wireless keyboard not working
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Re: wireless keyboard not working

Dont wanna sound bad or nothing but did you try the connect button on the keyboard ( on bottom)? I know sometimes on my pavillion when I get no typing onscreen it seems the connection and communication between the USB and keyboard fail..a reconnection may help, I use rechargable batteries and no problems so far :smileyhappy:

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Re: wireless keyboard not working

Had the hp wireless keyboard for about 6 months when it just suddenly stopped working.  At first just thought it was the batteries, but multiple battery changes didn't help.  We looked on line and tried everything:  steps to connect keyboard wirelessly (blue button on bottom, etc), update drivers, return to old settings when key board worked, etc.  Spent three or four hours trying to fix it.  Nothing worked and just had to replace keyboard (with another brand).  In searching for answers saw numerous posts of other people with relatively new wireless hp keyboards which just up and died in the same way (it always seems like the mouse kept working, as it did in my case).  Hp people, you might want to look into it, it has certainly made me wary of hp products and I won't be buying another one any time soon. 

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Re: wireless keyboard not working

I wanted to confirm what the user hphayta listed as his fix.  These keyboards only seem to work with a certain type of battery.  I found the best results with a plain ALKALINE battery.  I'm specifically using an Energizer, but I would guess most any Alkaline would work.


My original battery went dead after 6 months, and I replaced with a rechargeable Nickel-metal hydride (NiMh).  My keyboard started behaving sluggish less than 24 hours later.  I thought there was no way it was the battery, because these are the batteries that last forever in a digital camera (when Alkaline's get drained in about 1 hour in a digital camera).  I tried ever fix possible, even blaming it on a new wireless router I had put in.  I changed the router's wireless channels, removed cordless phones, and about everything else.


Finally I put another set of rechargeable batteries in, and everything worked great for about another 24 hours.  I then decided to go back to a plain Alkaline battery, and all has been well for over a week now.


I'm sure that's not the issue for everyone, but maybe it will help some.  So many of the batteries today are made for digital devices, and we had to look specifically for the Alkaline, making sure not to get a NiMh or Lithium Ion battery.




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Re: wireless keyboard not working

The secret is the batteries, I know it sounds CRAZY but it's true. I tried everything, drivers, hardware, usb ports etc and nothing worked. After ~4 hours+ hours and taking the keyboard apart to make sure the connections were still functioning I borrowed some rechargeable batteries from my neighbor and now the keyboard works like new. I think it came with energizer Alkaline's but they died after a couple months, so then i tried Duracell alkaline which caused this headache, I tired duracell ultra digital alkaline, no luck. So finally when i threw in the rechargeable duracell NiMH and the keyboard started to work again!!!



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Re: wireless keyboard not working

I had the same keyboard issue on my new HP Pavilion Elite 490. Mouse is fine but keyboard would respond very slowly or not at all, I had to press keys many times to get the character on the screen. But I was having wireless router issues, so I had to change the channel on the router from channel 6 to channel 1. Now the keyboard has been fine. The router is not far from the keyboard/mouse transmitter so maybe there was a conflict on channel 6. Maybe this will be of help to some of you.

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Re: wireless keyboard not working

Thanks hphayta, I was using rechargable batteries and switched over to standard Energizers and the thing works like a champ. It doesn't make sense :smileysurprised: but it works and that's all that matters. :smileyvery-happy:

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Re: wireless keyboard not working

Its simple really....rechargeable batteries are 1.2v, not 1.5 like a standard alkaline battery. So with 2 batteries installed instead of 3 volts, you are running 2.4 volts. To the keyboard they appear already 30% dead.

Rechargeable batteries are designed to output sustained current and not voltage. Example, when you use alkaline batteries in a flashlight they progressively get dim over time. With rechargeables the light stays bright right up to the last minute or so and then just quits....i hope this all makes sense.


Unfortunately my wireless HP Elite still does not work...:smileysad:

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Re: wireless keyboard not working

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thank you HPHAYTA, it worked, I must tell you HP customer service is the worse in the business, I have a laptop made by Fujitsu that I bought about 5 years ago, still until now if I have any problem and call customer service they help me the best they can with no question asked about warranty same thing with Brother printers, I still get their assistance on phone and online regardless warranties, for sure .. no more HP products for me, and that what I advice my friends.

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Re: wireless keyboard not working

Model IQ 505

2 years old

Prod # KZ631AA-ABA

The wireless keyboard and the wireless mouse have stopped working.  Both have fresh batteriess, and no contact with the computer.  I don't have a clue what to do.  Please help?


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Re: wireless keyboard not working

Mine (HP Elite on Windows 7) suddenly stopped working. The HP keyboard icon said "Keyboard Battery Full".  I finally switched batteries anyway. This fixed the problem. I tested the old batteries and got 1.35 V and -0.19 V.  That's odd; I didn't think batteries could switch polarity.

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