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My compaq makes beeping sound and won't load up

I have a Compaq Presario XP desktop computer home edition version 2002 cpu 250 GHz  0.99 GB Ram .

My problem is that it started making a slow beep noise and nothing will come up on screen, i shut it down and started back up and still nothing.
Someone told me to take out the memory and put it back in,i did and it fixed the problem for awhile.then it done it again .

What can i do to fix this problem perm?
Also the date and time are constantly changing to a different year and time after a hibernation or a shut down.

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Re: My compaq makes beeping sound and won't load up

You need to replace the cmos battery. What's the model number?
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Re: My compaq makes beeping sound and won't load up

you mentioned beeping...  is there any groupin and what is the length?  eg 2 long beeps and 3 short beeps or whatever.  this can be a diagnostic code.
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Re: My compaq makes beeping sound and won't load up

Try a single stick of memory. Also turn off hibernation. It is a power saving mode that has a tendancy to corrupt files. dmhoo is right about the CMOS battery. Date and Time error message is positive indication of cMOS battery failure. The replacement bettery will be a CR2032 that you can purchase at a drug store.

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