Hard Disc errors shown on scan/test (3553 Views)
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Hard Disc errors shown on scan/test

Hi, some help please

My HP Pavillion  a6421.uk computer ran (itself) a monthly (never seen it before in two years !), maintainence test, and the following errors came up. Seems something to do withGeneric USB Disk Device (Hard Drive)

Test name error code

Random seek test HD535-5W

Funnel seek test HD535 - 3W

Surface scan test HD535 - 2W

Surface scan test 2 HD535 - 2W

There were no suggestions of how to correct these errors. Are they serious/a problem, or should I just ignore - thanks

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Re: Hard Disc errors shown on scan/test

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Champ, with every test showing an error code, I suggest that you backup your personal data ASAP.  I may be incorrect, but it seems like your drive is ready to fail.

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Re: Hard Disc errors shown on scan/test

I find it amazing that all we get are canned letters or told to use a support forum the first and second HD HP sent me were both defective, Since June of 2009 I have no working system and they have all of the money I had for a new PC. I am disabled ths was supposed to be to IMPROVE the quality of my life, what a joke, and they STILL have not sent the WIndows 7 upgrade I'm entitled to.


I guess I'm out of luck with the REPLACEMENT HD defective with errors NEW, and I get the same errors and more, I can't even use system restore and I've already wiped it, reformatted it and put it back to FACTORY CONDITION which they told me would fix everything.Nothing is going to help but a NEW HARD DRIVE and HP and Windows should be ashamed of themselves.


So you're not alone I get it too on my NEW computer which will probably end up going to my disability rights conservator at this point

If you find a fix p lease post. Thanks, sorry I am no help!

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Re: Hard Disc errors shown on scan/test

Random seek test HD535-5W

my pc just did the same,only with the above fail message.

do not know if there is a real problem or not.


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Re: Hard Disc errors shown on scan/test

i got the same error.I then bought a new drive and 3 weeks later same result. I've  been running with it finr for over a year and seen alotta discussions about this.End result is its a hp issue where its misreading there are solutions online that are easy to fix this but really no need too.

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Re: Hard Disc errors shown on scan/test

Your smart scan is failing too and that what causes this error but its not really true

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Re: Hard Disc errors shown on scan/test

Actual quote: "Seems something to do withGeneric USB Disk Device (Hard Drive)".  Issued dated 01/01/2010


Actual answer: it is referencing the USB card reader.  per:




Although this is a random problem for the card reader, I had to LOL at the logic test.

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Re: Hard Disc errors shown on scan/test

Got the same message.  I have a HP Pavillion, model a6857c.  have same questions:  how to fix it, and how bad it is?  Thanks!

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Re: Hard Disc errors shown on scan/test

Recently, the Hardware Diagnostics scan reveals a problem identified as a HD535-3W error.

How do I repair this?

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Re: Hard Disc errors shown on scan/test



It's not something that can be repaired. The hard drive is failing. You should back up your data and replace the hard drive, or wait for it to fail and change it out.

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