 1.7 loaded and be able to pair to the HDX

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Thanks Ken,


Your solution worked!

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Hi Ken,


There is a Polycom Touch Control with me with exactly the same problem. I tried the procedure as described by you, but when I did the first part, the "Home" icon stayed steadily white and nothing else happened after.


When I rebbot the PTC, it shows the Android interface as a regular tablet. See the attached images.


What should I do to solve this problem?


Thanks in advance.


André Silveira

Polycom SE, CALA

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Andre, the process didn’t work for some reason.


First thing it might be, and it looks like I did not mention this in the post.


The stick needs to be formatted FAT32.  


So be sure you have BOTH zip files on the stick. Do Not un-zip them.


Make sure you have the correct files version to match the HDX or Group Series system the PTC will be paired with.


Then try the process again.


If all this fails then the PTC needs to be RMA’d.

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I have experienced the same issue as Shane, however, I am unable to perform local updates for each device as they are in remote offices.

Does anyone have any suggestions as to how I could fix this remotely?

Software versions are 3.1.2 (HDX) and 1.8.0 (PTC).


Thanks in advance


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Hi I have the same issue here. Can't update the software to pair with Soundstructure.

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Hi Kendo,


I did twice all that you mentioned and still the Remote is presenting that the running software is not compatible...

I am running 5.0.0-211246 on the PolyHDX501 and trasfered only the polycom-venus-apps-5.0.0-211246.zip and polycom-venus-platform-5.0.0-411.zip files on a FAT32 USB.

Did the procedure that you wrote with no success.


Can yu help me?



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