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Why does my computer lag in games?

Hey All,


I have an HP Pavilion laptop dv63108, it has an intel i5 processor (M460 @ 2.53ghz), radeon mobility 5470 graphics card, 6gb ram, windows 7 home premium, 64-bit, 346 of 445gb free, but lags when trying to play games that the specs significantly surpass (boarderlands, Hitman 1, Mafia 2).

All my drivers are up-to-date, I regularly check and clean the registry, use C-Cleaner (, de-frag it etc. Went through and cleared off any start up programs yesterday and virus scan it with norton regularly.

When idle, the cpu usage is generally around 3 - 7%. Physical memory is 32%.
I put my Radeon Graphics ATI Catalyst on Optimal performance.

I'm starting to think it maybe an issue with the graphics card as whenever I play games, I run them on the lowest settings and still have issues. Boarderlands used to run fine, now it lags whenever I try to play games. I haven't hit my internet cap either!

Any ideas!?!?!

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Re: Why does my computer lag in games?

hi deadendjobnz


check my performance help thread

check it out to speed your pc!



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Re: Why does my computer lag in games?

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Mafia 2 looks amazing in the beginning, but has a very liniar storyline even though you can walk the big city. When I looked up on the internet about lag in mafia 2, it seemed like everybody had lag problems with it. The designers probably haven't tested it so well then.


I wouldn't look for new drivers because of lag.


I also use CCleaner to do the registry and remove unwanted startup settings + uninstall unwanted programs that have appeared.


I think that the lag in Mafia 2 has mostly to do with loading data from your HD. In Mafia 2 you can walk around freely, and those data are not just kept in memory but continuesly loaded from HD. Shortly the game suck, esspecially the ending. I think the game requires completely access to HD for longer periods and you probably have some other program in background using harddisk. I don't think it's your pc.


Try to run your Windows Experience Index again and remember its former value to see if your PC really is as good as always.


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Re: Why does my computer lag in games?

Btw I just remembered that I had some graphics problems too that was solved when installing a new driver, flickering graphics (


When I installed the graphics driver manually it was ok. But when I after that also did an automatic update, the automatic would replace the new driver with the old one. ... So why do it automatic when you have to check it anyway. ... So be sure to check driver version yourself that it is uptodate.

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Re: Why does my computer lag in games?

I had this question too when I was trying to run CoDWaW on my Persario CQ60. The problem is that most laptops have chipsets and they are used to power both the 3D games and what comes up on your screen like in firefox or windows media when desktop computers have two seperate componets for it.

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