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Re: Read this for CD/DVD Drive with burning, missing drives, not seeing discs

My concern is that  DVD  CD rom on my computer does not even show up in the device manager. I just got this computer in November the 6. I can do a factory restore and it will work for a few days and then the DVD  CD rom is gone again I have windows 7 64 bit system on my HP Pavilion p6203w b



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Re: Read this for CD/DVD Drive with burning, missing drives, not seeing discs

Just about 2 weeks back, I bought brand new HP-Pavilion p6210y. Yesterday, for the first time, I tried to import songs from CD. The itune and Windows media player show the CD but freeze while importing. However, the Cyberlink DVD player works. Note: Cyberling works only if I don't do any other multitasking. If I start brousing internet or work on other program while downloading CD, then it stops working. Please helppppppppppp!

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missing drives, not seeing discs


I bought a Compaq Presario C542EA Notebook PC and the operating system was Windows Vista™ Home Premium. I have upgraded the operating system to Windows 7. But now I’m unable to run the optical drive, I cannot use any CD or DVD, even the drive has disappeared. I tried to find the software at COMPAQ site but it’s not there ( http://h10025.www1.hp.com/ewfrf/wc/softwareCategory?product=3357417&lc=en&cc=uk&dlc=en&submit.y=7&su...   ).

Please help me if you can and many thanks in advance. 

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Re: missing drives, not seeing discs

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You do not need a "driver". Did you remove the upper/lower filters from the registry (or the MS Fixit solution) and restart the PC? See start of this thread - #1.



You are probably suffering from too many background tasks - possibly viruses. Too many operations going on - not just the ones you see. Try bringing up Task Manager (CTRL + SHIFT + ESC) , and click the performance tab. Try buring a disc and watch the little green lines go up. Before you burn a disc that little line should be hugging 0-1% for CPU Usage. Try reducing your memory as well - writing does a lot of caching.

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Re: missing drives, not seeing discs

I have this problem with a newly purchased p6320f when pulling into iTunes. Stalls and the drive can go into wild high rpm moments and then back down but the process is stalled and doesn't advance the ripping.


I did this, and then a test re-rip of a CD into iTunes and it went without incident:




I do not know if it will be a stable repair.

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Re: missing drives, not seeing discs

Update since my post of 3-3.  Although I successfully imported one disc before writing the 3-3 post, the problem recurred immediately after that.


Today, for an unrelated issue, I made a change to the setting for the paging file, or virtual memory. I went to a custom setting of 12000 with a max of 20000. This seemed to resolve the issue I was having with another program. Later in the day, I needed to rip 2 CDs into iTunes. They both went through quickly and without a problem. Then, I used Windows Media Player to rip 2 CDs to MP3. Those also went fast and had no problem.


So, did this fix the problem?  I am not sure, but this is the first time I have been able to get 2 CDs through without a problem.


If this did, in fact, fix the problem, what I believe the issue to be is that Win 7 64-bit's automatic paging file size management has a bug, so you need to set a large paging size to cover the stuff you run.


I will post back here again with another update when I have run some more CDs through.



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Re: missing drives, not seeing discs

Update:  Since my post of last night, I have ripped 3 more CDs into iTunes. Fast and smooth. No problems.



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Re: Read this for CD/DVD Drive with burning, missing drives, not seeing discs



One year ago after I uninstall a program from my laptop.  Then the dvd rom icom disappear from the device manager. The dvd rom worked fine when I install to the laptop of my daughter, but when I take out the DVD rom of the laptop of my daughter, my laptop don't detect the dvd rom. I restore my Operating System trying to resolve the problem and didn't work. But when my  Operating System was making update the dvd rom appear and start working fine. After the laptop restart the problem came back.


The program I have to burning CD/ DVD was Nero, but rigth now none. The program that I uninstall from my laptop was Wolrd of Warcraft. I do not know how that happend!


 I need your help.:smileysad:


Information of my Laptop:


HP Pavilion dv6751us Entertainment Notebook PC


Notebook Model - HP Pavilion dv6700 Notebook PC

Product Number  - KM327UA#ABA

Processor Type - AMD Turion (tm) 64 X2

                              - Mobile Technology TL - 62

Processor Speed - 2100 Mhz

Total Memory - 4096MB

Bios Version - F.32


DVD Rom Model - TS-L632N/HPMH





Operating System:


Windows Vista Home Premium

Service Pack 2

32 - bit Operating System

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Re: Read this for CD/DVD Drive with burning, missing drives, not seeing discs

I am running Windows Vista Home Premium.  My system sees the F, G, H, and I removeable disc drives, but it does not see any discs in the drive--even though there is a disc in the drive.  I went into Regedit to remove the Upper and/or Lower filter, and I found the proper entry.  However, the list on the right side did not contain any Upper or Lower filter.  Your comment said, "That is probably why you can't access your CD drive." 


How can I fix this?

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Re: Read this for CD/DVD Drive with burning, missing drives, not seeing discs

Did you try Mr Fixit?



Boot into the bios and check to ensure that your bios recognizes the cd/dvd drive.

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