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How do I determine if I have IE8?

Hello all- I have a HP d4790y pc and I am running Vista Home Premium sp1. I recently downloaded IE8 on top of IE7. However, my IE information shows last change date as 2007 which is when I updated to IE7. Is there a place to look to determine if IE8 is present. It seems to be present but I would like to see a positive indication that IE8 is installed on my computer. Thanks.
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Re: How do I determine if I have IE8?

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At the right hand corner of I.E. click the HELP a box will drop down and click About Internet Explorer. A small window should pop up showing what your using. Example. snipit












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Re: How do I determine if I have IE8?

I am using Vista Premium Home Basic which usually require me to use  Explorer 8. I have found, though, that there are many programs and operations I don't understand and don't work well on Explorer IE 8 (and especially the Beta). My solution is that I have gone back to IE 7 and I have had no major problems with it. If I know how to use one thing and use it well, then I usually go with the one I KNOW BEST!


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I suggest you use what's best for YOU! You don't have to use everything and every update if you feel more comfortable with an older program. Until get familiar with a band new version, I try it out. Then if I don't like it or it is too hard, I use an older version. I haven't had any problems and I can run it faster and easier that the "newest" stuff.


You might want to give it a try and see. If  you do decided to go up to the better version, please be careful on what you put on it. It sometimes reacts VERY differently from your previous installations. Make sure you know what you are doing and adding on,or it might do "funny things" to your browser!. (you can always go to your programs and unistall it, if it doesn't work for you.That's the good thing about Windows and Microsoft!)


Just an observation that happened to me!


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Re: How do I determine if I have IE8?

Thanks for the info. However, I am not having problems with IE8. I want to find out if IE8 installed.
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Re: How do I determine if I have IE8?

Hello-Checking  HELP solved my problem. IE8 information was included and supports the fact that IE8 is installed. Thanks again.
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