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HP Prime Emulator keyboard mapping issues



I have tried out the HP Prime Calculator Emulator and found two keyboard mis-mappings.


1) the "Shift" function on the calculator is mapped to the Control (Ctrl) keys, not the Shift keys

[Note: I prefer the keyboard, so please do not recommend I right-click to do a shift]


2) the Minus ("-") key on the keypad has been incorrectly mapped to the plus-minus key on the emulator ("+/-")


As an example, try typing:




if you use the keypad minus key, it will come out -432, not 41.


OK, that's it. Thank you and hope to hear from you soon.


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Re: HP Prime Emulator keyboard mapping issues



Actually, this is not mismapped in any way. Were the "shift" key be used as you say, it would be impossible to type text directly into the emulator. What has traditionally been called the shift function maps directly to the pc concept of "control" rather then shift. Shift is purely for upper/lowercase on the computer and so has been mapped as such.

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Re: HP Prime Emulator keyboard mapping issues

I'm not sure I agree with your statement, but at least you, a member of the calculator group, replied back saying why you don't believe the keyboard mapping issue isn't a design flaw. And for that courtesy I thank you.


For the most part, I'm very happy with the emulator and plan on purchasing a HP Prime Calculator for collector purposes. I own an HP 48SX and have seldom used it and the battery still works. I own a number of other HP hardware (non-calculator) products and am very happy with them. Please keep up the good work.


Again, thank you for your timely response and if you wish to close out this post as "resolved" then you have my permission and cooperation.


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Re: HP Prime Emulator keyboard mapping issues

Think of it this way then - all previous calculators were purely "key" based while the 39gII and then Prime are text based. Key based means that all input is generated through key presses which are mapped to function or potentially text. If you fire up a 50g emulator for example, you cannot just type A B C on your computer keyboard. You will have to press the ALPHA key to turn on the alpha function and then can press A B C to type.


In contrast, on Prime *any* characters you send it are interpreted directly as characters. Whether you are typing in english, chinese or pasting text from a website it is all handled *directly* as text. This does mean that pressing certain keys does not actuate a key on the keyboard which is what you may be considering the drawback here. However, the benefits far outwiegh the negatives in my opinion.


For example, try to type out sin(x*y)/cos(tan(y)) on the 50g emulator if you have one. I highly suspect that you will be much, much quicker typing it out exactly as shown on the Prime emulator since everything is directly accesable on your keyboard versus having to press ALPHA to get the Y and similar things. You can even just copy and paste it directly in with no fancy work at all.


It is for this "text based" reason that SHIFT must behave the way it is expected to work on the computer. Otherwise you've not be able to type half the normally used characters and people would be complaining quite heavily about that I think.

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Re: HP Prime Emulator keyboard mapping issues



One of the problem with Shift on the PC keyboard is that it does not act at all like a calcualtor shift... and the PC keyboard has a completely different mapping.


For example, on my keyboard (AZERTY), all the numbers ARE shifted! so, in order to type a number, I HAVE to press on shift...

Imagine what that would do with the emulator if the PC shift was mapped on the calcualtor shift!


On a PC, you can either work with keycodes or with Ascii, Keycode basicaly only depends on the key position on the keyboard. This is problematic as the 'meaning' of the key is independent on the position when you change keyboard type. If the emualtor uses keycodes, the keycode for the A key on an AZERTY keyboard is the same as the keycode on the Q key on a QWERTY keyboard. This would realy mes up things for non american peoples...


Prime works with Ascii letters sent from the Keyboard translation layer of the OS. It is good as it allows you to type nearly 'normaly' on the emulator. But in some cases, it has some drawbacks.


I assume that you have noticed that the F1-F10 keys are mapped to the top 10 calculator keys (that is, if you are lucky enough to still have a keyboard wit function keys as these are a disapearing breed!)



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Re: HP Prime Emulator keyboard mapping issues

You can tweak the skin by editing the .skin file in the program files directory. However the shift key can't be switched for the ctrl.


I don't like how the control key stay pushed when you paste something, so I just removed the "17" (keycode for ctrl) from the shift definition:

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