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wireless mouses

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Sorry to say I am no longer an HP or Compaq customer.  I did purchase one of your small wireless mouses (mice) and would like to report a fault with it.  The model number is: MORFB1UO...or P/N 430388-101, I hope - too smalll for my old eyes.  Anyways, the battery compartment is spring-loaded and pops open continuously - turning off the ouse everytime - this tends to be very frustrating.  Not to worry though - I have thrown it against the wall and the remaining pieces are now is in my trash.  You are more than welcome to re-route my email - or dump it - I really dont care.  I just wanted to let you know you have a poorly designed mouse on the market, you should re-think the design and maybe re-thinking customer service or marketing.  You are too distant from the customers and you will lose them.  Well - anyways - just a meager outsider with an opinion.







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Re: wireless mouses

The same here.

Mouse model: FHA-3410

Click and hold is recognized as repeating double-clicks in text editing programs:

Notepad (alternating selection of cursor position/word

MS Word 2007 (alternating highlighting of word/paragraph)

Quest Software TOAD (word/paragraph/icon for copy/paste)

OS: Windows XP, Windows 7

If anybody out there from HP is reading this:

please create a patch for mouse driver.

I suspect this is a _common_ problem for any wireless mouse



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Re: wireless mouses


HP guys promptly mailed me a replacement mouse with Fedex Overnight; this is very nice but replacement mouse behaves absolutely the same way; this is not a common problem for wireless mouse, though: I purchased simple mouse from IEssentials and it works perfectly.

I sent to HP a screenshot (animated) of that issue and will be waiting for their feedback.

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Re: wireless mouses

I have an annoying problem with my new purchase.

Mouse model: FHA-3410


Click and hold is recognized as repeating double-clicks.  In Excel, cannot select a series of rows properly. In Notepad results in alternating selection/deselection of  word under the cursor


OS: Windows XP, Windows Vista, 3 different computers.


The MS wireless mouse I had, worked really well until it was dropped and broken by my son. I foolishly (in hindsight) went for this one and am regretting the decision :-(  Please stay away from this product.

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Re: wireless mouses


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Re: wireless mouses

I'm am afraid to say that your mouse is dead....


you will see on this thread that it has been ongoing for a year now and they have done nothing about it...




I have potted mine in resin to use as a paperweight and a a reminder to myself never to use HP products again..


Good luck with your purchase of an alternative mouse.





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